Ann Conners - All The Heavens & All The Hells [Post-Retcon]

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    Note: Didn't have time to grab screen shots - borrowing that page from Ms. Benz's book.

    The shop had been increasingly busy the last few weeks, people stormed the shop under the guise of wanting to get themselves a cup of coffee and a pastry,but were really looking for, or at was Ann, Hodges or Syndey, in some cases they inquired about Bern. While the influx of patrons was good for business, it was also not without its annoyance for Ann. This, night however, did not feel as bad as others as she was clocking out for the night and going to see an acoustic show of a group she was getting into. Sydney was locking up for the night and the two bumped fists in their own little “changing of the guard” procedure. “How are you holding up Annie??” Syd inquired. Ann thought a moment as she threw on her coat “uh….I think I am okay, not ‘seeing’ anything lately and been sleeping ok.” Syndey nodded “good, this whole supernatural or monster and magic crap took a little while for me to get used to…... “ Both Sydney and Ann’s attention turned towards the television on the wall in the shop, sounds of a news report being broadcast filled the shop as all the hustle and bustle of the patrons slowed to a whisper. “In recent weeks, no sightings of the creature known as Bern Unit have been made in the Blackhurst or surrounding areas, in related news, requests for interviews with other ‘para-humans’ as some scientific researchers are referring to them as, have continued to be denied. We at WSPR News are committed to getting you all the best updates we can on events that took place downtown last week and the unfolding supernatural events that seem to be emerging in this city.”
    Ann growled at the screen “.......creature?? He’s more a man than half the guys in this city….” Sydney watched on as her friend, in a rare moment, defended her father. “Yeah, this is all really stirring up a lot of stuff for a lot of people.” Ann shook away the frustration creeping into her body and smirked “well, I am off to the show. I’ll see you all later.” Sydney hugged Ann “Be careful out there, if stuff goes sideways out there, call me right away.” Ann smiled with a sarcastic tone “Yes mother…” Ann looked down the street and saw the orange light radiating in the distance of the city, the air had an uncomfortable warmth to it and as her eyes adjusted to the city blocks ahead, she set out towards “The Sound Booth” which as a small live music venue and bar near the center of the city. Ann sipped her coffee as she continued towards the center of the city, a moment of content lightly drifted over her and a sense of excitement bubbled in her stomach as she acknowledged the idea that, if only for this night, she was going to be a normal young woman. As Ann’s feet moved along underneath her, she reflected on the last year or so of her life and how, it feels, at times, like it is another world or like it is happening to another person, seemingly. Each step carrying her a foot at a time, she thinks about her current life and almost in what feels like an effort to convince herself, she thinks “It’s not all that different, I mean, I work at a cool coffee shop, I play guitar, I hang out with friends…….sometimes….I watch television…….and I can sense dead people’s feelings…...not ALL that different.”

    Ann makes a face to herself acknowledging the absurdity of her thought and sips her coffee again. Her steps begin to slow as she approaches the venue, the line is beginning to file into the club and Ann takes her spot and begins excitedly stepping towards the doors. A tingling sensation jumped around in Ann’s body and she chalked it up to her excitement of being out with normal individuals for a change. Lights dimmed in the room and Ann took her drink and turned to face the stage as its lights gave off a glow showing the band. The crowd’s voices grew to an enthusiastic roar. Sipping her drink, Ann swayed back and forth and the sounds of the music bathed her in a enjoyment. Time passed and the band came to the end of the show and they gave their closing number which was a cover of one of Anne's favorite songs, just adding the cherry on top to her night out.

