Any of the troll artifacts worth leveling past 160?

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  1. gemii Dedicated Player

    Whenever double xp arrives any of you trolls leveling your troll artifacts past 160?

    . I’m conflicted on it. It does not seem much worth it 1 percentage increase on the parasite artifact / 1% increase in defense buff strength on the rao but you can hit up to 7 enemies with a debuff at rank 200.

    The Claw sounds good at 200

    What you guys think?
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  2. Elusian Loyal Player

    Currently troll myself and planning to upgrade Rao and Claw to 200. Claw is obvious and imo on trash adds and other stuff with lots of targets Rao does gives a less worrying play. Parasite idc anymore and is more of a personal choice. If they keep the new Arti unchanged I wouldnt even bother with it. The power return is bad (not only on the sheet but also in actual gameplay due to the internal cooldown) and just for the QoL triple debuff I dont feel it worth it. Those 6 seconds are gone quicker than liked in the raid tests.
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  3. lllStrichcodelll Committed Player

    you can go ahead and Level up tetra or Cog or both - depending on the dps types you Play with.
    Wouldnt go as far as 200 but 120-160 would be a much greater buff than parasite for prec for example.
    3 Troll artifacts are not needed anyway unless you Play with a healer that doesnt know how to Play his/her power :p
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  4. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Claw really isn't worth it unless 200 IMO. I would guess 160 would be OK for Amulet. Same for Scrap but if you were using to for DPS too then it might be different. I have never used PPH.
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  5. Illumin411 Dedicated Player

    I should have 600K or so in nth metal saved up by the time double nth xp hits. Most will go to getting strat and trans to 200 for my DPS but I should have about 200K left over (400K when doubled) and I’m most likely putting that in to my soul cloak to get it on it’s way to 200 (160 currently). Once at 200, I can switch to the power efficiency chest mod which will make things a lot easier.
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  6. Stanktonia Well-Known Player

    Strat and trans are a Smart investment if you heal and dps, since those arts can work for both roles
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  7. Midnight Man8 New Player

    I also like Claw of Aelkhund and wiling to level it to 200 but I need explaination. The artifact does not let the troller using it to provide maximum PoT to the group anymore and become Battle Troller instead. The artifact also gives somewhat huge amount of Vitality bonus (based on group member). It should be meant for something. I dont get it and want to make sure of it.

    Does Vitality works without the Group Power Heal ability? The PoT provided each time Controller use any Superpower still works right? Im just curious this one because of the groups complain the troller does not give power at all. Does the PoT it use the Vitality bonuses?
    So then a Claw user should focus on spec'ing Vitality in order to provide stronger PoT, right? smh smh smh

    Claw of Aelkhund

    Supplanting Energies
    While in [Controller Role] your [Group Weapon Buff] applies to you and (3/3/7/7) party members with highest power pool and in additions grants 7% Might, Restoration, and Dominance as well as (0/0/0/5)% Critical Chance and Magnitude for 12 seconds, but no longer power heals.

    Increases the passive power regeneration from your [Controller Role] by 20%. <-- this means for the user own power right?

    After casting your [Group Weapon Buff] gain 3% Vitalization per group member with Supplanting Energies on them for 12 seconds.

    ^ how does this benefits the user^

    Upcoming Rank Bonuses:
    (20) +Power Stat, 1% Health
    (40) +Might Stat, 2% Health
    (60) 1% Power
    (80) 3% Health, 1% Might
    (80) Supplanting Energies (1)
    (100) 2% Power
    (120) 4% Health, 2% Might
    (120) Supplanting Energies (2)
    (140) 3% Power
    (160) 5% Health, 3% Might
    (160) Supplanting Energies (3)
    (180) 4% Power
    (200) Supplanting Energies (4)


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  8. Dragonnes Well-Known Player

    It affects your PoT. The more vitalization you have, the stronger your PoT is, meaning you passively give more power to the group. And yes, any superpower used in controller role triggers PoT.

    It's a compensation for inability to give instant power, since your Group Power Heal becomes a Might/Dom/Resto buff instead while wearing Claw.

    Group Weapon Buff and Group Power Heal are the same ability.
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  9. gemii Dedicated Player

    So you only have to press it once every 12 seconds right? What happens if you repeatedly press the power recharge nothing?
  10. TheLorax Steadfast Player

    There's a fancy amber colored animation.
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  11. Elusian Loyal Player

    It doesnt stack or anything like that. It simply refreshes the 12 second uptime. It would be a power waste.
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  12. Dragonnes Well-Known Player

    It simply refreshes the buff.

    P.S. Welp, too late. xD
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  13. DeitySupreme Committed Player

    Overall most aren’t really needed for trollers since for the most part you wouldn’t struggle powering people except for spam happy healers.

    Amulet of rao is never a bad artifact to max out just hit hit more targets.
    The new artifact should be a good choice just to double the power tick you give.
    Soul cloak means you can have your shield faster.

    These are my 3 favorite

    Strategist is an ok option however without access to high crits it’s not ideal compared to the new artifact. However something I didn’t see is if the new artifacts ticks can crit. If they can than it would be pair nicely with this artifact. So maybe
    Claw is only good at 200 but even than, there are better troll artifacts
    Parasite is just fine at 160
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  14. gemii Dedicated Player

    thanks for sharing responses everyone
  15. Illumin411 Dedicated Player

    The Vit boost will NOT make your PoT strong enough to compensate for losing your power dump. With some groups it won’t matter but with others it certainly will.
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  16. DeitySupreme Committed Player

    This is correct. While it could work with certain set ups, overall the group is better of without the claw
  17. Midnight Man8 New Player

    Thank you to all of you as well as the op poster. I got the answer I want and I am sure now of it now. I will work on leveling Claw to 200 the next thing I do after Scrap Soul reach 200.

    Yes thank you for clearing things up. I understand that and I like using Claw as for my passive PoT to the group. And DPS Buffer to the group. My Scrap Soul for my Shield & huge PoT to the group. and then the new BOP artifact for additional PoT. This is my plan for now and Im glad for the new troller artifact.
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