An Otherworldly Guide to Celestial

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  1. Remander Steadfast Player

    Your raid loadout is very similar to mine, but I put CI in place of Renew and just use Admonish as my burst heal. Which of those do you combo? RcC is a good cheap heal, if used appropriately. As I said above, healer is more flexible than DPS, IMO. There are many ways to approach it. I've found RcW in healer stance sometimes hard to maintain power-wise in alerts, however, unless the troller is pretty good. I usually fall back to the dreaded WM combos for my McB heals, lol!
  2. Remander Steadfast Player

    Thanks, man. I know you've moved on to Electricity, but feel free to lay some of your Celestial knowledge in here. ;)
  3. Tilz Loyal Player

    nice loadout supreme... i go another way in raids/alerts but that's just personal preference.

    Alerts(non aggressive) and soloheal raids:
    RcC, AcB,CS, Blessing, DL, CG

    Aggressive full DDgear
    RcC,AcB, Anoint, RcW, McB, DLcP
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  4. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    Actually it was there for two reasons:
    McB clip and for the 'bugged' damage from Cleansed Curse. It was pretty effective. However, im thinking of trying ScH, Sacrifice or CI in place of it since I can clip Consume Soul with McB instead.
    And for the reason you stated above, I only used it for Purification. In mobs it resembles nature's heals from pheremones. When coupled with AcB and McB it is really just over the top lol. Sometimes JC'ing from AcB into RcW while McB is up, helped lol.
    ugh.. WM combos lol. (Looks for puke bucket)
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  5. blklightning New Player

    Thanks! I've only ever known the basics of Cel DPS, while Cel healing remains unchanged... except for battle healing. It's really great to see that you've put detail into what each combo does. That's the first thing I did when the power came out. It was so confusing at the time. So, this guide is going to be super useful for anyone learning the power.
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  6. Flewt New Player

    This is an absolutely amazing guide! And now I'm itching to try out a whole lot of new combinations... again ><
    I was just curious about a couple of things...
    As a battle healer, do I still get the healing from McB if another Celestial uses Benediction? And if we're both using McB do we both get the dmg healing? It doesn't seem like something that would overwrite..
    On that note, what's the healing like from cCS? And does it overwrite with regular CS?
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  7. Xzotix Committed Player

    Grreat work, really needed this knowledge. Thanks for taking the time and effort to put this together, looks like an immense undertaking. :)
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  8. Remander Steadfast Player

    Thanks! Still working on the healing section, so stay tuned. I will tell you that multiple players can use McB for damage healing, as the healing is based off the damage you do. If you and the other healer cast Malediction on the same target, the DoTs will overwrite, though. I'm fairly certain the HoT from cCS is the same strength as CS, but I've not formally tested them against each other. They do not overwrite. Your 8-person HoTs are AcB, CS, WotPcCS, and McB. None of them overwrite. IIRC, HeartOfSky had a loadout that utilized HoT stacking and was pretty effective.
  9. Remander Steadfast Player

    It took more time than I expected, once I got into it. I really wanted to address the details and, moreover, nail down the numbers. That took the most work. Basically, you can determine your own average base damages for any ability by multiplying your might or precision by the base values I calculated. It works! That's how I checked the data. Hope to have the healing section done this week.
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  10. Remander Steadfast Player

    Just tried out an even more potent melee loadout: PcDL, AcB, CScWotP, Bene, Anoint, CI. If you have a good tank and can limit interruptions... This was with full precision 92, no Flex, no trinket, no supply drop. Just the raw rotation.

  11. Flewt New Player

    Awesome! Thank you so much ^-^ These are pretty much all of the fine details I've been looking for :eek:
    I'm also thinking of playing around with RcC while McB is active, so that something like a boss deals dmg, takes dmg, and then my team gets heals. But it might be a little bit too much of a delay...
    Any thoughts?
    Ehehe sorry for asking while you're still trying to get the healing portion sorted ^^;
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  12. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    That is my dps loadout dude. Im dead serious. I was gonna share it with you but you discovered it. No lie..
    you're stealing my stuff!! :eek: (jk.. but seriously, no joke. My loadout)
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  13. DarkThorn Dedicated Player

    Remander: It's good to see you enthused about Celestial again... I know for a bit after WM was introduced many of us were down in the dumps... so you're enthusiasm has me excited about it again too and I see I'm not the only one!! :D
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  14. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    I will just use Benediction Anoint Plague Consume Soul Retribution Admonish
  15. Remander Steadfast Player

    Great minds, brother. ;)
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  16. Remander Steadfast Player

    Yeah, that's a great interaction of combos. I haven't messed with it much myself, but I think Supreme Monarch has.
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  17. nalgasdlemur Level 30

    I've been trying exactly that out lately after everyone started testing it out on Remander's previous DPS loadout thread a couple weeks back. I don't have any hard numbers to share, but I've been pretty happy with it so far. I don't bother with it if it's a boss fight with multiple targets in the room within range of a single attack I can do more damage with some other way, but for ones when there's only a single target, period, it seems to be working out ok.
  18. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    Lol nah, you're the reason why I stayed Celestial.
    Thanks man. I may not be as great but I hope I have been of some help here man.
    Im really just glad to see you encouraged bro. :D
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  19. Flewt New Player

    Haha cool, I'll definitely give it a go when I can get online >:3
    Thanks again!
  20. Flewt New Player

    Cool! I'm definitely keen to try it out, more for the passive heal than for the damage though ;)