An Otherworldly Guide to Celestial

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  1. Tilz Loyal Player

    This is why i go 3 buffs at the moment ;) works great and the damage is insane. With floating you can prevent some interruptions
  2. HymnOfMercy Dedicated Player

    The one thing Im not feeling is Divine Light.
    I understand it's a burst heal in Healer role, but in DPS role, that cooldown is a pain. It's more a background d.o.t but still..
    and the ticks on the single target combo should have gotten the full buff. It doesn't make sense to me.
    same with Malediction and Benediction cMalediction. At least a 10% base damage increase on those.
  3. chaotic3430 Committed Player

    I have run ever loadout in the Damage Parser, the best one everytime is, tested on the same group with Core Strength and Max Damage under same conditions for 60 seconds:

    DL>Anoint>Benediction>RcW>PcDL>RcW>RcW>RcW>repeat (CI when needed)

    Though less damage, but more fun, I run the following loadout in solo and duos:

    Anoint, Benediction, CScWOTP, RcW, ScH, CI (only use the buffs if troll is available)
  4. Remander Steadfast Player

    When you say "every," what loadouts and rotations?
  5. chaotic3430 Committed Player

    Different rotations with ScH, WcR, DLcP, CScWOTP, HcS, AcB, BcA. Different buffs with Malediction, Benediction, Anoint, Dark Pact, DL gliffs. The only thing I really never messed with as a DPS is Death Mark.
  6. chaotic3430 Committed Player

  7. darkscarletx Loyal Player

    I got used to the rotation and do it easily now but sometimes I feel like it doesn't do much damage and my weapon does much more and I have a shield. lol Like right now I'm 38cr and the ennemies were level 40, I should have hit much harder than that. Still use the same loadout and rotation: RcW, ScH, PcDL, Anoint, Benediction and CI. Maybe it just me or it's broken?
  8. Remander Steadfast Player

    You may see bigger flying numbers, but the DPS is definitely better with the AM.
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  9. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    AcB WotPcCS CScWoTP McB Blessing Sacrifice
    I love this loadout! Remander, Blklightning, thanks!
    Been working just fine in the content.
    I like the passive use of McB and it flows so well.

    I am messing with a triple buff healing loadout just for laughs. If it turns out viable for hybrid healing, im gonna just say celestial is OP in every way for healing lol.

    So far I've been Ironing out "Death's Healing Touch"
    Just using knockout heals to sustain your survival but keeping people alive through your normal rotation
  10. EP Ice Loyal Player

    I love the healing side to celestial but the dps side is irritating. Plague to divine light is one of the most irritating combos ever. The timing has to be perfect or it won't work. Very annoying!!!! I am currently using RcW, ScH, PcDL, Anoint, Benediction, and CI. What exactly is the rotation (if I ever get PcDL to work. Lol)
  11. Kohina Well-Known Player

    Back then when Cel was on launch I used to thing like that regarding doing combos especially PcDL or WotPcCS (I still messed up WotP ones in a while :p) but now I don't even need to look at my screen or even think about it in order to perform those combos.

    It all comes down to training, try to take 20 minutes in the war room every day practicing those combos rotations and you'll see that you gonna end up performing them like nothing.

    As for the combo rotation for PcDL its: Tap Melee, Ranged Tap, Hold Melee hope that helps. :)
  12. Snix Dedicated Player

    Haven't actually tried this yet but I'm interested. Any videos of this LO anywhere?
  13. Remander Steadfast Player

    I may have an old partial run on my YouTube. I'll check later.

    Edit: Found it! Need to record a raid run with it.

    Note: Early parts are the battle healer version. Last battle is the pure healer version.
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  14. Tilz Loyal Player

    I have also alert runs online.. will post it later (yt: Tilz.DCUO)
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  15. Earthly Chaos New Player

    157 Pages yeaaa not going through them all lol whats the current CL DPS Loadout
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  16. Remander Steadfast Player

    Might want to look at page one first. That's the actual guide portion.
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  17. BOLO Active Player

    There is definitely an issue with celestial PcDl
    sometimes dl does not get the burst hit just the dots. Tested it on sparring targets in league hall. No other celestials around to overwrite. Happened when i clipped Cs with Dl. Got the dots but not the burst hit. Happened twice so far. Anyone else Notice this?
  18. Tilz Loyal Player

    What is your rotation?
    If You use pure DL and PcDL you habe problems with overwriting if the Glyphs
  19. XxRudgerxX Well-Known Player

    No i've noticed the DL burst not happening as well. I just care so little about dpsing that I forgot about it every time.
  20. Tilz Loyal Player

    Then i'll have to check it out later.