An Otherworldly Guide to Celestial

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  1. SSeid Committed Player

    The loadout is nice.

    One question: Why are you not using Consume Soul instead of Smite. Since you activate the AM before you use the buffs you will get it to do the AoE dot, which is far higher dmg than Smite.

    However if you keep using Smite, I would suggest you don't spec Consume at all and add Robot-Sidekick or SC ( either Cursed Idol or Consecrated, depends how you want to play. )

    The problem with WotP is not so much about inconsistency, but about how you treat the power. Most make the mistake of using WotP as a melee ability and with Celestial's lovely interruption problems it becomes an unreliable source of dmg. If you treat it as a midrange power then the dmg produced is far superior to any other combination that this powerset can do on melee to midrange dmg.

    The loadout you should give a try in raids is: Divine Light-Anoint-Dark Pact-Benediction-WotP and the last spot is either one of the SCs, Robot-Sidekick or RcW if you want to have a safer range option in the same loadout. ( Personally I just switch armories. )

    The rotation is WotPcCS then clip DL with the 3 buffs and again WotPcCS until the buffs and DL are off cooldown.
  2. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    I usually use Cursed idol CS was just on my bar cause i was testing clipping it with the buffs to see if it would give me better results then clipping smite but smite wins out plus its burst damage so it can be more effective in some situations then dots. And i would never disgrace celestial with the robot side kick lol.

    And WotP is a great power but for boss fights it really doesn't work as well as other things from my experience and testing. Great for adds with 3 buffs but bosses you get better results with other things.

    I haven't found anything better for bosses then PcDL RcW x2. I play with the same people all the time and if i strayed from that my dps suffered even using WotP spam with 3 buffs and DL. The loadout i posted has super good consistency and even exceeds the dps WotP and any other combo of powers i could put together for boss fights.
  3. SSeid Committed Player

    I can not argue with your experience with this loadout, since you use it it is obviously the way that allows you to do the most consistent dmg. It is a great range loadout. That however is not the case with everyone, at least as far as raids are concerned.
    Sad thing is that no matter what discussion unless Celestial's restrictions are lifted even the best loadout will under-perform compared to other less interruptable powers.

    Btw, what's up with the hate towards RS. Many people hate it, never really understood why. I mean I get not using out of principal because you are Wonder Woman and she does not have a flying robot pet. But I find this kind of answer laughable when it comes from people that profess they are interested in doing the best they can. Free, constant, low maintenance dmg it's a dream come true not the best for places like SM but short of that a dream!
  4. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    PcDL RcW x2 is great up close to, in the Dr light fight in PBE i stand right on top of him and absolutely kill it. If you run the parses at the dummies WotP spam really isn't that good for boss. I even take it a step further when testing and run the parser in actual combat and record just to see what is doing better in real gameplay rather then just standing at the dummies cause we all know thats not the best way to test things but it does give you a good baseline of things. Hey if you like it and it works for you thats all that matters though. And yea any celestial loadout can suck sometimes cause of the interruptions. As for the robot side kick...I dunno it just bothers me don't know why.
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  5. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    Interesting. Are you full prec or balanced spec'd?
    DL is pretty unused nowadays. Refreshing to see it in a loadout once more ^_^
  6. SSeid Committed Player

    Full prec. It is only there so that when you inevitably get interrupted you will still do some dmg instead of 0.
  7. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    That's why I use cursed idol. It's a short enough SC I can keep it up most of the time.
  8. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    Cool. It's nice to see a different loadout :)
    I used Blight (single cast) since I was at mid range most times or just to clip buffs.
  9. SSeid Committed Player

    To be honest I never liked that SC. It is very good at filling the role we described but you will never get the full benefits of it during add fights and there are several better and in some cases safer options during boss fights.
  10. SSeid Committed Player

    That is why I like celestial, it gives you options without the need to sacrifice anything.
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  11. Xibo Loyal Player

    With my toon i just use 3 buffs+BcM+WoTp spam. I'm very satisfied.
  12. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    I only use it during Boss fights. I build up SC with mobs.
  13. SSeid Committed Player

    Which makes sense, but while you are not using it you lose dmg that you would be able to make had you used the hated Robot Sidekick for example.
    Or in SM where safety is bit more important and the dmg RS and CI do is insignificant, you get to use Consecrated.

    That is why I never liked it, there is almost always a better option.
  14. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    A place like Labyrinth on the last boss is where CI shines best from what Ive seen.
    Throne too if you can manage not to trigger a reflect.

    But im with you. I never was a fan of it unless I was battle healing for the hell of it
  15. Kohina Well-Known Player

    While I don't used WotP on raids or bosses, I still considered to be very effected when it comes to duos & solos. :)
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  16. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Still wondering why its taking so long to consider a 3s window for celestial
  17. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    After playing around with more things i've narrowed it down to 2 things that work the best for me and i'm extremely disappointed. 3 buffs WotP spam or 3 buffs Rcw spam. The way this game is kills me sometime, such a fun power reduced to using the same power over and over.

    One thing I do find handy for dps that alot or people over look is consecrated ground. I use it so i can spend some more time in melee range without moving when big attacks are coming and it works great. RcW 3 buffs and clip them with CS has been working amazing for bosses especially if you can get in melee range and i'm that guy thats alway trying to do the best so if its safe and i'm not gonna get interrupted anymore then i would if i was mid-range i'm standing on the bosses toes lol.

    I really like plague but since the one glyph treatment its not that good anymore and the chances of getting it off reliably stink :( It sucks that such a long power like plague doesn't reward you more. I wish plague would get a buff so its worth the risk but i know that will prob never happen :( There are some great rotations using it but you just can't get it off enough to make it worth it imo

    I'm gonna do some petitioning for celestial cause it could really use some improvements. The power back is horrible It should be like rage is where you can use all your powers and never worry about running out of power. The AM needs to activate when theres no targets, this would help both power regen and dps. That 3 sec grace period......And something needs to be done about control resistance the smallest touch and your combo gets interrupted. With some powers like mental i can get the crap beat out of me and almost never get interrupted but a npc gives me one punch as celestial and my combos ruined, thats ridiculous. Even when i play sorc and use one handed sometimes i'm right in the middle of the action and still rarely get bothered, why do the devs hate combos so much lol.

    It sucks that all the lame easy mode powers get all the love and the fun ones get pooped on...

    I wish i was around for the celestial mid-range update you guys could have used me and my big mouth lol :D
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  19. TheDarknessWithin Loyal Player

    We need an invulnerable God Mode mechanic when in the Middle of casting a Multi-input combo.
  20. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Just some 100k parses, I'll give you a hint on the laodout the rest is a secret :D [IMG]
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