Ann Conners - Clear The Way [Post-Retcon]

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    The last note of the guitar rang over the crowd and applause grew from the seats in front of the stage. Ann looked out at the crowd smiling in excitement brought on by singing one of her favorite songs with one of her idols. The guitar legend looked over at her and held up his pointer finger with a look of “one more?” and Ann nodded quickly, she leaned over and spoke into his ear, offering a song choice and the guitar virtuoso raised a brow and nodded in appreciation of her song choice. The band struck the first notes of the song and the crowd offered applause and vocal sounds indicating their excitement of the number. The small framed blonde girl let out the first few words to the song and the crowd quickly became entranced by her emerging rendition of the song.

    As the song ended, the crowd rose to their feet and offered the performance a standing ovation and Ann’s cheeks stretched to the ends of her face with excitement and appreciation for the opportunity to even stand next to the guitar legend on a stage. Guitar legend Erik Bonomas gestured towards Ann and spoke into the microphone “Ladies and gentlemen, Ann Conners of Annie-O and the Trick Shots, if you haven’t seen them, you need to!” The two shook hands and Ann gave the guitar legend the “I’m not worthy bow” as she exited the stage. In the back of the house, Ann exited the club and stepped into the night air, the cool breeze helped a bit to bring her down from the high she was on from her recent experience. Letting out a shout of excitement that had been brewing since being invited onto the stage “WWWWOOOOOOO!!!!!”, she set out towards the closest coffee shop in efforts of seeking out a corner booth to reflect calmly. Stepping onto the main street, Ann saw a clock over a store front and saw it was ’10:22pm’ and remembered she would go check on her friend Tina. Picking up her pace, Ann hurried down the block towards her friend’s apartment. Tina was a friend Ann had made through the music scene, Tina played in a band called “Reconfigure” and eventually backed out of the music scene when she found out she was pregnant and the dad wasn’t going to be sticking around.

    Ann darted up the steps of the apartment, hurrying to her friend that she was near a half hour late to check on. Tina had been run down with a flu, her child was being cared for by Tina’s parents in their nearby house. Ann and Tina kept in touch pretty regularly but didn’t get a chance to see each other as much due to life obligations. Ann knocked on the door and heard the sounds of footsteps approaching the door, “who is it?” a voice spoke from the other side of the door. Ann replied “Tina, it’s me, Ann, sorry I am late, but you are never going to guess what just happened to me. I just got to sing with…..” and as the door opened, Ann stopped herself mid-sentence when she saw Tina with a black eye and other bruises on her. Ann’s jaw hung open in shock and disbelief. “Tina, what the hell happened???” Ann asked. Tina’s eyes welled up and pulled Ann into the apartment quickly, slamming the door behind them. Looking at her friend in shock and concern, Ann asked the only logical question she could think of in that moment “Tina, what happened???”, her friend walking into the living room of the apartment, her face showing a faint look of embarrassment on it, said “Ron…..” and Ann’s face shifted from shock and concern to anger. Sitting next to her friend, Ann’s voice took an angered and protective tone “how did he get in here and where is he???” Tina explained that he had been texting her and wanting to get together with her. Ron was the father of Tina’s child and struggled with what was referred to as “adult-ing”. Tina explained that that he seemed to be changing for the better and also how things haven’t been the easiest on her own in the last year. Ann listened with growing frustrations as the marks on her friend’s body and face tell the tale of where the story will end.
    [IMG]Tina explained that Ron had come over a few times and they seemed to be doing ‘okay’ but last night Tina had asked Ron to stay in with her when he indicated to her that he was leaving for the night after they had been intimate with each other. Tina explained her sadness and slight frustration with the choice he was making given what she thought were his intentions for contacting her. Tina then went on to explain that Ron expressed his frustrations about her request with his right hand and throwing her into a few of the walls in the bedroom. Ann looked over at the room and went to examine it, finding a broken lamp and cracked and broken drywall showing the impact points of the conflict. Ann looked over at her friend and in that moment, made her mind up about her next set of choices. “I’ll be back in a little bit….but first…..” Ann walked over to the refrigerator and grabbed the half empty gallon of milk in there and poured it into the sink. “Tina, I’m sorry, I owe you a gallon of milk, I’ll pick it up on the way back tonight……also, I need your car keys…..” Tina saw the look in Ann’s eyes and elected not to argue with her and handed her the keys to her car. Ann walked off into the hallway of the apartment and out to the parking lot of the building. Looking around at the other cars near Tina’s, Ann took out her pocket knife and found located a hose nearby the maintenance man’s outbuilding. Cutting the hose to a usable length, Ann then opened the gas cap of a nearby car and syphoned enough gas to fill the gallon jug and then took off in Tina’s car heading towards the nearby bar’s as that is where she knew Ron to hang out. After a short time of exploration, Ann located Ron’s car outside “The Brass Tap” and parked on the other side of the street, leaving the gas filled jug, Ann entered the bar and scanned the room for her friend’s abuser and upon locating him began walking to the part of the bar he sat at. Blood in her veins became hotter and her heart rate increased with each step she took towards Ron. As she came to it, she grabbed an empty bar stool and continued her trajectory towards the unsuspecting abuser. As Ann got close enough she exclaimed “hey Ronnie….” And as he looked to see who was addressing him, was met with a bar stool across the back of the head.

