And People Say This Show is For Little Girls

Discussion in 'Joker’s Funhouse (Off Topic)' started by MercPony, May 12, 2014.

  1. MercPony Devoted Player

    Yeah... this is totally about tea parties and shopping and fashion and girly things like that. /sarcasm :D

    And no, this is not fanmade. This is a clip from the recent finale for season 4 :)
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  2. The Enquirer Steadfast Player

    Hey, who re-did a Dragon Ball Z fight with a pony in it?
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  3. MercPony Devoted Player

    Apparently the animation team of MLP: FiM was inspired by that actually xD
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  4. The Enquirer Steadfast Player

    That was honestly a shot in the dark for me lmao I've never really watched much of either show.
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  5. DEMONIZER1 Loyal Player

    The Mighty Unicorn will defeat all!

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  6. Arwen Skywalker Loyal Player

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  7. MercPony Devoted Player

    Extended version of the whole thing if anyone is interested :p
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  8. MercPony Devoted Player

    Pegasister would apply to me actually :p But brony can be used in the plural sense
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  9. KidVicious93 Well-Known Player

    Lol, i'm done.
  10. FelixDuo Committed Player

    Not gonna watch the clip, since I'm not caught up yet and I don't want to be spoiled any more than I already have been, but I've heard nothing but good things about this season finale. Well, except that it is the finale. Nobody likes waiting for the next season. Waiting sucks.
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  11. MercPony Devoted Player

    Just know that its worth the watch ;) And I agree its a great season. Season 4 is my fav by far and season 5 was already approved for :D
  12. DC-Doll New Player

    Brony? With a glass of milk I ho.....Ohhhhh darn it Arwen :(
  13. DC-Doll New Player

    Just because you're an adult it doesn't mean all your shows have to have language, guns and nipples :D
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  14. Chungweishan New Player

    It helps though. What's the point of being an adult if I can't have language, guns, and nipples? I waited a very long time to enjoy Rated R stuff on my own. Like 18 years or something.

    (Now these young jerks have the Information Superhighway World Wide Web thing to bypass that requirement. :mad:)
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  15. Prime_Ground New Player

    I was thinking the same thing.
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  16. M1 Garand Well-Known Player

    Jesus... are they married or something?
  17. DC-Doll New Player

    By all means go for it but it gets played out
  18. Dirty Fred New Player

    Well here is another complane about TV shows for kids :) !
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  19. Amanda Bailey Devoted Player

    Seriously, can we have her for Legends?
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  20. Dametria Loyal Player

    ...with Epic Friendship Super Charge.
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