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    Ok, it's probably been thought of before. If not, consider this idea as a Rip Original lol.

    It's no secret that the high boss counter feats are frowned upon from what I've seen. Doing the math alone, it's not possible to complete without spam. Take wonderverse for example. 4 bosses at 100 each and the hydra at 75 I believe. They are weekly missions. In order to do this organically..1 round per week..100 weeks max. Secondary currency makes it a bit more desirable..but spamming is still necessary of you WANT to have those counter feats done before the next dlc.

    My proposal is this:
    If I recall correctly, there are usually about 12 weeks give or take between episodes. Lately we've been getting four missions daily in open world. Let's say each mission gives you different npcs to defeat.(like wonderverse and legion). Lower the count of the boss counter feats. Introduce four feats based on the dailies. Take the amount of npcs needed to complete the mission per week..multiply it by 9 or 10 week to get the total number for final feat for that mission. It's realistic and organic.

    For example...mission A is to defeat 15 shadow demons per day. That gives you 105/week. Multiply that by lets say 10
    It will be 1050 total to complete the feat. It can be done in tiers. If we go this route, we're being conservative and giving people a chance to "rest" before the next dlc.

    Legion and flashpoint started this from what I could tell. I personally think it's a step in the right direction.

    Now just to be clear, I only suggest this because I can see a new player feeling overwhelmed by the kill counts. I know the focus of the game has shifted(or at least in my opinion) towards newer players and I'm ok with it. This could also benefit those who may not have time to spam bosses due to things in real life(family, school, work, etc)

    I'm sure I missed something in my massive amount of text. Thank you for your time and consideration. Please feel free to leave feedback. It could be great, it could be the dumbest thing you've ever heard and I get it.
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    You don't need to have the mission active to complete counter feats. For example you can completely skip the weekly mission and still obtain the feats that requires you to defeat Hydra 5, 12 and 50 times.

    You can even use your alts to assist instead of spamming on one character for example:
    I defeat Hydra five times on my Quantum character for the feat Grecian Monster Slayer. The next day I purchase Grecian Monster Slayer on my Fire character pushing him to 5/12 for the Labors of Tartarus feat, my Fire character defeats Hydra seven more times for this feat. The next day I purchase Labors of Tartarus on my Nature character pushing him to 12/50 for the Guardian of Tartarus feat, my Nature character defeats Hydra thirty-eight more times for this feat.
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  3. Hunted2468 Well-Known Player

    A well thought out post but unfortunately its based on factual inaccuracy. Theres a few points needed to clarify this:

    - Each Episode stays relevant for 36 weeks, not 12. If you're saying that Episodes release 12 weeks apart, then you need to also remember that DCUO's "Endgame" content is described as the last 3 Episodes, not just the last or current Episode. So its 3 x 12 weeks.

    - These Feats are not designed to be done before each Episode release. Theres absolutely no rush to them. Any rushing or "farming" you see is purely Player Choice. Most of these Players you see farming spend their day hunting Feats for SP, and their nights on the Forum saying SP doesn't matter. Not exactly the type of thinking one should be jumping to emulate. Your math is correct but your context isn't.

    - Your suggestion already partly exists. Kill 500 warring Amazons/Atlanteans or Kill paradox demons in FP. All normal adds. All were multiplicatives of the weekly target. All were farmed. Didn't solve anything.

    - Lastly you're forgetting about "cause and effect". The bosses all have mechanics, or attks to avoid or stages to get through. They have these because the Devs know the bosses will be faced multiple times over months or years due to the Feats. You dont put time and resources into something like that unless it'll be used a lot. So if you take away the feats, the quality of any further bosses diminishes over time, or they stop being made completely.

    Feedbacks been given and despite what some may tell you, it was acted on. Doomsday bounty was less than the Legion, Legion was less than the Wonderverse bounties, and all of em are still, as of today, in the Endgame relevancy window. Its not that your idea is "bad" per se, but it solves nothing. Historically we know it doesn't.
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  4. Rip Kurrent Well-Known Player

    Thank you both for your input. :) you both bring up valid points.
    Using alts or not using alts, it's the same amount of kills. I do get what you're saying though. I'm also aware that not having to have the mission is a benefit. The secondary currency does give you reason to run the bounties..mission or no mission. I was using the weekly mission as an example. I don't claim to speak for any or everyone other than myself and the couple I actually know who play. We want to get in, knock out the mission and move on. That is why I focused on the numbers in my post. No disrespect or sarcasm intended.

    I also see your point. They've implemented the box feats in recent dlcs. I should have just praised the way the devs are going. I wanted to show my thought process on why though. Also, thank you for pointing out my inaccuracy in the average life span of the dlc.

    You are also right there will always be people wanting to rush the feats. I like getting the feats, don't want it to feel like a job though. Feats in instances? Sure, it's fine. Some actually require team work and cooperation. The current route is something that's doable on your own for the most part in open world.

    Again, thank you both for your input. :)