    As the song came to an end, the crowd roared in appreciation of the bands music and performance. Ann took one last sip of her drink and then began to head for the exit when seemingly by themselves the doors slammed shut and that uncomfortable warm tingling sensation returned to her body. The light in the room faded from the fluorescent ones of the stage and a similar orange light, like the one downtown, radiated from the stage. Stepping out from the orange light was Vehgana. Ann’s teeth ground together as a sense of anger replaced the feeling of joy she just held. With clenched fists she prepared herself for whatever the sorceress had in store for her. Vehgana waved her hand to the band and spoke with a calm chill in her voice “Thanks for the intro boys, have a seat and enjoy the rest of the show”. As she finished her sentence, the band was hurled back into their chairs and held there by a green energy that now surrounded them. “Ladies and gentlemen, I assure you this is nothing personal…..I am just an evil woman who is determined to bring about the end of this world and return my own to its rightful glory. So, with that, let’s make this slow and painful for you all.” Vehgana raised her hands and a green light emanated from them as she readied a blast of dark magical energy. Ann, feeling the anger rise in her, yelled out “NOOOOOO!!” and threw her hands outward. The crowd watched as Vehgana was struck by a blast of red light energy and they turned to see Ann standing at the other end of the club surrounded in the red energy with a surprised look on her face. The crowd turned back as Vehgana stood up on the stage and collected herself. The crowd parted quickly, giving a direct path for the two to address each other. Vehgana dusted her robes off and calmly stated “well, that was bit unexpected… dears, if you will excuse me……” and she darted towards Ann hurling through the doors of the club and out into the streets. The two stood and squared off as voices from the crowd uttered “That’s the girl from the news…..” referring to Ann. Vehgana looked Ann over “Well well welll, what have we here? A necropath…...but I am guessing that you have absolutely no idea what that is, or what you can do…...pitty…..I was hoping this would be a challenge.” Ann, radiating in the red light that surround her simply replied “Bring it…..”.
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    The two traded punches and energy blasts with each other. Growls and screams echoed off the sides of the buildings as they battled through the streets. Ann’s strength seemed to grow as she battled the sorceress more. The two hurled each other into the air and through the city, neither seemed to waver. Ann stopped as she heard voices echo around her, she shook her head in confusion but the voices continued “you are not alone child”. It was as if several voices were speaking and whispering at once. “You can call on us in time of need child”, panic and fear set in on Ann, not understanding what was going on with her but knowing she did not care for the feeling taking hold of her. Ann rushed off after Veghana who landed in the city’s central park. “Vehgana!!!! I know you are in here!!!” The fog rolled thick over the park and Ann cautiously ventured forward into the thick mist while trying to shake the whispered echoes in her head. Ann felt others around her, tho her eyes did not allow her to see them, she could feel them, their anger, their sadness, their confusion and their pain. A slinking silhouette emerged from the fog ahead a green energy radiated from the figures hands, “You mortals think that you are the center of the world…...HA… are but crumbs on the plate of life, specs of evolution not fully realized. You and your kind have overstayed your welcome in our kinds little home here.” Ann readied herself for round two with the sorceress but was caught off guard when the voices returned to the forefront of her mind “Do not just think child, feel around you, use that in your time of need….” Vehgana hurled a blast of magical energy at the distracted Ann, hurling her through the park, landing in a small nearby cemetery. The voices grew louder Ann’s mind, it was becoming harder to shut them out. Ann watched as Vehgana approached the cemetery, hoping to finish the job she started in the club. Slinking towards the plots in the cemetery, Vehgana arrogantly spoke “foolish girl, you have not a single idea of what you have walked into. This and other battles have gone on for longer than you can fathom. This world is but a storage space for my kind and those on the other side of the veil, like a box of things you throw into a closet or an attic and forget is there for ages and it is time to clean it out.”
    Ann felt a surge of energy coarse through her and in that moment she dropped to the ground and plunged her hands into the earth of the cemetery. The red light that swirled around her shot into the ground and rippled across the grounds of the cemetery. Ann rose from the ground and her eyes now glowed a bright red and she pointed at the approaching Veghana but her voice sounded as multiple people speaking at once “Foolish sorceress, you speak of me not knowing what I am capable of and you may be right, but these individuals do and can tell me. Let them be your undoing in your time of selfish arrogance.” In that moment, spirits rose from the quiet earth that held their long withered bodies and the screeches of their pain and sorrow filled the night sky. The spirits darted after Veghana and clawed at her. The sorceress defended herself with magical glyph barriers and blasts of arcane energy. Ann began making her way towards the defending sorceress. With eyes filled full of delite for the sorceress being on the defensive, she raised a hand that swirled with red energy, preparing to deliver a knockout blow. The spirits continued to shriek and claw towards Vehgana, a look of concern quickly appeared and vanished from the sorceress’s face. Ann waved her hand as she approached Veghana and more spirits rose from the ground and join the attack on the evil sorceress. The look of concern grew on Vehgana’s face. The sorceress fell to the ground and the spirits, seizing the moment, darted towards her to finish the battle but were stopped by the call of Ann “HOLD!!!”
    Veghana opened her eyes to see the spirits a meer two feet from her and Ann standing over her with her red, glowing eyes. Ann spoke, her voice still carrying the voices of many others “You will leave this place, you will not return, if you do, you will be be with a resistance capable of bringing you back to the belly of the beast you crawled out of. Go now witch, go and know that you were spared and that this kindness will not be shown to you again.” Vehgana smirked as if having something up her sleeve, “very well necropath….very well. Until we meet again….” The Sorceress vanished in a flash arcane light and upon this the spirits turned to Ann and nodded, floating back to the graves that house their bodies. Ann’s eyes returned to their natural blue and she collapsed on the ground in exhaustion. Collecting herself, she rose to her feet and made her way back to the shop. Sydney was locking up and just before she could turn the sign to “closed”, Ann pushed the door open and fell to the floor in front of Sydney. “Holy Crap girl!!!! What happened to you?” Syndey picked up Ann and got her to a booth and a glass of water which the young woman guzzled down. “Ann looked at Sydney and began by saying “I made some new friends tonight….”

