An Otherworldly Guide to Celestial

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  1. ez7 Troller New Player

    I've been using the dual armory route for mobs and bosses (which are basically the loadouts you mentioned in the guide with the exception of using ScH for mobs instead of RcW).

    I've still found myself in situations where I felt I was loosing out on damage because switching armories wasn't feasible. I've been playing around trying to find a 1 size fits all loadout and these are the three I am I'm thinking of so far.

    1: Anoint, Benediction, Plague, Renew, Smite, Wither (Allows 10% Crit Mag)
    - Rotations
    Mobs(=> 3: Anoint/Benediction, PcDL/WcR/ScH x3
    Single target: PcDL/BcM, RcC/Anoint, WM x4(DW bow explosive shot)

    2: Anoint, Benediction, Plague, Renew, Curse Idol, Retribution (Does not allow 10% Crit Mag)
    Mobs: Anoint/Benediction, PcDL/Ci, RcW x3
    Single target: PcDL/BcM, RcC/Anoint, Ci, RcW x4

    3: Anoint, Benediction, Plague, Renew, Wither, Retribution ( Allows 10% Crit Mag)
    Mobs: Anoint/Benediction, PcDL/ WcR, RcW x3
    Single target: PcDL/BcM/RcC/Anoint, RcW x4

    I still haven't been able to get anywhere near the damage I was able to do with Ice, Rage, or HL. I probably do about 1-1.5 mil less damage with celestial in T6 raids. Now that could be me being rusty since I switched to celestial last week and hadn't used it in a few months.

    Feel free to share your thoughts.
  2. Remander Steadfast Player

    Replace ScH with RcW. My initial calculations had ScH better for mobs, but there was an error in the spreadsheet. RcW is better for both single target and mobs. RcW and DW to Bow are equivalent. Actually RcW held a slight edge in my testing. You can have a one-size-fits-all loadout, but it won't be optimized for either arrangement. I was just relying on BcM for a second DoT in boss fights and leaving Renew and Curse out of the build entirely. That leaves you enough PP for CI and both DPS iconics. Ultimately, though, I decided to just set up two Armories. Even if you're combat locked when entering a boss fight, most of them last long enough, that the timer should be reset by the time you need it again. As far as being rusty, I found the same thing. I was so used to just pressing the mind-numbing hold-hold WM combo that it took a while for it to come back to me, lol! The damage is there, though.
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  3. Blight KOBRA Commander

    Thanks Remander for paying so much attention to Celestial and the constant changes to it's stats due to the devs tinkering and the introduction of WM.

    One question I had, have you ever encountered any optimal loadouts, for either DPS or healer, using only the Cursed tree and it's respective Corrupted combo counterparts?
  4. ez7 Troller New Player

    As always, great feedback. Thank you Remander.
  5. Remander Steadfast Player

    In a perfect world, you would be able to run the combos either way and be effective, but that's just not possible. There are good Cursed DPS options that I run with regularly. PcDL is one of those no-brainer combos. It's not as good as DLcP for single target, but the difference isn't nearly as great as the one between those two combos and mutli target. PcDL blows DLcP away! You could probably just use PcDL for all situations. WcR caught my eye as a nice, short DoT to throw out in mobs. The overall damage isn't as good as RcW, but the damage aura can be running in the background. DMcB is very good for mobs, but you have to be melee. Same for CScWotP. CI is my favorite DPS SC. The ones you can't get away from in the Blessed tree are Benediction, Anoint, and RcW. With Benediction, you could combo from Malediction. It's just an unnecessary step, and if you're interrupted, you don't get the buff. Anoint is a must-have in this precision-heavy powerset. RcW is simply the best ranged burst attack for single targets and mobs. It is roughly equivalent to DW to Bow, so you could just go with WM combos instead. With Max Damage, the ordering isn't as important, so you could clip Anoint (the more gaudy animation) with Benediction to minimize the Blessed appearance. So, that leaves you with: PcDL, WcR (for mobs only), Benediction, Anoint, and CI for a ranged loadout. That build leaves you 3 PP, so you can get both DPS iconics and even Robot Sidekick to put in the 6th slot. One thing to note is that the base damage of Malediction is actually a little better than cMalediction (unlike Curse vs. cCurse), so even in a full precision build, it can be a decent single target DoT. You could use that in boss fights. That's about as good as I can do.

