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    LOL ...I don't have a problem with that I too got majority of the feats also.
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    All seasonal events have a time frame, which is generally one month (3 to 4 weeks). This event started on January 4th, this gave us 27 days to work on it, give or take a few hours.

    It was well stated and publicized from the start when the end date of this event was, if you didn't know it that's on you. That said it's not like you wont get another chance to finish things, just like the rest of the seasonal events the Anniversary event is an annual thing and will be back next year. Plus Mepps did stated that you weren't meant to finish everything this time around.

    And no, two events of this magnitude can not be running at the same time, that would created far to much unnecessary stress on the system.
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  3. Lantern Azure Black Committed Player

    Don't worry yer' little boots. It'll roll back around next year like the other Seasonals. (^_^)

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    Okay so first of all... the anniversary event was up for an entire month and one of the flash pop up screens that you see while trying to log into the game had the final day of the event... January 31st posted for that entire time. On top of that there was a "special announcement" that anyone could access from the log in stating that there would be maintenance today while they took down the anniversary event and put up the Valentine's Day event. Also IF you come here on any kind of regular basis they outright stated that the ONLY way to complete every single feat associated with the Anniversary event would have been to use replays.. BUT the exact same event WILL be back next year. So I am really not sure why this seems like such a shock to you. Your post kind of makes it seem like it was only around for a week and then gone.. You had 30 days and there was even a 4 day weekend right before they closed the event where everything was paying out double... run 4 daily missions grab 16 coins.. run the raid and grab another 10.

    Could they run two events at one time? probably but here's the thing.. Some of us actually like to play the regular game once in a while as well and you know.. Get better armor, grab more ancient coins and marks . Now since the severs came back up and the Valentine Event went live I have already logged on a number of alts and emailed the stuff I bought to one ALT .. and I already have the feat for 2017'd furniture completed. Starting tomorrow I will gradually work on the style feat which will take longer since those don't transfer and each t shirt runs 15 hearts.. and at best you earn 9 hearts a day. But I am down to needing to have 1 alt spend about 15 minutes a day doing the outdoor mission and alert to grab all those shirts and POOF I have both new feats accomplished. That means every one else can log on and run regular missions and increase CR.

    Like I said it means you'll need to wait a year but it has already been stated the exact same event will run next year. Whatever you don't have now you can work on then.
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  6. Menelaos Dedicated Player

    Dang...thats what the OP gets for having an opinion...

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  7. Jumpnit Dedicated Player

    Or you could run 2 toons thru the event........ buy the collections on one get the rewards, trade to your main that you bought the styles on. All the feats with no replays spent not that hard.
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    the best you get from valentines isn't 9, you can get 10 hearts daily if you do the race which takes about 2 minutes to do :p
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    I KNOW but I don't DO races so I am perfectly content with 9 LOL
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    It was up from early January, and they said it would be gone by the 31st. It was also said that it was intended that you would not finish all feats this go-around without spending some replays. It will return next year. Plan accordingly.
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    and 30 sec to start
  12. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    It was intended to NOT be finished without replays in the allotted time. Simple as that. What are you having a problem understanding?
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    Well thats the thing its a feat. So you have to commit to it if you want it i did finish like 3 feats does it bother me nope i have 262 sp and i think i will nock those out of the park quick next year. Most s3asonal things year one were never meant to be completed by the average gamer. You will be om take a deep breath in with the good out with the bad. In with the good out with the bad
  14. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    You must be brand new around here. It's been like this since the day they introduced replay badges...hell, you should have already figured this out after the second Time Capsules. Stop being shocked and surprised...this is par for the course around these parts.
  15. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    If you knew when it was supposed to end, why are you asking these questions??? Why do you say so soon, when it was taken down exactly when they stated they would? Why ask this now and not when they announced the dates??? Also, the Valentines seasonal will last the same amount of time it has before...till the end of the month, and nothing more.
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    is what leagues are for.
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    therefor making it what? Money hungry.