    ~To Be Continued~
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    Good read, a lot of punctuation errors though, butt not enough to detract from the story
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    Thank you friend. Glad you enjoyed it and that my horrible management of punctuation did not distract from the flow of the read.
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    It's the sign of a great writer that errors don't detract from the story :D
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    Bravo Bern, Bravo. Now this story was on point. Sure, there was things that Darkvisor already pointed out, so no need to repeat it but aside from that I liked the description of Ann's night off which was interrupted but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Also, so Ann is beginning to demonstrate how powerful she is. I could see big potential with her. Not to mention, she just made a new arch enemy in Veghana. Can't wait for the next part.

    PS: The way Ann unleashed her power reminded me of Zatanna from the JL Dark animated film
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    I’m loving it, though I’m not exactly clear on a few things, but that’ll remedy itself as you continue :D
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    What are those things? Maybe I can help.
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    So Ann is a magic-based red lantern. Definitely an interesting and creative concept. And Veghana is turning out to be one awesome villainess!
    Need . . .
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    Mostly just a lack of familiarity with the characters, what a necropath is, you know, the sort of things that clear themselves up by continuing to read :D
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    Yeah, the punctuation stuff was a bad look on my part. Haven't been in a clear frame of mind as of late, between work and outside stuff, kinda rushed the physical typing of the story, resulting in the punctuation stuff.

    Ann is showing some power here, she hasn't quite got a grip on exactly how to use it and what it is capable of, but she will learn, while the powers are magic based, they differ from Hodges in some ways.

    Vehgana is an in your face kind of villain and I am liking writing her. We will see her not stick to the shadows or the background and she will be a threat that the group and the city knows all too well as time comes.

    Thanks for the like and comments and support, very much appreciated. While I don't get to comment on all the stuff people are wrtiing, it is nice to see more people starting to write stories about their characters. It is really cool to see the takes people are putting on powers and abilities and origins. All cool stuff.
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    Very much appreciated friend. Yes, Vehgana is turining out to be a fun villainess to write. As I said to Ms. Benz, she is going to be an in your face kind of foe. It is my hope to have her serve as a gateway and line to a darker part of the veil.

