Another MMO?

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  1. segundoblz New Player

    Anyone knows a good MMO that is not Tera Online? I got bored cause I can't finish any of new t5 raids and now I am looking for another game.
  2. Kroye Loyal Player

    Can I have your exobits?
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  3. melvinpox Devoted Player

    Can I have your pogostick?
  4. segundoblz New Player

    Who said I am quitting? I just looking for another game to play for a while, is that a crime?
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  5. WorldsDown New Player

    Wish I could help you out with more information... but currently, I only play two MMOs on my consoles.

    DCUO on PS3
    Defiance on 360
  6. sonryo21 New Player

    Try Guild Wars 2. I play that and I'm probably going to stop playing this for awhile once muy sub is up.
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  7. segundoblz New Player

    GW2 sounds good, I'm gonna try it. Thanks :D
  8. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

    My neighbor got a great one. The FPS are super high resolution. The action can be amazingly quick. It's free to play (if you ignore the electric bill). Has group content including infinite NPCs. It's an amazing massivle multiplayer Object.... a Bug Zapper. :p

    /meh. played GW2 from launch to October'ish making alternate classes for WvWvW, but while it's pretty, the gameplay lost my interest (other variables include and are not limited to the stale fantasy genre, PvE boss fights are depressing-especially story ending). GW2 did wonderful UI stuff and other design decisions, but another fantasy genre? ugh. (yes. I'm old and jaded.) With each DCUO update, i come back, do the content a few times, and leave fairly soon again. Warframe is fun, but I can't sit for hours at night playing it (maybe 2-6 missions a night+login reward). Similar DCUO itinerary, login do vault log out. I had tried to get more GW1 Hall of Monuments points that lead to unique GW2 skins, but it was less enjoyable each time i logged in and I remembered I've lost interest in GW2. (Nobody is getting anything from my account. I take breaks. I don't quit. until I quit, and there will not be a I quit thread when I do. No. u can't haz my stuff.)

    Interested in seeing the suggestions from players.
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  9. maccoul New Player

    Star Trek is a lot of fun and a definite change of scenery. Marvel just launched theirs, I played some of the Beta but the style is very foreign, I hear its setup like Diablo if that means anything to you. Its free so at the very least its worth a try if you like DCUO.
  10. Swamarian Committed Player

    Star Trek's a good f2p option. The content's not paywalled, and the new Romulan and Klingon storylines are well done. Ground missions are fairly "Meh" but the space combat's fun.
  11. sonryo21 New Player

    The fantasy genre has been lagging for years. I'm not sure what can be done about it. I think most gamers are starting to be burnt out with all the same type games being made. Eh I took 2 years off from 2007-2009 before I started gaming again. I might be leaving for longer if I find my self bored with games again. But we'll see the only true game I have been waiting on is FF13 versus but that has been in development hell for some reason. Eh I'm leaving dcuo for awhile soon anyways just waiting on my sub to be up.
  12. Snow New Player

    Try Guild Wars 2. It's lot of fun.
  13. Itazuki New Player

    I still play Black Ops 2 some days which is fun, if you're into MMOFPS games.

    If you're able to use a PC to play an MMO I'd say give Neverwinter a try. The new one made by Perfect World Entertainment.

    It's completely free... Vanity items in marketplace. PWE makes great free games.
  14. WorldsDown New Player

    I've heard that the developers of State of Decay have hinted that their new zombie IP could possibly become an MMO if it generates enough of a buzz. Just finished playing the demo on my 360 (it's also available on PC), and it was much better than I thought it'd be!
  15. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

    sweeet. just tried, click a certain forum user name, pick the ignore option, and refresh page = their threads are gone. (i think kumite was in the thread titles) ;)

    uh oh. beginning.... to feel....the option.... is great..... [IMG]
  16. petvpets New Player

    Why not ? so you are going to wait until enough people are highly geared and worked out the raid so they can carry you ?

  17. Treat New Player

    You are looking for an MMO, you say? You are bored, you say? You can't finish T5 Raids and are looking for a replacement you say? Mmmm
    Have I got the perfect game for you!

    Hello Kitty Online!
    :D Easier than those silly T5 raids! Pshaw!
  18. segundoblz New Player

    I'm full T5 already and I often stay on top chart, not always, but yeah. I can't finish the raid cause sometimes I spent most of time reviving people than doing damage..
  19. segundoblz New Player

    Last time I played Star Trek it was a web mmorpg >.>

    It works wonderful!