Test Discussion Anniversary 2024: Feedback thread

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Ranmaru, Dec 8, 2023.

  1. Ranmaru Developer

    Howdy everyone, welcome back to this years anniversary event!

    This year we have a whole new list of style items and base items for you to enjoy

    Please let us know your thoughts

    Known issues:
    Speed force flux has not had its gear drops updated
    Speed Force flux elite commendation does not include ep 45 or 46 as options
    Gear on the vendor has not had its CR updated
    Requirements for the Triumph feat and Exxor-assist feat do not properly track.
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  2. Cypharr Committed Player

    Great will take a look later when I'm done on live. Got 2 renowns left I'll finish in Jan
  3. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    Are there no feats for the base items or styles?
  4. Cypharr Committed Player

    There would be; maybe they haven't come around to completion yet. It'll be hard if it doesn't have. Although for the first time I noticed xmas seasonal 2017 base items has no feats in it, thus your concerns a valid. Might be a two pump chump mistake and to early to say what's coming.
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  5. kallader Committed Player

    Both new twin hair pass through Blackhawk and Formal head style 2 styles peoples use a lot[IMG][IMG]
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  6. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    I honestly expected more base items after the haul we got with Christmas & Halloween. I'm not a Wondertwins fan but congrats for those who are! I'm hoping the gifts are nice at least :)
  7. Multiverse Creator League

    There was going to be a Wonder Twins film..... but that was cancelled when James Gunn became head of the DCU.
    They probably made those to match with the then upcoming film??

    As for the Event.....
    Had some audio issues.
    I could talk to Nix..... but Nix could not talk to me. :confused:

    If we keep on getting less and less styles or Base Items with each event....
    people are going to start being worried.
    Heck I will start being worried.

    Hard to believe we went from the Anniversary Event from 2021 to this??

    I get that there has been various issues like Jackster leaving with 1000 Devs (yes yes I am exaggerating)...
    But dang...... :(

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  8. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    Maybe, I don't know their schedule. I hope the gifts will be nice at least :)
  9. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    Are you going to raise the maximum item level of the speed force ring to the current vendor rings (370) as was done the last two years?
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  10. Achikah All About That Base

    Posted this in Gotham City, but figure I'd also place it here to get it to the right channels:

    Overall, I'm pretty disappointed in this year's Anniversary drop.

    Wonder Twins fans I'm sure will be overjoyed but there's not much else there, especially with the base items.

    Given this is the premiere event to celebrate the game and its community, I'd really like to see the anniversary echoing the years past in DCUO when it comes to furniture. Keep the cakes and triumphs as the yearly staples highlighting/celebrating newer DLCs, but rather than creating brand new assets sets, it'd be great if we got ones that have been in the game since its inception we've never been able to utilize in our bases before, doubly so if they get a glow-up retexturing. For instance, it would have been very cool to have had the gilded statues, benches and planters from outside the Daily Planet in practical/base-sized versions rather than just a small diorama of them. Even better, I think it'd have been really cool to have had these larger versions along WITH the dioramas since, though niche, they have their place for deco and are definitely well crafted, they're just not super useful unless you're making a mini cityscape.

    Ya, this method for seasonal drops wouldn't be anything new, but there's a lot of us who have been asking for older items for a very long while, ones we've seen pop up even in recent content like the Meta Therapy Clinic- paintings, benches, medical screen and equipment, etc as old as the Grodd duo- and this would be a great way to incorporate them fluidly. There's so many assets they could pull from so many different instances we've never gotten to tinker with ourselves and we get... these. Just really disappointing, especially when this is supposed to be THE celebration event of, and for, the game...

    Well, that's my two cents. Again, what is there is well done, but I feel these won't be super helpful to a good majority of decorators in the long run, nor is the drop substantial enough for us to get excited over.
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  11. Hraesvelg Always Right

    I'm hoping this signals a Gleek ally...
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  12. Aiden_Warren Well-Known Player

    That idea of echo in the years past. Now I haven't played in some years as so I don't know their rewards and vendor system but adding items from the past will help and at casual prices. So new players don't feel forced to play every to get enough marks. It's anniversary and it's for the players that helped keep the gaming going from our support. It's for a limited time and many of us are casual but try to play as often as we can.
    This limited event yearly, I'd like the reward system and marks can given be more so we can be able to get half the vendor without having to constantly play everyday.
    I like the spooky bites with getting up to 17 a day and that I need is casual friendly. Tho I didn't spent any so I can save up more on the next even.
    But alot of us may be busy and may bot be able to be on enough to enjoy these events.
    Now with the holly Leaves up to 11 a day and the cost of the items. Ouch. I can't miss a day to get enough of those marks.
    In saying, casually. To play 2 times a week and have enough marks.
    So yeah Achkah I agree with you. To have l items of the past and able to get a lot of it at cheap prices. Especially for new players to they feel comfortable and not have to wait another year for the event.
  13. Korlick Loyal Player

    You doing it wrong man. We get 17 marks each day.
  14. Aiden_Warren Well-Known Player

    In the Halloween event it's up to 17.
    Alert 6
    Race 4
    Gotham 4
    Vault 1
    Buckets 2

    Holly Leaves is
    Alert 5
    Gotham and Metro 6
    That's 11
    Am I missing anything else? I did the open world and the alert, I forget the vault and to look for anything else. I logout immediately.
  15. Korlick Loyal Player

    Yeah...youre doing it wrong.
    Do the journal in order: first Open World (clear the journal), then Alert (clear the journal again).
    That is:
    6 from clearing the Journal after Open World
    4 from Alert.
    6 from clearing the Journal after the Alert.
    1 from Vault.
  16. IonHero Committed Player

    Any Chance The normal "LexCorp Salvation 2022" style could be added to the event or to the marketplace? (same with "Fate's Faith Restored", if it gets removes from the CR skip)

    And while they are available on the marketplace, would you consider adding the following styles to the event vendor?:

    Dark Specter 2018 Batsuit
    Speed-Force Spectrum 2018
    House of El 2019
    Hera's Strength Restored

    ..and if you were inclined and are super ambitious make enhanced versions...
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  17. Pingvinozavr Dedicated Player

    There is also a Restored Shim'Tar Regalia, only enhanced version of which is available in the marketplace.
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  18. ArtemisWonderWoman7 Committed Player

    Why is everything so expensive? This isn't supposed to be a grind it supposed to be a holiday event. Styles was originally 8 marks and base items was 4 to 6 marks. Now I have to grind this in multiple characters and now I won't want to get somethings on multiple characters. This post is about both the current event and the prices of stuff in the last to holiday events Halloween and Christmas
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  19. UnderworldSelene Well-Known Player

    Why do you guys make most chest styles have such small places for emblems?
  20. Raijin1999 Loyal Player


    It's one of the few MMOs that decided to profit off holiday seasonals. You want something, they want you to throw cash at the MTX to buy marks for it. By increasing the mark costs, it means the grind slows down, with the thinking being that it will entice more people to buy than it will push people away from the content. They have the numbers, so who knows if that is working out for them or not. As a player, I stopped caring about seasonals around the time Jack started messing with things.