Fixed Animation delay

Discussion in 'Arkham Asylum (Bug Reports)' started by Ryazan, Apr 22, 2024.

  1. VariableFire Loyal Player

    The delays are making pugging even more problematic than usual. Trying to get people to block during Source Wall raid was bad enough, but if the lag hits even one person during Perpetua's skull attack that raid is doomed. The cogs for Black Manta's bombs during the Spindrift Station can be delayed too, rendering that one unbeatable right off the bat.
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  2. Puppette New Player

    Bump still going on
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  3. iLazy Well-Known Player

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  4. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    I noticed this yesterday and the day before, on my Celestial, and on my electric characters. It's doing this with heat vision as well.
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  5. Ryan_Ragenolds Active Player

    Yes, channeled powers is where you noticed the most. But it affects other powers aswell, like shields and more.
    Also, sometimes while having this issue, shields duration is much shorter. Even if not getting hit by enemies, the shield goes away earlier. And its not just an animation bug that the VFX of the power is not displaying. The shield itself goes away.
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  6. iLazy Well-Known Player

    How impressive that the dev team has managed to ignore massive delay issues on the live servers for over three weeks.
    Absolute audacity! Fixing the issue might be hard, but the developers silence is unbearable.

    And the best part? These delays also exist on the test server – so I've heard. But why talk about it? Who needs smooth gameplay when you can get lost in delays?
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  7. Kreams New Player

    So will we ever get this delayed fixed because having to relog and restart my PS5 and troubleshoot in over 4 different ways and it would take me 30min+ just to get the delay bug removed.
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  8. XG Phoenix New Player

    seriously the devs have to come forward with an answer to this delay, if they have no idea as to what is causing this, at least say youre looking into it, but no, once again we are in the dark.. Hello darkness my old friend.
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  9. SingingCoyote Active Player

    LADIES AND GENTS, we are now at 42 upvotes. 42! and not one thing has been said about this YET. What an incredible company we are opening our wallets for and giving our time to daybreak is. Magnificent !
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  10. CGEMINI Committed Player

    Y’all think the devs care? LOL
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  11. XG Phoenix New Player

    would hope so, after all its their job to inform their player base, community manager or not. One could only hope one dev decides to man up and actually say something regarding to this delay issue, but one could only hope.
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  12. CGEMINI Committed Player

    Why you think they get off from work early? They don’t got nothing to do but get a check and leave. :D
  13. Dominic Blue Dedicated Player

    The delays in toggles are slower than usual. This is the PS4 client btw not the PS5 client the one we were supposed to go to for the lag problem.
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  14. CGEMINI Committed Player

    Blah blah blah y’all yapping atp. The devs still not responding.
  15. Ingrando Well-Known Player

    Gotta fix this before new episode come on bruhhhhhhhh
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  16. Gro Level 30

    Can a dev at least acknowledge they are looking at this? Many people are simply not even playing the game due to this right now. It is an every day occurrence now. I am staying away from all raids/alerts due to this at the moment.
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  17. CGEMINI Committed Player

    Delusional. It’s not even lagging anymore idk what y’all are on about delete and reinstall your game. That’s a you problem.
  18. XG Phoenix New Player

    Unbelievable, you can't be serious right now. this issue is affecting the whole server its not just personal, if youre not going to at least help make the game better, then dont comment stating delusional ideas.
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  19. EconoKnight XIII Legion

    The lag seems to come and go. Sometimes a re-log will fix it. Sometimes it does not.

    I do find it concerning that this continuing issue is going to put a large damper on the new content release. New content is only part of the solution. A person also has to be able to play it too.
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  20. Ryan_Ragenolds Active Player

    Today i found a new way to trigger it/turn it off. Getting KOd.

    Was running weeklies in Cursed Gotham,everything was running good. Got KO by Gent Ghost and when i got back up, delays start to happen.
    After defeating him, i let some adds KO me, and when back up again, no delays.
    Then i warp to Gotham to do seasonal and delays hit again lol
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