    Ann is not so much a magic based red lantern as they do not exist in this world I am writing in. While the power/energy does manifest in a red plasma type way, she cannot create constructs. Her powers are magic based and differ from Hodges in some ways. She is capable of speaking with/interacting with and controling the dead/spirits and can [and this may be lantern-esq] draw upon their emotional energies to aide her when needed. Thank you for the likes, comments and support. Hope we get to see more from you and Ms. Benz soon. It is nice to see more people writing and telling their character's stories. Very cool stuff coming out and I hope to get to catch up and comment on them soon.
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    Well let me see if I can help with this some. The stories I write currently are outside of the DC world [no Gotham, Metropolis, Bats, Supes, WW or anyone].

    The story takes place in a city called Blackhurst [with some neighboring cities like Edison Park, Waterside, Copper Point]

    Bern Unit - A.K.A. - Bernard Conners - is a recovering alcoholic who was in a place with himself where he was starting to get a hang on life without 'the sauce' and due to a work accident with a construction company he worked for he fell into a long forgotten, underground cavern holding the imprisoned spirit of Surtr. Bernard was impailed on the alter holding the spirit and his blood awoke Surtr. Surtr made Bernard his avatar on Earth. Problrm Bern now faces [among worlds of other things] is that his body emmits a ton of heat and he cannot get close to anyone, this is where his suit comes in. Given to him by a friend [no deceased] named Williams, the suit, made of a material called Thermo-Cryo Weave helps contain and regulate internal and external temps for Bern to live a somewhat "normal" existance.

    Ann Conners - Bern's daughter given up for adoption when Ann was born and her mother, Miranda died during the birth. Ann had a rough experience in the system and developed a short fuse and a nasty right hook. She aged out of the system and began working for a cafe in Waterside. In addition to this Ann also started a band called Annie O & the Trick Shots. They did a gig in Blackhurst one night and had a run in with a sleazy producer. Bern almost intervened but Ann handled her own. The two met through a series of events and eventually learned the relationship between the two of them. They have been working to rebuild their relationship since then. Ann began working at Williams Coffee shop "The Daily Grind". She became a Necropath [someone who can sense, communicate, interact, feel the emotions of the dead and other spirits [night not be a legit name but it is a play on an Empath - a person capable of sensing other's emotions].

    Sydney Jaques - Sydney serves as the Fem-Fatale of the group. Trained and raised by a secret society of monster/demon/witch hunters. Sydney has gone toe to toe with some big baddies of mythology. No on is really sure how old she is as she references interacting with historical figures that there is no way she could have been around to meet. Sydney has taken her training and modernized many of the weapons she was trained with, seeimg to rely on guns with special ammunition and trusted hunting knife. Sydney is no stranger to using her femmenine charms to get information as her tank top and tight jeans leave little to the immagination. Most seem to wonder "where does she keep those weapons???".

    Adrian Hodges - The resident sorcerer. Taken up residence in Edison Park, Hodges worked as a case manager for a area social service agency and used his abilities which he gained from a near death experience. Hodges can see spirits and talk them, his magical/mystical abilites are derived from being aware of the magic that is around him and others in the world and can use everday common objects for healing or harmful purposes. Hodges is also able to cross over the veil which is a mystical barrier between the world that humans inhabit and the other mystical relams/worlds that surrond it.

    The four have all taken up residence in "The shop" which is a bunker underneath the coffee shop that Ann, Hodges and Sydney all now work at. They all band together at times but also take off for their own items/issues of concern.

    If you are looking for stories about any of these weirdos you can look in the search bar here in the forums and search for posts starting with any of these characters names.

    Hope this helps.
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    It does, thanks. So a necropath is a cross between a medium and an empath, that makes sense. It’d be interesting to see how she reacts to meeting a being like Baron Samedi or Mama Brigit (the vodoun lord of the dead and his wife, both ghede loa), particularly since she seems to be just learning about her powers.
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    Just a bump for bumps sake