    Ron’s body went limp for a moment and fell across the bar. Rage seethed throughout her body and she pulled Ron off the bar and dragged him outside the bar. The stunned and shocked patrons of the bar seemed to part like the Red Sea as they recognized the enraged young woman was on a mission. Ann proceeded to stand up the stunned man and throw a right hook across his jaw sending him back to the ground. Ann’s eyes were wide with madness and through her clenched teeth, she asked Ron “How does it feel Ronnie??? How does it feel to have the life beaten out of you??”, her feet whaled across his rib cage and air shot forcefully from his lungs. Ann spouted various four letter words in his direction and continued her physical assault on her friend’s abuser “Is this what you did to her, you piece of slime!?!??!” As she grunted the sentence out of her mouth, Ann proceeded to make her way to her the car and grabbed the jug of gasoline headed back towards Ron, who was writhing in pain on the ground as he slowly was coming to and crawling towards his car. Ann seeing Ron’s efforts to escape spoke out “Oh no, no, no Ronnie boy….we are not done here, not yet.” She began to pour the gasoline over the car and gave a trail leading back away from it. Hurling her foot across the face of Ron, she reached in his pocket and grabbed his lighter and lit it, grabbing Ron by his collar “you listen and you listen REAL good *******……you even think about looking at Tina’s apartment building, you even dial her number by accident and so help me…….the next gallon gets poured over you……you get me???” Ann’s eyes were wildly intense and her words were pushed through clenched teeth and pursed lips. Ron’s bloodied and bruised face looked up to see Ann holding the lit lighter and nodded and used the energy he gathered from her brief assault to utter “uh huh”. Ann dropped Ron on the ground and the lit lighter onto the trail of gasoline, igniting it and sending a flame trail racing towards his car.
    A moment later the car exploded and lit up the night outside the bar. Ron gathered himself and took in what had happened, he saw the Tina’s blonde friend standing nearby and gazing into the fire of his burning car. “You crazy *****!!!!! What the hell do you think you’re doing!?!?!?” Ann just looked at the shocked abuser, it was as if all emotion had left her and that the eyes that looked upon him were devoid of any of the fire that drove the actions she had just taken. Ann simply turned and walked away towards Tina’s car, got in and drove off. Making a stop at the store before returning to her friend, Ann, as promised picked up a gallon of milk for her friend and returned to Tina’s apartment. Using the keys given to her, Ann entered back into the apartment and was met by a concerned Tina. “Ann….are you okay????what happened, I heard a loud explosion or something…..are you ok???” Ann smiled at her friend and hugged her quietly. “I am fine Tina. Look, I got you the milk I promised you.” Walking into the apartment further and placing it in fridge, Ann slowly felt herself gain more of herself back and sat on the couch next to her friend. “Ann, what did you do???” Tina asked with a bit of worry in her voice, looking at Ann’s knuckles. Ann smiled at her friend “He’s still alive and will heal, don’t worry…..but he will not be bothering you again, we had a bit of a chat and I simply let him know that he is not welcomed around here anymore”, leaning over she hugs her friend and tear forms in Ann’s eyes “Tina, we have been friends for a long time, I don’t consider myself as having a surplus in that area……I will be damned if I let someone threaten that or disrespect that. I need you to know that I am and will always be here to protect you” and Tina embraced Ann and the two shed tears sharing in each other’s pain. Tina sniffled and pulled back slowly from Ann “I really appreciate that girly, but listen, you need to get the hell out of here…….I know the cops will be here any moment looking for you and if I want to keep you in my life, I need you to get out of this apartment……please.” Ann smiled, nodded and hugged her friend one last time before racing out of the apartment.
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    Pulling her hood up from her long coat, Ann took to the alley ways between the buildings heading in the opposite direction of Tina’s apartment. Walking almost with her head down, Ann weaved through the alley ways, the sounds of cars roaring by in the streets just beyond the stone and metal maze she was in echoed off the walls of the alley. As her steps carried her forward, Ann arrived a stone dead end in the alley near an old apartment building, she looked up at the wall to see the graffiti-ed skull on the wall and her eyebrow raised with slight concern “well crap…..” and as she turned around to hear back the other way, she paused her exit as the roar of motorcycle engines grew louder and louder. Despite the sound growing closer, no lights could be seen indicating their arrival. Ann looked around a bit confused and felt a sense of concern growing. Fog rolled into the alleyway and began to build near way out of the dead end. Ann soon realized that this was more than a metrological event and the fog began taking shape as the sound of motorcycle engines slowed to a dull growl. The mist twirled in front of Ann as she watched it take shape of wheels and handlebars, she watched as hands gripped the formed handles and feet emerged from the mist and balanced the steel cycles. The fog drew back revealing several imposing looking figures all wearing similarly marked denim vests and black sunglasses. Ann’s shock and confusion about whether this was real or the result of some psychotic episode brought on by the stress of her recent altercation raced through her head.
    Chalking the present experience up to stress and random meteorological events, Ann waved her hands as if to signal her departure “Guy, look, I have had a bad evening and am just trying to get home…, if you will excuse me…..” and proceeded to head past them. As she approached, one of the bikers spoke “Miss Conners, surely you wouldn’t be leavin’ just yet, we have a lot to talk about, we’ve had our eye on you for a little while now and would like to talk to you about that temper of yours.” Ann stopped and looked at the older of the four bikers and saw behind his sunglasses, a flash of yellow light. Raising an eyebrow in confusion, Ann replied cautiously “uh…..who they hell are you guys and how do you know my name??? Did Ron put you up to this, because seriously, he had what he got coming to him…” Ann’s pulse quickened as the exchange with the bikers continued. Another of the bikers chimed in, he was appearing to be younger than the others “Nah, I’m inclined to agree with you that he had some bad luck coming his way, but your method of delivery leaves a bit to be desired. You might want to listen to the old man here. We gots lots to talk about. Ann noticed the back of one of the bikers vest showing a simple skull with the letters E, N F around a triangle of the skulls forehead and a white rocker banner above reading in Old English lettering “Iron” and below reading “Society”. Ann made her intentions clear again “listen guys, I am full up with friends so, really…I am gonna be going. A third biker, the larger of the four, his eyes flashed yellow behind his sunglasses spoke up “Please Miss Conners, this might be a little more important that your current efforts to evade arrest.” Ann felt the panic surge through her and threw her hands up “ok, I am out of here….you guys can kiss my *** with all this freaky eye crap and ‘we need to talk’ garbage”. Ann took off out of the alleyway and headed for the streets. Ann threw her hood up and proceeded to attempt to blend in with the other pedestrians on the street. As Ann made her way through the clusters of people, seeking some place to pull up a chair and bury her face in a mug of something, she turned a corner and found a police officer standing by his car. Looking at her momentarily, she locked eyes with him as he mentally ran her image through the description of the attacker from the bar. “HEY! STOP RIGHT THERE!!” and Ann took off the other direction. Radioing into the other officers that he was in pursuit of a suspect matching the description of the assailant from the bar.
    Ann pushed pedestrians away from her giving her a clear path. The sound of oncoming police sirens grew louder and louder, turning down corners and streets to avoid capture, Ann frantically pushed forward. A police car blocked her exit from a small side street, turning on her heels and heading back to the other way, Ann exited the alley to find several police cars and officers waiting for her. “HANDS UP LADY!!!” Ann, feeling defeat wash over her, raised her hands, the thought of “here we go again” flashed in her mind. As an officer approached her with handcuffs drawn, the sound of roaring motorcycles echoed from the alleyway Ann just exited. The officers as well as Ann turned to see what was coming their way. Fog heavily poured from the alleyway and slowly took form of the bikers on their cycles Ann had just left. As the fog pulled back revealing the bikers, the officer approaching Ann barked his order “you all need to leave is area immediately, otherwise you will be charged with interfering with official police matters. The biker’s eyes flashed yellow under their sunglasses and though no biker revved their engines, the growl of a large beast was heard rumbling from their bikes. The officer looked at his back up who also showed a look of confusion and slight fear, they nodded to each other and simply backed away “look, I don’t know what the hell this is or where you all came from but get the hell out of here….” The officers all piled into their vehicles and sped off. Ann looked at the bikers curiously, a sense of confusion but intrigue rolled over her “Ok, you have my attention.”

