And once more Superman show just how "valuable" an ally he can be

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  1. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    DId I make that title sound sarcastic enough? :D LOL

    Okay so let's chat about the latest attempts to "help" the big blue Boy Scout is up to in the BOP solo

    In most cases he does little at all that would be deemed helpful as you battle Lobo. So far on my Alts I have had him "help" me by..

    1. Pulling Lobo around a corner where I had taken up position so I could smash the lone soda barrel in the room and stand there getting healsl and power boosts while I attacked. Thanks to Sups I had to move away from that spot to actually attack Lobo. Oh did I mention that also put me in a position where Lobo's Hog could fire at me?

    2. Again I was positioned where that stupid space sled could not hit me and where is Sups? clear on the other side of the room by one of the windows and Lobo is not paying attention to me at all. I had to run half way across the room to get my ranged attack to hit him.

    3. Okay so 1 and 2 sound like the big guy must be a great Tank with powerful agro right? Except when you need him to be. Lost track of the times I have had Lobo in my face twirling his chain around and Sups is standing behind doing ??? well not doing much of anything really but standing there watching me get pounded on.

    4. Hey let's head downstairs for this one.. I enter Lexcorp Towers and "thought" had defeated all the Hive agent. No cut scene where Huntress blasts a hole in the ceiling so I can head upstairs? I actually watched her casually stroll across the floor and just stand there. THEN I turn and move back toward the entrance and there he is. Superman had on Hive operative in a corner and was beating on him. Not doing any damage just pulled him out of my sight so while I thought I was done... I wasn't

    Look I am not asking him to defeat everyone for me but could he NOT do stuff that makes the task even harder? Hey at this point I think the real reason he and his cousin Kara wound up here was the Kryptonian's stuck them in space ships and said "Let's get these two out of here before they destroy the planet" Then as Kal's rocket left orbit in true House of El tradition the baby Kal managed to flip a switch with his toe and launch a missile that set off the explosion that left Krypton in small pieces.

    Hey his cousin is no better when you TRY to help her rescue Sups from the Phantom zone. And if you have spent any time in doomed Metropolis does it sometimes seem like He purposely leads Doomsday straight at you while your battling Lexcorp troops or administering antidote to affected citizens.

    LOL basically those two are a menace and I tned to run in the opposite direction any time I see either.

    Not really a rant since I have managed to survive and complete all mission and walk out with my new armor and my Lex Coin and Source Mark. But does make you wonder why the Dev's seem determined to make both these Krytonians seem like bumbling idiots? :eek:
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  2. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    And people wonder why I don't trust AI in video games...LOL
  3. RoBotkin Well-Known Player

    I wonder why they don't just program him to throw powers from the air- he'll do the same laughable damage he's always done (not a big deal, I don't expect an npc to actually be of value) and he stays out of the way. Problem solved.
  4. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    HA HA You know it isn't even the fact that he really does nothing to help. I do not expect an NPC to defeat the mobs for me. But then when they can find ways to make even that annoying..

    Perfect example is Gotham Under Siege. You get that mission where you start out defeating 8 (I think It's eight its been a while since I was there) of the "bad" Amazons around the bridge. Okay what is your next step?

    Go to that parking garage and defeat some you to get the final part where you defeat the Boss that is nearby next to the river, Okay you HAVE to defeat those amazons to get to their boss and have it count. Now (to make it look realistic like a struggle between good and bad Amazons) there are NOC good Amazons in that same garage and they are attacking, AND DEFEATING, the ones you need to get to the final part of your mission.

    I have had a few times where I arrived and no evil Amazon under the control of Circe were left alive. So you sit your butt down and get to wait for more to spawn.

    I could live without that (HELP?) as well.

    Look like I said I don't expect him to be a huge help but how about not being a pain in my A __ __? "You just go stand over there and look out the window. I bet you can see Lois from here. Hey why not just bust through that window and go say hi to her and Jimmy. C'mon big guy you know you have the hots for her. Go say hello> I'll deal with this guy."

