Any signs of REAL improvements?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by LucidityKJ, Jul 31, 2016.

  1. LucidityKJ Dedicated Player

    I quit this game quite some time ago due to, frankly, a ton of issues that I felt I shouldn't be experiencing in a game I pay for. Well, my friend wanted me to play with him so badly that he paid for a month for me, and guess what? The same issues! Is there any sign of them fixing these things (among others)

    1. Matchmaking system is GARBAGE. If I queue up for a 4-man team, I don't want 3 DPS and a Troll. Every time somebody leaves we get another DPS. This isn't matchmaking or grouping, this is throwing random people into the party.

    2. Loot drops. Now, we get the option to choose between 2-3 pieces of loot when we kill a boss. MUCH better than rolling for it, but it doesn't do a lick of good when all but one of the options isn't even usable by the current character!

    3. FREEZING. WHY is the game STILL freezing on my PS3!?

    Now, since I know I'm going to get a lot of elitist crap from the "DCUO 4 Lyfe LMAO" crowd, I'm aware that there's a work around for all of this. I'm aware that crappy grouping is what you get for pugging. Well, guess what? That's a cop out explanation. It's a game mechanic that needs updated, plain and simple. Every other MMO has this fixed. If I wanted to have to join a league to have a decent group, I would do that. I want to use the advertised in-game mechanic.

    As for running on a PS3, yeah, I know i could play on PC or PS4, but guess what? There's no way to transfer my account to PC, and I'm not spending hundreds of dollars on a PS4. If they're going to sell the game for PS3, it needs to run on a PS3. It's that simple. If it won't handle it, stop trying to support it.

    So, aside from the stupid, elitist garbage responses that I typically see on this thread, I'm asking one simple question: Have the devs actually shown ANY sort of acknowledgement of these issues and are they working on fixing it, or am I playing out this month and leaving again?
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  2. LucidityKJ Dedicated Player

    Also, why does this say "new player?" I've been on these forums for a LONG time... Whatever.
  3. Beefiest Cakes Committed Player

    Hundreds of dollars on a PS4? Just be glad that they're still supporting the PS3. Also the game is FTP, so no one is selling you a game. People que up as both roles, so it's not the matchmaking fault at all.

    Only way they will listen is by people stop playing. I don't think the PS3 will ever be able to run this game without freezing and that goes for the PS4/PC as well.
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  4. Helderman Dedicated Player

    1. You can disable the role optional alert in the gameplay settings.

    2. Have you ever heard of RNG?

    3. Your PS3 can't handle DCUO anymore. Buy a PS4, an XB1 or a good PC.
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  5. TybeeTahiri Devoted Player

    Tough month to pay for a subscription, since we have open Episodes.

    You sound very angry, so I can't imagine you responding coolheaded, but I'll give it a shot

    1) Using LFG and forming your own group is the best way to find the roles you want to run with. Leaving it up to chance is exactly that, a chance.

    2) Loot is much better now. It's unattuned once you reach T5 (I think), we get choices, and the instances have less of a smorgasbord.

    3) I can't really comment on the PS3 thing. It's an old, out-dated system and it's silly to expect the game to run perfect on it. It just simply can't do it. It has nothing to do with the developers. PS4 came out nearly 3 years ago. While I think that is plenty of time to get the money to get one, I'd also suggest just putting it on a credit card.

    4) New Player just means you don't have many posts.

    I hope that was helpful and I hope you don't yell at me lol
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  6. Simply Tensai Well-Known Player

    1. depending on the day of the week, it could suck, or you could be lucky, otherwise join a league and make group.

    2.i hope they do correct this myself on pc and ive gotten 2 ctd's in the last week

    the rest:
    par 1:im no devotee myself, and unfortunately pugging is like gambling, unless its 10 for 10 derps then im sad for you.

    par 2.sadly no, but atleast on the pc you can play both kbm and controller no issues

    par 3:not a clue, left my dev tracker tech in my CO penthouse :p
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  7. LucidityKJ Dedicated Player

    Don't misunderstand, I'm not here to yell at anybody. Frankly, I'm not even angry. I'm disappointed that I allowed myself to get so excited for the thousandth time to come back hoping for something better. I would say I'm more disappointed than angry :). Anyway, all I was doing was asking a legitimate question as to whether or not the devs have realized their problems and mentioned any sort of remedies coming forth. Considering every reply I got explained only work arounds to the problem and not addressing the problems themselves, I'm going to assume that the answer is no.

    As for the comments that the PS3 is outdated, etc. That's crap. Don't make a game for a system that can't support it. This is why Fallout 4, for example, is on PS4, because if they made it on a PS3 and it didn't work, people wouldn't continue to buy it. If you can't support my system, tell me that before I spend money (or, my friend does, beside the point).
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  8. Simply Tensai Well-Known Player

    2.o_O still rng should lockout loot you cant use

    3. "good" pc, hah[insert epic joker laugh here], i3 2k onboard, then went to 2gb gt610, the required stuff is a 300$ pc at most, consoles optional
  9. LucidityKJ Dedicated Player

    I have a PC that could play this no problem, but I can't transfer my stuff over and it's not worth losing all the marketplace items and crap I've collected over the years of playing this game.
  10. Beefiest Cakes Committed Player

    So DCUO doesn't run on the PS3?
  11. LucidityKJ Dedicated Player

    Yes, it does, but quite poorly. Things don't show up right away, the game will freeze for a few seconds sporadically, the game will completely crash forcing you to do a hard reset of your PS3, etc. etc.
  12. Simply Tensai Well-Known Player

    they didnt upgrade the engine to my knowledge so no there are technically no issues... except for the fact that you may have to exit dcuo after traveling from strykers to cao dam(sticky ram when i did it at launch)
  13. SuperBell Loyal Player

    Lol, is this a troll thread?

