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  1. Lugo Well-Known Player

    "How about put the time capsules on hold and give us an update?"
    Can we get that on a shirt?

    Don't waste your time with the forums, OP. You start asking for fixes and all you'll get is people telling you that NO THE DEVS CAN'T DO THAT. THINGS JUST ARE THE WAY THEY ARE. JUST LET THE GAME DIE IN PEACE JEEZ.

    These people want more but they don't want better and asking the devs to make a good game is like treason.
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  2. xAcHieVeD Well-Known Player

    Oh trust me I’m well aware how some people act on the forums. It’s quite sad to see people would rather pay for TCs instead of wanting more stuff to do on dc. I understand not everyone is for pvp especially if they’re not that great at it, but I’m sure they could’ve or could make it skill based matchmaking if they really wanted to try. The devs can do whatever they want if they actually wanted to do so it’s not about “resources” it’s anout income.
  3. ThePhilosophy Loyal Player

    The last thing they did was fix batmans block breaker and that took a whole friggin campaign which leads me to believe:

    DC will only make the quickest and easiest fixes at a time.

    People are wasting their breath asking for large overhauls of the game now.

    If they're planning their own big changes, they'll let us know when its time. But we cant make DC do anything just because we want it.
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  4. Lugo Well-Known Player

    Can we get that on a shirt?
  5. xAcHieVeD Well-Known Player

    Once again another forum put in the dead part of the forums. Thanks devs. Thanks for letting us know our feedback DOES NOT matter. How terrible. I’ll be finding a new game to pvp. Maybe those devs would actually take things into consideration in stead of being greedy
  6. ShottiBloodangel New Player

    Try eso
  7. Soul Dedicated Player

    Not the Devs nor the Community lack plans. What the Devs lack that the Community does not is Will.

    I'm not certain at what level either, it could be a management directive.
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  8. De Hei Active Player

    The topic is true... i created my rage precise offtank just for pvp. Yesterday i started to play with him at PvP since i could archieve the whole lvl97 set. I played in tank stance and just outhealed all opponents with best PvP gear and also a lot more experience. 1 strong PvP player gave up to fight against me after he reached 110k damage and also 40k heal, while i just did 60k damage and 60k heal. My life in real never dropped below 50% and he finally died :cool:
    It really looks broken too...
  9. Myoxz Well-Known Player

    I don't like PvPing because I really suck at it. Maybe my pc is too obsolete and my internet connection too slow. Almost everytime I wanted to do PvP, I ended up dead (arenas and legends).
    Still, I know lot of people that like PvP and right now they're not enjoying the game as they did until 2 or 3 years ago. They have hope, but I don't think the devs are going to do something about it any time soon.
    What I really like (or liked, I should say), is the LPvE. I still remember them poping up new alerts every week. That was awesome. And people bought their legends if they didn't have enough marks. The last legends were Black Adam and Flash. No, I'm not counting the bombshell versions of Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Catwoman and Harley (nor the tv version of Supergirl). They were just cosmetics to characters that were already created.
    What I mean is if the devs put some time and effort to PvP, LPvP and LPvE, they could earn some money. Ok, maybe not as much as with the PvE things, but still, it could be profitable. :cool:
  10. Wildcat Well-Known Player


    I want my Reverse Flash for legends
  11. Ninjaboy Level 30

    This ^^^^

    The issue with PvP are the type of average player this genre attracts.

    The vast majority of players that come to superhero titles don't want to lose (especially to another player) and if they do it emotionally impacts them in real life. No joke. We saw leagues quit the game in masses or retire when they fought certain teams saying the game was "broken" when the game was based mostly on skill. I still have a fanboi that follows me around from the original CoH launch from 2004 after killing him in PvP. Dude stalked me through 4 MMOs after CoH until finally ending up here back in the day. I killed him again in open world and he created a blog and linked the devs. lol

    Carebears don't want to lose non-stop to other players with a higher skill but yet they still want to be able to dip their toe in PvP for progression reasons.

    The result?

    The Devs revamp the system based on non-pvp players or pve and it breaks everything.

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