    His cousin is just as bad. A while back I was doing the Last son of Krypton solo where she begs you to "Help her save her cousin Kal.. err Superman" So I am making my way through the corridor to get to Xadu and I defeat the last two Kryptonians. Well I Thought they were anyway but then I got to where I enter the final battle and the door is shut. Turn around and find Kara about half back to where I came in "fighting" one Kryptoinian she grabbed and pulled out of sight.

    Heck She is useless in the final battle too.. Had her PULL Xadu toward me while I was circling the room shutting down sun lamps.
    "Go away you dummy I want him far away right now Not in my face"

    worst tanks in game LOL:D
  5. Project Mother Box New Player

    He's your awful Tank in the solo. His priorities are "defend you" followed by "attack Lobo". You can reset them by CCing Lobo.
  6. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    Lol I just kill everything before Superman can get one heat vision off. But he does heatvision Lobo quite a few times, and keeps him busy for I can at least get some distance. I usually hug the wall on the left side of the door, and Superman is usually helpful. Not sure if you go anywhere if he stops being helpful.
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  7. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    I just don't get how The Birds of Prey didn't call Batman, Robin, Red Robin, Nightwing, or Batgirl(Even the commissioner) for Backup in the clock tower raid lol. As a matter of Fact the bat family would have been on top of it already. I understand it is BoP DLC but makes absolutely no sense that None of them especially Dick wasn't charging in escrima sticks blazing. I am also disappointed in no model for Babs. Instead she is remote controlling a robot....
  8. Jacob Dragonhunter Devoted Player

    Say what you want about him.

    He's still technically more helpful than Titanic Trenton. :cool:
  9. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    you know I had not thought about that until your post but your right. The episode is about the Birds of Prey... and let's see. We have Harley Quinn the Joker's EX girl friend and a "former" nemesis of the Batman. We have Poison Ivy who is Harley's best Friend and .. YEP another one of the villain that is normally being fought by Batman and Robin. We have Oracle sort of in charge and prior to being cripples by.. HMMMm oh yeah by the JOKER (another of Batman's bad boys) she was the Batgirl and hang out on missions with.. WAIT FOR IT...…… Batman, Robin and even Night Wing. Then we have the Huntress who is associate with Batman as well. The only one with any other relationship is Black Canary and that is with boyfriend Oliver Queen also known as the Green Arrow. Now besides being members of the JusticeLeague no one has any ties with Superman or even with Metropolis so the question is

    Why exactly are we out saving kittens and battling science experiments gone wrong in Metropolis and why exactly are we even talking with Superman?

    Just as a guess.. Let's see the JL Dark DLC took place in Gotham, the Metal part one DLC took place in Gotham, and Metal Part two was in Thanagar. Some one of the Dev team decided they better do something in Metroplois before the Player base starting complaining? o_O I don't know seems like as good a reason to me as any other. LOL
  10. Brit Loyal Player

    "Hello Lex, my mentor. Now, for some reason, I will join my mortal enemy, Superman, to fight against you, who has been like a father to me."
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  11. Wonder Wiccan Dedicated Player

    Honestly. I just assumed that this was the reason it was in metro too. Not complaining I was getting tired of gotham and you know things are bad when you save an npc and instead of thanks they say either "just another day in gotham city" strolling off as the city burns or "last week I was a demon this week I'm metal. Can't wait to see what I get turned into next week." Running off laughing. The only ines with some legit reactions are the cops who feel bad they hurt people.
  12. LeagueOfV Dedicated Player

  13. Wonder Wiccan Dedicated Player

    I just assumed we were helping calculator who wants to take up lex's seat in the society lunch table. Them nachos are worth going to war for. And this episode although hero centric seems to push more of an upcoming villain civil war story line. Calc made a move against lex here and revealed some of his cards that he knows more than he is telling even us. Plus the lobo fight does seem to imply Calculator is pulling more strings behind the curtain than we notice. I think we may soon get some more villain-centric story lines where the heroes are our sidekicks if not just trying to stop collateral damage as we make power grabs.
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