    Ok, I'll answer your last question first: Yes, you are playing out this month then leaving. If you want to know what the Devs are fixing, go to the Dev discussion page.

    As for your other questions:
    1) If I recall, there was/is an option in the setting to only group you with balanced groups. I don't know for sure because I never used that option.
    2) Well, there is a fix right there, isn't it? Unless by "fix" you want every available drop to be opened up to choose from. But that defeats the "drop" part and it just becomes "Loot: take anything you want".
    3) Because you're on a PS3. But I agree with you. They need to stop supporting the PS3 and look ahead to PS5 so PS4 doesn't become the PS3 five to ten years from now.
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  14. LucidityKJ Dedicated Player

    How would this be a troll thread? No, this is a thread by somebody who played this game for years, got tired of the issues, and came back to find the same thing.

    As for the balancing of groups option, it still doesn't work right.

    I think you misunderstood my loot issue. I don't expect to take the whole lot of what drops from an enemy. I just expect to actually get to choose one. All day my options have been between 2 pieces of armor that's not my role or R&D things. That's not a loot choice at all. That's muck.
  15. Wallachia Loyal Player

    What's wrong on giving up all the "crap you collected on the marketplace for years" to play on a pc if:

    A - You already gave them all up when you quit.
    B - You are not going to pay to play anymore.
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  16. TybeeTahiri Devoted Player

    As I said, once you reach a certain point (I think it's T6 actually) everything is unattuned, so you can make it for your role.
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  17. Jacob Dragonhunter Devoted Player

    Not really.

    All We've been given is more news and news..

    The only things that have happened this year so to speak:
    Xbox one launch-check.

    Open free content-check.

    Everything else promised in the early 2016 live stream has either been post-poned or isn't finished yet, and everything that was on the livestream won't solve any of your issues OP.

    For your issues OP, I'd say it's best to find a league.
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  18. SuperBell Loyal Player

    Because you asked why this game is freezing on PS3 which is an obsolete system.

    Explain how group balancing doesn't work right? Again, if I remember right, if you don't get matched into a balanced group in a certain amount of time, it will pick something close enough. So I guess the Devs could take away that, and you'll sit in a queue no matter what. Yeah, that sounds like a fun alternative.

    Ok, so you're fine with loot dropping that you already have, so can't use? I don't see the difference. Loot you can't use, you can't use.
  19. light FX Steadfast Player

    The game was made for the ps3 when it went live in 2011. Its now 5 years later and the ps4 has been out almost 2 years. As well as dcuo now being on xbox1. The ps3 came out in 2005/2006. Its a decade old. Let me say that again, a decade old. I dont know what would happen if i tried to play dcuo on a 10 year old pc. But im guessing it wouldnt be smooth. But the game has gotten bigger over time and the devs have spoken about memory issues with the ps3 and new stuff added to the game, like powers. A game growing over time and then having troubles on a dated console is imo not completely their fault. Eventually if dcuo is still around the ps5 will come out and id guess ps4 would have some issues as the game got bigger. Maybe im wrong tho idk.

    I will agree with ya on the statement the game has issues and it seems to take forever for them to be fixed and there is a lot of work arounds. The HUD disappearing and the devs and players saying just relog was a work around i couldnt stand. Because imo it was people accepting this as normal when it clearly isnt and saying relog. We shouldnt have to relog. We pay for the game and basic stuff should work correctly. I can also tell ya i play on pc, always have, and the game freezes on me too. Lately, like the last week, its been a lot worse. So that might not be a ps3 problem only. I noticed every time they do a client hotfix the game seems really unstable for a week or so. At least in my experience.

    I also agree on the queing system. Idky they dont add the party finder that FFXIV has. That thing is great. Problem with queuing is even if they queue in as whatever role people have armories and can switch. So they cant be locked into 1 role cause why buy an armory then? And some, like me, play both roles on all toons. Again imo party finder would solve most of this problem. But there is LFG like someone said. As far as loot well it has gotten better but the whole RNG/replay badge system is not the greatest imo and i honestly dont think it ever changes until replays are removed. And that probably wont ever happen because of the revenue they make from replays.
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  20. Moxley Mayhem Dedicated Player

    To answer question 3, first of all, the real question is why are you still on a PS3? Here's your answer, the freezing on your PS3 still occurs as a marketing ploy to force you to buy a PS4 so that SOE/Daybreak can finally cut the PS3 from the server. That outdated PS3 system is what's holding this game back from having it's fullest potential maximized. The sooner you PS3 players can upgrade, the better this game can be for ALL of us. Don't you want the game to be better for you, me, and everyone? Upgrade your stuff! :D
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