Announcing the Community Style Initiative!

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    1. This is amazing. I think with The hype on For Superman and Lois. Superman should be re-designed. Perhaps similarly like how I would love to see him look. That is with the Man of Steel Texture and basic design, Lois and Clark colour scheme and a large Superman emblem.

    2. Also I believe The Martian Man hunter deserve an upgrade. I would love to see him look similarly to that of the Super girl TV series fused with designs similarly to the one in Young justice.

    3. Lastly I would love to see either the Wonder Woman that open the DC universe playing the game for the first time cut scene as the permanent Wonder woman model or a Wonder woman with the design from the Justice League unlimited animated series with a modern twist.

    4. What would be cool if the Forgotten favorite would make an appearance, which I believe would fit into the futuristic plot of 31, century, antimatter and paradox returning. what could happen is to have a in between interruption of the Justice league beyond. Check my idea out on Youtube " DCUO Fan Suggestion #2 -Styles For DCUO
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    My design of a modern superman. With the hype behind Superman and Lois, I think it would be cool to have a Costom design Superman. I merge and modernize superman costume from my favorite designs. That of Henry Cavill Man of steel mixed with the Lois and Clark the adventures of Superman, stared by Dean Cain. Then I put my Twist to it bay adding Glowing circuits on the boots, trunks, lower and around the upper arm. Finally glowing and radiating circuit within the Superman emblem, which could be an item for players to collect. Of course I am a free to play player, so all my hopes is that Free to play player should have a permanent and new content pack based on Superman. Next I believe Martian man hunter should get a redesign. Perhaps something resembling the Super girl tv series or the young justice design.
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    It would be cool if the NPC Superman Look like the Henry Cavill Man of Steel Superman or Edited similarly like him.
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    They can't do that. They have the comics license, not the movies. Also, this is the wrong thread to post it.
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    This time I did a colour adjustment, giving the Man of steel design the Dean Cain Superman Colour Scheme and the other Image of Superman has a design mix of the two. The Return of the trunks , golden double lined belt with the Symbol in the middle and a gold rimed at the base of the boot.

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    I think the wonder woman that starts the Game Cut scene should be the NPC model.
    this is my rendition.

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    For batman , maybe just a little adjustment, perhaps his suit can model the Young Justice design or the new 52 design or a combination of the two. My rendition
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    The number one person that need an upgrade is the Martian Man Hunter. My RENDITION .

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    Would love to see a leather jacket and t-shirt style that doesn't have the chain (unlike the current guys' Street style)

    how about something like the JLA Detroit-era styles? Steel (Hank Hayward version before he went all Cyborg Supes), Gypsy, Vibe

    a true Kid Flash cowl/head-piece

    a gaiter face style...something that would allow you to layer on the slimline crusader head style to give you an option for two colors (like top half red, bottom half blue)

    if we can do weapon styles, for dual wield, i'd like to see kamas or sais added.
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    The Kryptonian style of House El from Man of Steel: [IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG]

    Classic Kryptonian look, and this style could be used in a lot of different ways with colors and mats! Style is for male or female toons!!![IMG][IMG][IMG]
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    Rose Wilson (DC Bombshells)
    Raven (DC Bombshells)
    Big Barda (DC Bombshells)
    Starfire (Titans and Injustice 2)
    Yara Flor
    Catwoman (Injustce: God's Among Us blue suit)