    I'll have to give healing some thought. There are a lot of options there.
  6. Burnt New Player

    Thanks Rem. I can see this took a lot of time and effort.
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  7. Tilz Loyal Player

    So i did a few test at the t6 alerts.
    GL: Not a good option for me... the animation is too long (and you can get interrupted very easily). If you try JC the heal doesn't work. On the other side the heal at the end is a beast (and often too late :/).
    DMcB as Heal: Can work. Is fun, but well... i like to pop a fast shield if it's needed (fire AoE Mantis), but this is just my opinion.
    Sacrifice: Beast of a heal for the group + shield. With a good tank you can use it without big problems. Many adds are a big problem, but at boss it' s ok.

    Current Battleheal: 2,1k prec, 2,5k resto (full dps gear)
    Loadout: RcC, AcB, Anoint, RcW, McB, DLcP
    works pretty good at the t6 alerts (didn'T test a soloheal at the raids)
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  8. Remander Steadfast Player

    Yeah, Guardian's Light is basically the Invocation of Renewal (or Ionic Drain or Bloom) of Celestial. The heals are very good, but it's a proactive, rather than reactive, heal. I know some people love that sort of heal. It just doesn't fit my play style, as I'm more reactive. I lay down my HoTs, and I burst or shield on top, as needed. The way I look at it, you basically have to cast GL right before a big damage spike, and if your timing is off, you're screwed or you end up having to cancel into another heal, wasting power. Just not a fan of channeled heals like that.
  9. Remander Steadfast Player

    LOL, thanks. My wife was very accommodating, though I know she doesn't understand my obsession with DCUO.
  10. Tilz Loyal Player

    Yeah right. It depends on your playstyle.
    Same as you, I use my HoTs, a shield here and there and most of the time this is enough.
  11. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    You obsessed?! :eek:
    Btw, do you at least see the difference in Healer role with MD?
    I'd rather not post till given the ok by you
  12. Remander Steadfast Player

    I haven't had time to really drill down into your numbers, but I definitely see it. Since support gets +10% damage from MD, and McB heals are 1:1 with precision damage, they do get boosted. No doubt.
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  13. DarkThorn Dedicated Player

    Here is a good question for someone with lower (88) SPs... I have enough SPs to master one WM combo and get all but three sets of weapon tree Crit innates; so would it be better to drop the WM altogether and go for finishing the Crit innates or stick with WM just for the Prec/Might innates at the bottom? Those Prec/Might only add enough Precision for 15 DPS (17 with Anoint buff), so not sure those innates are worth more than the Crit innates. However, I have also heard that the Crit Mag innates on both 1H and Shield are not working correctly (someone mentioned it in one of the 'Shield WM got nerfed' threads), so hopefully that gets fixed soon as they are two of the ones I have left.

    Kind of excited about returning to Celestial. Having switched to Sorcery after WM turned Celestial from a 'weaponless' power to a 'weapon only with buffs' power... very glad to see things have turned around!!
  14. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    Alright at least you see it.
    that first Set was totally skewered by my teammate.he had bloodlust up with me noticing so it stacked with Anoint.
    It wasn't till this morning that I saw it lol.

    Is it ok for me to post what I use though? No specific rotation though
  15. blklightning New Player

    Great work, Rem!!!
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  16. Remander Steadfast Player

    Those crit innates aren't working, but should be fixed in the next patch, according to spord. A while back, I tested max stats vs max crits. See the SP Allocation link in my sig. When I maxed crits first, I ended up with ~20% more damage than when I maxed stats first. That was using a WM combo, not Celestial combos, but I expect the same trend would hold. Optimal SP allocation does vary with number of SP and gear level, though. If you have just enough SP (~43) to master one WM combo, you're better off just doing that, because the damage is much better. With 88 SP, if you're using Celestial combos only, I'd go straight crits. It's 77 for all 11 trees, then at least 1 for your movement mode (I like to use 4 to get the control resistance innates). Just put the rest in the tier 2 precision boosts.
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  17. Remander Steadfast Player

    I want this to be a community guide. I got the ball rolling, but everyone should feel free to post their observations, loadouts, etc. ;)
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  18. DarkThorn Dedicated Player

    That was my thinking too. However, was going to put the remainder of SPs (after movement mode) into Dom/Power Heal. Doesn't Dominance help with Celestial stuns? Plus the Power Heal % can't hurt; figured it would do more good there than those tiny +3 Precision innates.
  19. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    Ok :)
    Dont attack me though lol.

    I use Renew, Admonish, Consume Soul, Malediction, Divine Light, Anoint in raids.

    In Alerts: Renew, Admonish, Retribution, Malediction, Divine Light, Blessing

    Weapon is Dual Wield
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  20. Remander Steadfast Player

    If you break 100 Dom, that's usually enough. Power heal isn't worth much, IMO.
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