Work In Progress An Update On Time Capsules, Stabilizers, and Stabilizer Fragments

Discussion in 'Concluded' started by Mepps, Aug 22, 2016.

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  1. Darklord Kitty Well-Known Player

    Sorry, if I gave you the wrong idea. The 8.3 Generator Mods in the boxes are not tradable, I was suggesting that the same may be made tradable.
  2. Darklord Kitty Well-Known Player

    I don't think another thread exists on the subject of Provisions Capsule.
  3. Gimpy Loyal Player

    Probability of any changes being made for the better of the game is being left up to the RNG.

    Well, We know what that means.
  4. Nightfire52 New Player

    I love this :), especially the premium perks. :p
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  5. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    Yeah the provisions capsules should be removed... Players would feel less cheated if the collections were the common drop... You could sell them atleast not that you can't sell the focusing elements and complex but those aren't exactly high dollar items...
  6. TheCursedOne Well-Known Player

    I just find it funny that so many people on here are complaining about this. These boxes are nothing new to the game. Biggest complaint I'm seeing is that everyone has to work to open them or pay money. Still nothing new from they way Prom boxes work.

    Prom boxes
    -you get feats out of them, some feats can be be gotten from the boxes
    -you need some kind of a key to open them
    -you can buy every thing out of the boxes from the broker for in game money
    -they drop on your play time

    -you get feats
    -you need some kind of key to open them
    -you can buy everything out of the boxes from the broker for in game money
    -they drop on your play time

    So the only thing that makes these boxes different, is the the way you get keys and the drop rate.
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  7. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    Correct. ^^ It's supposed to be doable by anyone over level 10. It's a cakewalk.
  8. Lord Jareth Steadfast Player

    it's a vault run lol. so easy i love it :D
  9. DCcollectamanic New Player

    while ur right about this i think ppl r complaining about the amount of feats tied to this as well as the removeal of the ability to use rpb on it lol. but wht they aint getting is the removal of rpb from this prevents them from gettin evrything in a week or less hence proffiting dbg in the long run bc of the fact that like ppl have said they will b proffiting from human nature to i want i want i want as soon as it comes out lol rather than the patience to get the stuff in time and not spend real money but rather earn the stuff through "hardwork"
  10. coldchilln88 Loyal Player

    I still say members should get a key a day thats 30 keys. If you played an hour a day thats 90 capsules. Think that's more fair
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  11. Kid Multiverse Loyal Player

    Loving that members get a nice perk in being able to gain more free keys.

    Thanks again for this update, devs. More than fair :)

    Can't wait to get my hands on some of these styles, mods and FEATS!
  12. Lord Jareth Steadfast Player

    o_O but what does that have to with why members should get a free key?

    i think the new plan is perfect for premium's free and Legendary's, you honestly can't say they ain't doing anything for Legendary.
  13. Gwalir Loyal Player

    I think, rather than tying the feats to specific items in the capsules tied to a RNG, they should instead have feats for number of capsules opened. That way, when the capsules come around again next year or whenever, they can easily just increase the count needed and give another few feats.

    Also doing it that way means there wouldn't be too many feat points tied to this, while still encouraging people to get some stabilizers even if they aren't interested in the styles of a particular capsule.
  14. TheCursedOne Well-Known Player

    I can see where people are coming from on this, but only the people that was complaining at first are to blame for this. At first you could replay it. Then people started complaining and now we can't replay it. So the people that are mad about that can only blame the other people.

    The feats, yet again it's 4 SP. 4 SP will not make you OP, it will not make a difference in any kind of mission. Even if they keep coming out with more boxes with feats tied to them. Your still not talking about a whole lot of SP. If they come out with a new box every 4 months. Each boxes has 4 SP with them, the feats from the DLC will add up much more then any of these boxes.

    I think there should be feats with them. It gives me something to do in game. I can farm money in game and buy what I need off the broker if i don't want to buy keys.
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  15. SethWolffe New Player

    Time Capsules seem like a nice idea and all, but what about those players that don't like to or want to do duos? The fragments should be made available for players that prefer solo play, in ways other than the marketplace. Too many times new players get teamed with more experienced players who don't aid the new player but call them noobs and abandon them because they aren't good enough to be their presense. Please make the fragments available for solo-players as well.
  16. Twelve Gauge Committed Player

    Resolved how? You're still basically guaranteed to fail in getting them done by earning keys, and even if you've spent a ton of money on them theres still no accounting for the RNG and the heaping amounts of garbage inside those boxes, Test server has confirmed that much at least.

    Its all well and good that things are tradable but, we have no idea how these boxes will translate to the broker (there are too many variables) but if i were a betting man i'd put my money on the rarer items being ridiculously priced to the point of unobtainable for most. Point being, the cost is dependent on how many people will be gambling real money and how the drop rates on the rare items were weighted.

    Call it a gut feeling, but i highly doubt the 'broker option' will end up being much of an option for most people. And lets not forget that when people finish their feats they're done playing that particular box, so as more and more people complete it, the less and less of an option the broker becomes.

    Nevertheless, If you can give me one solid reason feats have to be attached to these gamble boxes i'll digress, but their Isn't one. The only real reason i can fathom for their 'need' is to add urgency in getting them completed before the timer runs out, so essentially its a marketing ploy. And an unnecessary one at that.
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  17. Kid Multiverse Loyal Player

    The duo has about the difficulty level of running the vault. It's more of a formality than anything.
  18. HideTheBodies Loyal Player

    Where are you getting those numbers? Will new boxes be introduced every 4 months? How do you know future boxes will have 4 SP? How much SP would be too much in your opinion?
  19. YinChakra Dedicated Player

    What is up with all you people and feat points... Have you got 276sp ? Do you feel compelled to get feats right now ? No, so why is it so vital to get the TC feats over normal feats ? You can farm 999 boxes and farm fragments till you open them all. There's no need to rush. 4sp doesn't make or break a character.

    Feats are used ensure X player doesn't stop buying keys after they get the item/s they want, feats are used to encourage the player to continue and complete everything.

    We'll have to see what the market is like. With cross-play nothing should be absurdly high, without people constantly undercutting eachother.
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  20. SethWolffe New Player

    If it's that easy, there is no reason that a single player version shouldn't be available.
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