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  1. Mentaldope40 Committed Player

    Why in the hell do we quenue up for pvp and next thing we know, the match has been going on and I lose wtf..
  2. DarthJafo Committed Player

    Turn on don't join already in progress in the settings. And maybeven come up with slightly more verbose and detailed thread titles
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  3. Tsigalko Well-Known Player

    ran 4s w/ my friends few nights back. when we ran pvp, we que for literally everything.. every legends, every arena, every maps. but each time we got in star labs arena, we always ran into this same group. we beat them the first time, but everytime we ran into them again, they always leave.. i mean all 4 of them leave before the match even start. this happen like 4-5 times. i guess they're trying to get a feat or something, but man,, at least try first. and yeah i can see how this could be frustrating for the players coming in replacing them.. esp if u que by youself. getting put in a match which u're already losing and you're the only person in your team.. gotta be annoying AF.

    but yeah the best thing to avoid this is just turn of the "place into instance in progress" option in the gameplay setting. and i DO think they should punish ppl leaving pvp matches.. like a 3 minutes penalty or something. just enough to make ppl think twice before leaving a match