Any new power coming soon?

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  1. AgentGARD New Player

    As much as I would love to see a new power, I don't think now is the right time, maybe in a couple years it might be nice. As for now, I just want some bugs fixed and maybe PvP reworked. As of right now, I am missing out on PvP feats on all my toons because it's so broken.
  2. recoil2 Dedicated Player

    personally if they DID release serums, it most likely wouldn't be plain serums, but more along the lines of either miasma manipulation or chemical warefare since bane isn't the only chemical user there's also: scarecrow, joker, puff (from static shock), poison ivy, director bones, etc. another potential power is wind since a few comic book characters use this distinct form of atmokinesis like storm, weather wizard, slipstream (static shock) etc. elasticity, and finally spectral powers/abilities. these are the only new powers i could think of with no association of the current powers or that weren't just an advanced usage of the power sets we have now.
  3. Xibo Loyal Player

    Although Serums is welcomed but the amount of powers we have are fine.

  4. Lamiawitchprincess Level 30

    Not really we need at least 59 options.... for powers 20 weapons atleast 5 different movements.... the more options the better id rather have more options than more basicly. Rehash eps
  5. Schimaera Devoted Player

    Let's make a deal. You ask DC if your power ideas are okay and then tell Daybreak that they can fire away with it. Powers are a thing of licencing as well so just complaing without knowing why it is that way is like complaining that God of War doesn't have enough ancient Chinese Weapons in it.
  6. Noble One Committed Player

    for the amount of crap weve beaten that have beaten the JL and LoD what reason do we need mentors for? also we get new missions ever DLC.... they are dailies xD
  7. Mystyfy Level 30

    I think an easy way around this would be to expand the Iconic tree, they could probably have an easier time with the whole licensing thing because it is clearly meant to be tied to the iconic characters.

    A few options would be to not only add in powers, but be able to spend more than one skill point per ability to unlock variations to increase range, damage, or how the power effects the role you're in.

    I know they're probably not going to do anything even remotely close to this without it somehow being monetized, but the Iconic tree is one way to add in powers and not be tied into keeping a theme or role in mind. They could just go crazy and add in anything really.
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  8. Knarlydude Loyal Player

    CO was built for PC only and DCUO was limited by the PS3 up until recently. So that comparison is really apples & oranges. The last 3 powers that DCUO started working on and that were announced in 2015 required freeing up space on the PS3.

    Up until the recent dropping of the PS3 platform DCUO was severely limited by the PS3 and in some ways DCUO is still limited by PSN, Xbox, Warner Bros & DC today. Dealing with all of these entities takes time, coordination and most of all MONEY. When CO does something they do not need anyone's permission. Then can just do it and say here it is.

    When the PS3 was FINALLY dropped, it was said that we would not see massive upgrades right off the bat anyway.

    I will add, If any new powers were being developed. The new powers would more than likely not be mentioned. Reason being.........
    SOON tm.
    People are always asking, ' are we there yet or I can't wait and have to go potty now."
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  9. The Orbination Level 30

    All power possibilities have been used. Bane and other powers use specific NPCs and Boss. To defend myself tactically. (Generally, the game mechanics are primitive and ridiculous, because there is a problem with dodges in the fight and opponents charging are flying away.) The best way is to add more skills in all powers, but for the other roles. (most will be used in damage) This option is creative, but not free. "Power Enlargement 2019" will appear in the shop. This applies to all powers and all roles. The store will be able to update the power for 1000MC. Creating a new character is a description of the power and choice of role. (If you have Power Enlargement) For example: Ice is a tank, but also a Controller and a specific healer. As a controller, it slows and freezes opponents. If Tank fire can heal himself, he can be healer of the team. What do you think about this idea?
  10. IThe MasterI Active Player

    Short answer: 1. Devs are lazy 2. Company's cheap 3. and it's easier to nickel & dime you by putting out vanity mess.
    -The End