    ~To Be Continued~
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    Well done Bern. This was an awesome read because it deals with a serious theme while within a comicbook DCUO premise. And to be honest I would have had the same reaction Ann did. And I am liking Ann a lot because she's tough, she's a rocker, but most of all she cares about the people close to her. Also, the beginning was great, you can just imagine the concert. Still, curious who are those biker guys, they felt like a group of Ghost Riders :p .
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    Thank you very much Ms. Benz. Glad you are liking the read and Ann. Yeah, I am having fun writing her and I do enjoy dealing with those [or trying to] serious themes. Ann is very much as you described, a tough, rocker girl who also cares very much for those close to her, and those are few. She does have a lot of issues to work though and as things and people get folded back into the mix, we will see how that happens for her. As for the Bikers. I had come up with character(s) a little while ago and did a drawing of their vests in my drawings thread. I opted to go the supernatural route with them as it felt more in the vein of what I try to right. You could make an argument that they are "Ghost Riders", but I can't say definitively what or who they will be.

    Again, thank you very much for your comments and likes, very much appreciated.

    Also, heads up....super nervous as I printed out a bunch of stories I did about my cast of characters and am letting someone outside the forums read them, like a person I see and interact with on a regular basis......really nervous about that.......
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    Good stuff! I like everything about this read. You could feel the suspense as Ann tried to evade the police and it'll be interesting to learn more about this biker gang. Nice job Bern!
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    Thank you very much friend. Glad to see you around here again. The biker gang is a group I need to flesh out but plan on making them supernatural in nature. I hope all is well and looking forward to seeing some more reads from you.
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    Bumpin because why not