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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by MrMigraine, Aug 5, 2019.

  1. MrMigraine Devoted Player

    Thank you!

    Nope, no work for you in this thread. Just a heartfelt thanks for all of the things you've been looking into this past week, all of the fixes and tweaks and perhaps most importantly, the open communication with the community.

    Give this guy a raise!
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  2. Batuba Developer

    Very kind of you to write this message. :) However, I would like to point out that even-though I'm responding to the bug fixes for abilities, I work with game-play programming, QA and other knowledgeable designers to find the fixes required. Also, we have a team that is extremely dedicated to this game and we are always working very hard behind the scenes (regardless of posting on the forums) to fix issues while still creating exciting new content and rewards. We always look forward to continue making better experiences for our players :)
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  3. HurricaneErrl Dedicated Player

    I second this. Thanks to the whole team for rolling up their sleaves and digging into these power sets to find and fix these bugs. With all the posts in that bug forum, it doesn't look like an easy job. Nonetheless, it really is appreciated by a large group of the community.
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  4. MrMigraine Devoted Player

    You're absolutely right - our collective gratitude should be extended to everyone on your team as well. Good job folks!

    It's just that you're the face of the team. The lead singer. Party leader. So you dole out those thanks as you see fit. ;)
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  5. Balistical Ice Loyal Player

    Thank you all who help to resolve the issues in the game. It really is nice to see you guys responding to player feedback on bugs and looking for ways to resolve the issue. It really does mean a lot because we see that these issues are finally being looked into and resolved after all this time. It gives me hope for the game. So again, thank you for all the help, and to your coworkers as well. :)
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  6. Sleepis4theRich Active Player

    remove jump cancel and this game will be golden
  7. Millbarge Developer

    Wait...I thought those were all Mepps' changes

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  8. Balistical Ice Loyal Player

    Mepps requires some appreciation too. Hes the one who has to deal with all the private messages and forum complaints. I feel bad for him in a way, but Im sure he enjoys his job as much as we enjoy him as being our community manager. :)
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  9. Maxwill Committed Player

    Where have we ended... to thank a developer for doing his job...that job which had to be done about 2 years ago...For that job which the developers get paid...You pay for legendary,you should expect everything to run smoothly. Like you should expect your internet connection to work when you pay for it. And not have a technician over to your place to fix some things, 2 years after you got your internet connection...Would you thank the technician for doing his job 2 years later?
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  10. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    It's not as black and white as that. Using your analogy the the internet working or not is just as dcuo is working or not. Are we able to log on and play dcuo? of course. To compare this situation using your analogy would be that while you can connect to the internet several web pages won't load not matter what you do. Are you going to call your ISP technician because several websites don't work but the rest do? you wouldn't. Batuba and the QA team don't have to spend their time on these bugs because they are simply QOL fixes and besides Earth's fortify golem doesn't break the powerset. I'm sure there is the vast majority of the game that didn't know most of these bugs even existed until we started to highlight them this past week.

    I for one will remain thankful that despite numerous other projects that could take precedence these QOL issues and the ones already fixed took priority this time :)
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  11. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    Nothing runs smoothly in this world 100% of the time, no matter how much you pay. You know what doesn't cost anything? Being nice and showing appreciation. So many people are quick to point out flaws and make complaints about this and that, but it's very rare (in comparison) that someone makes a thread like this to say "You know what? Thank you. Thank you for the extra communication you've been having with us lately and thank you for showing us that you are taking care of these issues."

    Why complain about somebody being nice and showing appreciation?
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  12. TritonD3 Well-Known Player

    Let's be honest with ourselves. Do you really think these bugs would be worked on and fixed if the game wasn't launching on the Switch tomorrow? There have been bugs that have been reported that have been around for literal YEARS. It's one thing to be grateful for someone going above and beyond for their job, but let's not break out the cookie cake because the guy at the drive-thru got your order right.
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  13. Mazahs Loyal Player

    You're a bright ray of sunshine aren't you.
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  14. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Actually yes I think these bugs being fixed has little to do with Switch going live and more to do with devs having the time to track bugs.
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  15. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    Your one of the most active if not most active devs on this forum, keep doing a good job man, appreciate you.. even if your comment is “ ill look into it” it goes a long way toward player morale
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  16. Danne0075 Well-Known Player

    You dont need to thank the cashier at a store either and wish them a good day but you do it anyway to be nice. Some gratitude can go a long way.
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  17. Wallflower Level 30

    And where do you think this extra time came from? Could it be the sixth month gap between episodes and lack of content while they get the Switch port ready?
  18. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    They were also working on the next two episodes. Metal 1 was finished earlier this year, they either just finished Metal 2 or have extra time in between.
  19. Maxwill Committed Player

    Yes, you are absolutely right ! :) Look who's become a good supporter of some things... :)
  20. Maxwill Committed Player

    Yes ok you're absolutely right ! :)