Another mission that makes you feel like some one else's tank

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by TechWarrior0329, Oct 4, 2019.

  1. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Minor rant.. more a sort of message to the Dev team to please TRY to avoid this sort of thing. So anyway yesterday I logged in and headed to Metal Gotham to do my weekly and daily missions. So I spot a rift and it has a mob of 2 or 3 standing next to it. Close enough that I know at some point I'll get attacked when I move in to click. Now since some rifts do break into as many as F O U R more rifts that are on a timer if you want to click and claim them I tend to defeat the mobs before I click the rift. HEY I am also working on 218 metal men defeated so why not take out those 2-3 guys and get at LEAST one rift right?

    Then it happens... while I am taking out the metal men some other player jumps in and click on the rift. Oh sure I still got credit for 3 more metal affected NPCs but no credit at all for that rift. In other words as the title says I played TANK and cleared the area so some one else could get credit for closing a rift.

    This same scenario happens in Atlantis on the Propaganda mission. I have lost track of how many times I have cleared out 2-3 MOBS around those view screens only to discover some other player snuck in and clicked the screen while I was defeated Drift troops. It's even worse there because there is no "defeat X number of enemy troops" mission in Atlantis so you wind up battling 3,6 even as many as 9 NPC to clear the area around a screen and then get NO CREDIT for shutting off said screen.

    Now IF this sort of thin happened once or twice not a huge deal but yesterday I had 5 or 6 rifts in a row where I was defeating the mobs while some one else claimed the rift and I lost track of exactly how many times it happened altogether. YEAH YEAH I know.. suck kit up its all a part of the game.. Yeah but I PAY my monthly sub to PLAY the game and do MY missions not play distraction so some one else can complete theirs.

    So DEVs how about in the future we try a little harder to keep things a little further apart?
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  2. Hmmmm Well-Known Player

    Have you considered going to pvp phase?

    1. Lower population to compete with
    2. You can always interrupt/ko them
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  3. lllStrichcodelll Committed Player

    If you were tank then why didnt you just Pop a Shield and activated it before killing the adds? ;)
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  4. recoil2 Dedicated Player

    while this is annoying, the most irritating aspect is the moochers who swarm around like flies in packs of 3 to 4+ and just swarm any and every objective in open world/DLC zones. i'll be working on something and next thing i know 1 then 3 or 4 players are at the same objective because some lookout chatted his friends "hey free real estate come over here!". bunch of parasites if you ask me, if i needed/wanted someone's help on a journal objective which was CLEARLY single player meant for at CR players i would have ASKED. the only thing i "need" a group for is the 8-player bounties (and can't typically find anyone willing to do it, where are the 20+ people so willing to "help" from before?), so it would be great if these swarms of pests could please stop assuming i "need" them for some unknown reason.
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  5. Hmmmm Well-Known Player

    3. You don't need to get the ones where there are enemies, there one without enemies right around the corner...
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  6. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    just move on. even the most time consuming far apart combination of dailies shouldn't take more than a few minutes.

    although it is kind of funny that i can get credit for the titans bounty without even being involved in the fight at all yet you cant get credit for someone else hitting a rift while youre clearing ads two feet away...
  7. Reinheld Loyal Player

    Always touch the rift first. If you start it (and have a shield, can finish it) you will get credit for the rift even if someone else swoops in, even if you get knocked off it by the adds. I do this when it's Thursday or Friday and you are almost guaranteed to have someone else take advantage of you clearing the adds. As someone else said, PVP is another option, except you will likely get killed by players a few times as they attack you while you are handling the adds. It won't happen much since the PVP pop is low, but there are those who will see you with your hands full and will take advantage. A good shield is the best option for PVE or PVP, as you can pop it, complete the rift close and then fight the adds, or take off if you are already done with 218.

    As far as this happening, yeah the adds could be further away, but it would be pretty lame to NEVER have to fight adds...hey, why not also just put 20-30 rifts in a row at the back end of town like port-a-potties at a county fair? Because it would be bogus and to me...boring(well...MORE boring....the 'count' missions are boring already). It would be nice if the respawn rate on rifts was up a bit, as it's so low now that it encourages people swooping in to get that single rift you see after running/flying around for a minute or more.

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  8. Reinheld Loyal Player

    Ummmm....Not on Thurs or Fri when everyone is working on these. If you are looking to finish these in one sitting on high pop days, you take what you get or you take 10x as long to get it done. And do not have to finish all of these at once, but most like to so they are out of the way for the week.

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  9. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    I am sorry but "go to the PvP phase" sho0uld not be the answer to everything in this game. Easy solution in both cases... In Metal Gotham set it up so the mobs don't spawn close to the rifts. In Atlantis.... hey when the zone was new we didn't even have those mobs in that area. I have no issue with them being there.. I actually prefer battling stuff as opposed to just roaming around clicking on crap but IF your (and by your I mean the Devs) going to stick them there guarding those propaganda screen then make defeating them a part of the requirement to complete the mission.

