Any tips for LAG?

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  1. TheBirdOfSteel Committed Player

    Ever since the last GU i get extremely bad lag/FPS drop after about 40 minutes of game time and i have to log out/back in for it to be normal again.

    Ive NEVER had this problem in all my 3 years of playing.

    My PCs more than capable of playing DCUO ill put specs and what ive done so far below , any advice would be great.

    OS: Windows 8 64 Bit
    RAM : 8GB DDR3
    Graphics card : Nvidia 470 GTX 1.7GB
    Internet speed : 100MBPS

    What ive tried:
    • Validated DCUO launcher assets
    • Cleaned out Graphics card and CPU
    • Turned down graphics
    • Defraged PC
    • Ran full system virus scan
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. This doesn't happen to me on any other game.
    Thanks all
  2. SeeMeFight Well-Known Player

    You should think about updating your graphics card

    Edit: I've had no problems with lag Pre-DLC10 but now I do so it might be the game. So, I'm not to sure what's causing it. You should wait to get more opinions until you make a decision
  3. Archangel Rafael New Player

    Lag in am mmo is complicated. The sever has to sync all the events as viewed by the clients.

    for example, often times, lag experienced by client(A) is actually being caused by net-traffic congestion in the routing to client(B)

    In any case, your system hardware/software config cannot cause net lag. Only your router, nic, isp (and soft/firm warez related to these) can affect the efficiency of your net connection.

    I have had a few odd lag events in the last week. I have never had lag in this game before. There are many explanations that have nothing to do with my system.
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  4. TheBirdOfSteel Committed Player

    I was going to grab a top end 6/7 series but got myself a PS4 instead , partly for DUCO thinking it would be the same as the PC version , sadly its not.

    With games like Watchdogs , Batman , LOU remastered , UFC , etc , my PC wont be used for much longer for gaming.
  5. Greenman New Player

    Oh you're gonna miss out on soooooo much tho....
  6. Cypher Well-Known Player

    Internet speed vs what your network card says it's "speed" is, are 2 different things. Have you gone to an internet speed test website to check your actually Upload/Download rate of your connection?

    Besides the Virus scan, have you checked for Adware/Malware on your system also? Malwarebytes is awesome for that.
  7. Multiverse Creator League

    Bought a new PC last Fall.... and the game ran flawlessly. No lag at all. Not even one bit.

    But since Amazon Fury... there has been a bit of lag.

    Most noticable in some of the menu like the crafting menus.

    Or the spawn rate of the crafting tables in the WT. It used to be that as soon as I would enter a wing.... I would already see the crafting table at the other end of the room..... but now it only spawns once I am about halfway in direction of the table.

    Not a big deal yet... but it is a noticeable difference.

    Sadly I expect that as more content gets added... the game will lag more and more.

    So in game I will experience a bit of lag or lag spikes that was not there before.

    OS: Windows 8.1
    Processor; Quad Core 3.40GHz
    RAM : 16GB DDR3
    Graphics card : Nvidia 645 GTX 2GB DDR5
    Internet speed : 20 MB/s

    Not sure what you can do.

    I changed my router during the hollidays and my internet speed went from testing between 13 MB/s to 15.5 MB//s.

    But with my new router it consistently tests between 19 MB/s and 20 MB/s.

    Changing router made no difference when playing on PC.... but it had a noticeable difference when playing on PS3.

    So if you have an old router.... it might help to get a new one??

    Although odds are the problems comes from the DCUO servers..... or from the game itself.

    All I can think of.
  8. LooseWiring Active Player

    My PC is nowhere near as powerful as yours and I have only seen lag when I left uTorrent running in the background.
    You can download and run MS Network Monitor and see what process are consuming the bandwidth.
    Otherwise you could launch DCUO and launch Task Manager. Click processes tab and see what's consuming the resources.
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  9. LooseWiring Active Player

    Also, to eliminate the router try connecting your PC directly to the cable our DSL modem and see if that improves it.
  10. SKAVANGER408 New Player

    No lag here but I'm rocking:

    GTX 680 4gb
    I7 3930K
    Big foot card killer(gigabit network card)

    I'll only lag in PvP even though my internet is 65 down and 20 up.
  11. Amanda Bailey Devoted Player

    My last laptop had 500GB of Harddrive and 2GB of RAM so when I say I know lag, I know lag...

    Consider me the Queen of it.

    I used Razer Gamebooster, it helped a lot and you can even use it to take videos of your gameplay, but it takes a hefty toll on your FPS(Frames per Second). It even shows the FPS in a corner of your choice so you can see the places that give you the most lag, mine being the Central Hub of the Watchtower. CCleaner helped me out a lot too because it allows you to uninstall things and defeat individual things to reorganize the files.
  12. SKAVANGER408 New Player

    Btw try turning down your graphics.
  13. TheJoke New Player

    I have had it happen on USPS before try turning off the system then turning it back on,