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Discussion in 'Concluded' started by JackFrost, Jan 3, 2017.

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  1. Permafrost Imp Active Player

    I have no problems with the whole event, but I want to congratulate the team on it. I get on as much as I can to hopefully have an excuse to jump in and grab anniversary gear so that I can somewhat make it through T7 with little difficulty. The missions made sense, the feats that aren't related to the event raid are easy to get, and it's overally fun to blow up demons and Qwardians with people you have never met.

    Though, I do want to raise a question. I may have missed the memo here, and do punish me for doing so, but was there some sort of hint to using the Qwa-bombs and Exobyte Interference Shields during Centennial Collapse? If not, I reckon it should be added to the information section of the On Duty tab when you select Centennial Collapse. It'd help out those who do read how to use them but don't ask about their uses or for those that keep complaining about how hard the raid is without spending time to experiment.

    Regardless of that, the team has my respect. All capsules aside, the event was top shelf.
  2. jeffmallet Well-Known Player

    Yo.. I ran the Centennial Collapse last night and nearly died from laughing so hard. We didn't have a healer and people kept getting knocked out lol I would get knocked out, then two people would come to pick me up and they would get knocked out, then someone else would come up to pick them up and get knocked out. People were getting thrown everywhere and I was cracking up so hard. People were being knocked out the whole time over and over and over again, but somehow we kept coming back and beat it in 24 mins LOL

    I hope there is something in the hotfix to maybe increase a healing buff or lower the Anti-Monitor's powers, but if not, it's okay because it is so hilarious that this is the anniversary event. A ride inside a washing machine hahaha

    Could you at least make it to where a Blue Hope collection always drops in the Centennial Collapse loot?
    Thanks for the new content btw haha :)
  3. Permafrost Imp Active Player

    Try using the consumables you get from the missions in the event area, they'll make your life easier in Centennial Collapse.
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  4. jeffmallet Well-Known Player

    This was a run on my alt, where I'm trying to amass more Qwa-bombs and Shields to get the impossible 5 min speed run feat on my main toon haha Plus, trying to get Blue Hope collections for my main.

    Thanks though!
  5. Captain Test Man Active Player

    Thanks for the new Anniversary Event. I am enjoying playing the new Event 8-man Raid, it's fun. I am a bit surprised that the gear set on the Event vendor is full price; that's 400 Event tokens for the whole set.

    Assuming the event is 30 days, that means collecting 100 event tokens each week, just for one single gear set + Feats for one single character. I am not complaining because I don't really care myself, just a bit surprised. But DCUO has always been very heavy handed with how much grinding the events require to collect base items and what not.

    Maybe people would be complaining less if the gear set was 1/4 the price and auto-leveled to the characters level.

    Thanks again.
  6. Plowed In Loyal Player

    I noticed that after turning in the open world missions back at the consoles there's double mission 'updates' in white text. The first is the return to mission completed...and the second is blank or *update*. Script error?
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  7. Seethra Well-Known Player

    Just popping into this thread to applaud you for a job well done.
    Nice event, doesn't consume too much time to complete, the 8 man raid is fun, although I personally find it difficult to see what exactly knocks me up in the air so much (how do i prevent this?).

    I adore the base items and the small feat to help the iconics is a pretty neat addition.
  8. MrChiCity0884 Well-Known Player

    Well maybe y'all will take a healer next time
  9. MrChiCity0884 Well-Known Player

    SME ppl just don't kW Tht those qwabombs destroy shards and adds fast if all are using them can't just go in there using pwr the cost of pwr regen is even with a troll
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