Another Tank Retiring

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by SethZoulMonEl, Mar 6, 2014.

  1. Myrdin69 New Player

    those boss need a tips from martian manhunter
  2. Magnificent Loyal Player

    I freaking LOVE A&B because of needing two tanks!
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  3. Kal~el Committed Player

    I feel your pain. I have a Sorc healer and I was using the watcher and after an hour and twenty minutes of futile wiping (first room) I finally left. It wasn't because of the time (should have been though) it was because the group leader said we could not use our pets because they were taking aggro from the tank.

    Facepalmed and left.
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  4. Seni New Player

    But Jens! How would anyone ever be able to do the Epic Odyssey Feat without Pillar Tanking! ;)
  5. Magnificent Loyal Player

    Don't let "maroons" cause you to quit tanking if you really enjoy it.

    A whole butt-load of mobs in almost every MMO will wipe their Hate list at some point in a fight. If they didn't, it would be a boring tank-n-spank that's more endurance marathon than anything else. *yawn!*

    Hank's script is very specific in who he targets (unlike Atrocitus, it seems... either that or I just haven't figured his targeting rationale yet), the trick is to make him target who you want. ;)
  6. Spytle Executive Creative Director

    That's kitting and LOS. I'm more concerned about pinning. Unless I am not understanding how the pillar is being used these days.
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  7. MrMigraine Devoted Player

    You burn everything with jump canceling, obviously. :rolleyes:
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  8. Seni New Player

    Pinning the Rav and Opp between the pillar and the Tank so they can't charge anywhere! They just charge on the spot against the Tank and Pillar. Fair enough the Tank takes all the damage, but it is still pinning no? I believe pretty much the whole community used this to get the feat and prob most of the YouTube videos showcasing this feat used this method.
    Unsure how it is these days since the normalization.
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  9. Lyndi Well-Known Player

    I think you mean Winter Ward. Bitter Winds is not usable while CC'd

    As a tank you should use restraint with your powers. As Kav said, only use Winter Ward and Shatter restraints to get back on your feet. You should be casting your tank powers every 8 - 9 seconds one at a time to keep constant taunt on the bosses.

    I only run A&B with my league and we have some cracker jack Controllers so I have no fear using Inescapable Storm as my pull BUT I can see where Frost Snipe would be safer if the Controller responsible for certain Manhunters goes down or get's in some type of trouble (or is picking up a teammate) and lets their CC lapse for a short time. Then IE would not be a good option.
  10. JonnyD New Player

    No mang, don't retire..join my league....:confused: someone bring the tanks out!
  11. Magnificent Loyal Player

    If you don't like pinning, then why make a tunnel boss that seems custom made to be pinned? Players react to the difficulty of their environment. If that means using physics, then that means using physics. If the tunnel boss in question wasn't pinnable we would have just another running clusterf*** like the tunnel boss that jumps and does his death dance (this boss sucks if you are a tank). Furthermore, these particular bosses drop aggro so often that they are already a PITA to tank as-is (not to mention the adds, lightning balls and possible special events).
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  12. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    I was blamed for what happened at 3:00 in that video. Hank did not return to me within 4 seconds as he did in the video, though, despite my using frost snipe to try to regain aggro and bring him back. He was out walloping on my group for a good 15-20 seconds, which is when the controller started telling me I had to hold Hank. I used frost snipe every 6-8 seconds during that 15-20 second period to no avail. Don't know what more I could have done...
  13. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    I've been pugging for 3 years and some change and hardly ever have the problems most of y'all say y'all have. I know it happens from time to time, but not as much as some of y'all try to lead others to believe. My worse pug groups is when it's mostly a league run, almost everytime I get in those it's just horrible
  14. Bruherd New Player

    What league might this be???
  15. blklightning New Player

    Hold up there, mister! If Hank weren't meant to be contained there, then they wouldn't have given us the perfect space with which to do it. LMAO!!!
  16. kav Committed Player

    Yes, I meant Winter Ward, ups.

    I'm aware of that and I've ran AnB many times with a 2 tank setup just fine and we do it regularly league-wise. The problem OP has and the general consensus is that trying to pug with a two tank setup will not float, sadly. People complain about the burn being too slow or that they wouldn't be able to finish the content, which is on one hand ridiculous and on the other just another thing which may work with close friends/leagues but not in a random-dudettes scenario.

    Still is as you said. Pinning the bosses in AnB is not hard and with a two tank setup easy.
  17. Kristyana New Player

    And this is why I no longer pug on my tank unless I know the people in the group.
  18. Kristyana New Player

    Ahhh, the fine art of killing your own teammates. It's the best skill a tank can have.
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  19. StopPerving Dedicated Player

    Indeed. Much Hilarity to be had. Group being narky at you for some reason while you're in an EO? Get that Rav all nicely pillar blocked.. so the group is behind you.. then walk sideways just before a roll :D (Not that I can hold them on the pillar much anymore without a trink, since I've gone back to small body size).

    Or in the hall just after the maze.. run thru, into the big room.. agro EVERYTHING.. then bail for the start of the maze!

    Yes yes. I can be mean. Just ask anyone that's been unfortunate enough to stand behind the door in Paradox while I'm around :D
  20. Kristyana New Player

    :after a Ravager charge wipes five people:

    "Damnit Kris! Why didn't you block him!?"

    "Because he hits hard and I didn't want to die!"
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