    As for your #2... I am not really into PVP and I did the let's head to PvP and do this back when Chaos Gotham was new and everyone was running around hunting motes. Place was, as advertised, , all but deserted. But of course the one other player there attacked me while I was preoccupied and I wound up having to rez. I want to complete MY MISSION not attack other players.
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  10. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    AND THAT IS MY POINT. I've had the exact same thing happen you are talking about. I suddenly have credit for defeating a BOUNTY without firing a shot BUT I kill a 7 or 8 Drift Soldiers in Atlantis and get no credit for the Propaganda screen some other guy clicked while I was taking out 3 mobs?
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  11. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    You sort of MISSED THE POINT here.. I was on a DPS but was being used like a tank by other players.. I was battling and defeating mobs around the rift while they walked in, did not fire off a shot and clicked the rift getting credit for it. Besides even if I was in tank mode .. if I am in zone trying to complete the weekly "close 82 rifts" mission where does it say in the TOS I am required to be anyone's tank so THEY can complete it first?
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  12. Hraesvelg Loyal Player

    That was the suggestion I was going to make.
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  13. Brit Loyal Player

    Sounds like it's time to equip your bouncy ball. Just hit them and knock them off of the rift node while they click it. That will interrupt them. I did it all the time when people would park by Batwoman and trigger her repeated spawns while AFK, just to stop other people from getting credit.
  14. Reinheld Loyal Player

    You are actually not getting credit for killing the are getting credit for someone in the group killing the bounty or activating the pickup after....just like you would get credit for someone in your group killing some of the 218, or if they were the ones activating the rift you are killing the adds by. If you can say you've gotten the bounty without firing a shot AND while not being in a group, you have a bug and should report it. If you are in a group and are not getting credit for a group member picking up a rift right next to have a it.

    Also if you are attacking or being attacked by 7 or 8 drift soldiers while getting a propaganda screen you are doing something wrong...if you drop in by a screen there are only ever 3 or 4(normally 1 or 2) within agro reach, so you are either agro'ing guys you don't need to, or dragging the trench going from screen to screen. Not saying that it doesn't suck if someone takes the steal on the screen, but maybe you are making things more difficult than needed, therefore raising your own frustration levels?

    FYI The difference between the 'can steal' and 'can't steal' missions is that the adds are or are not tied to the activate button. Cages in Atlantis, are tied to the cannot activate a cage if the guard is not dispatched...therefore you get credit whether there is a 'steal' or not if you are fighting the guards...same for the guards and civilians in the cannot be stolen as the 2 are tied together. The prop screens and rifts are not tied together, so they can be stolen....get your hands on them first, or agro less adds and you can decrease your frustration levels.

    Honestly if I were going to complain about any of these, it would be the riddler traps as those can be stolen and you can't even approach them if there are adds about and you don't pop a shield as they will explode before you get a 2nd pass...on a short timer to boot. Granted it's a lot less of them needed, but the mechanics are the same and you can get this mission every dang day (At least I seem to).

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  15. Stubs2019 New Player

    such is the mindset of selfish greedy people.

    I for one, just goto the next one. most time's I do the weekly's a few days later. to avoid such people.
    most time's if you start it. your get credit for it. but still...
  16. Reinheld Loyal Player

    Where does it say in the TOS that you CANNOT have anyone else benefit from your work in an open world mission? You can for sure 100% never have this happen via multiple preventative measures, each of which you could argue against as "that's a hassle" or "I shouldn't have to do that". How about that rift located on a high roof that you scramble to get to and someone grabs it as you are 1/2 a second away from getting it? Should there be a guarantee that once you've spotted a rift no one else can take it from you? Well let's say the same for collections and exos. There are no 'dibs' in open world missions. If the frustration you feel from someone 'using' you as tank is too high, employ one of the suggested methods to avoid or lessen the situation. The devs obviously wanted some of the rifts to have you battling adds to get...otherwise they would have placed them elsewhere like the many rooftop ones.

    This is one of those things that will get addressed in a back-handed fix. Something like all rifts will now be guarded and you have to kill the adds to close yeah, there will be no more stealing, but every rift will require killing 2-4 adds vs just flying up and grabbing them. No thanks, I'll manage with it as is, pop a shield and get it done.

  17. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    PVP phase is your friend. I only do Bounties in the PVE phase and then head to the PVP phase for all other missions if I can help it. Same applies to Seasonal stuff. It goes by so much quicker when you don't have to compete with another player for the spawns. Heh...that's kind of ironic now that I think about it. I go to the PVP phase so I don't have to "compete" with others. Ironic and sad...sigh.

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