An Otherworldly Guide to Celestial

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  1. Outlaw Trevor Well-Known Player

    Yes I'm using 110 duel wields
    But I'm not using weapon mastery either
  2. Remander Steadfast Player

    That won't matter. The fix should give you an extra 80.6 DPS or 806 effective precision for Celestial combos. You should notice a difference.
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  3. Outlaw Trevor Well-Known Player

    Got out dps by a 118 cr in a raid and who had less skill points than me...not that I care about leaderboards or any of that but yeah sooo...oh he was electricity btw
  4. Mighty Committed Player

    From the way I've seen some folks DPS with Elec - I'm completely ignorant on how it's done right now - the optimal setup seems very precision- and weapon-heavy. So this buff should have helped Elec DPS that play that way, too. I think you have to take to heart the fact that these raids for this episode don't really play to Celestial's strengths, and actually tend to exploit some weaknesses. There's a lack of mobs of ads with high enough health to let you get a few PcDL off. The ads like to drop aggro and come after you, the grenaders like to knock you back, and the boss fights feature reflect shields that don't really impact say, someone with a DoT refresh mechanic. That and DPSing Zoom with Celestial is obnoxious.

    What loadout did you go with? Rem has a few posts in here where he lays out some really helpful setups and tips. Never hurts to read or re-read through the guide with a fresh set of eyes. I do it every so often.
  5. Outlaw Trevor Well-Known Player

    Right now I have anoit, benediction, plague, wither, smite and cursed idol
  6. HymnOfMercy Dedicated Player

    I have to side with Mighty here.

    HoP2 literally caters to Burst but favors Electric and Nature D.o.T's on bosses.
    Pets also do very very well in this dlc too.
    That's where Celestial lacks. The moves you have, RcW and ScH have burst potential while at a safe distance.
    Stick to that and use counters to your advantage when you're under fire. Immunity helps!
    Blocking and lunging are absolutely a key in this dlc.

  7. Outlaw Trevor Well-Known Player

    See I would think either does better damage as it hits nearby ads with its move
  8. Remander Steadfast Player

    Yeah, I'm thinking triple buff with RcW and ScH may be the best approach. Just leave PcDL out for now.
  9. Outlaw Trevor Well-Known Player

    Sounds like retribution is better option to use than wither
  10. Remander Steadfast Player

    If you check the DPS table on page one, you'll see the relative damage potential of each combo.
  11. Mighty Committed Player

    You know, I've been doing that a lot for HH now. And last boss NGN. My sparring target parses are great with PcDL. Obcene really. But watching the parse go by in an actual instance, I rarely get that close without trinkets or supply drops. Too much stuff just screws with you.
  12. Kohina Well-Known Player

    The worse part is when you're about the get PcDL out and then you get interrupted out of nowhere. :confused:
  13. Tilz Loyal Player

    You're right Mighty... i mentioned it a few days earlier that i'm trying to avoid PcDL in the new content. And it works ok. Sometimes I use my Mob-Loadout, but most of the time i run my "singletarget-loadout"... so 3 buffs, RS, CI, RcW. The numbers are fine, but the content is not made for celestial^^
  14. vowel New Player

    I've been wondering for a while if the mod affinity bonus in the head and chest really effects Celestial (DPS). The bonuses are for critical 'weapon' attack. Unsure if that's all precision damage or if the game differentiates weapon precision damage and power precision damage. Does anyone know the answer to this, I feel a pure precision mod in those gear pieces would be more beneficial if they are not effecting Celestial combos.
  15. Tilz Loyal Player

    the critical weapon attack bonus counts also for the combos (I'm quite sure, but wait for remander :D).

    In these days I would go for the bonus, just because CR is more important than stats and then about 100 prec difference is not really a big deal.
  16. vowel New Player

    Yeah, I'm only modding 108 and 110 pieces at this point with high level mods so it'll be stuff that wont be boosting my CR again for a good while anyway. May as well try get the max. out of it, with AM and trolls the only time using weapon is for counters after all.

    I personally feel the 246 precision from modding both, not counting anoint buffing it further is worth it; but only if the affinity doesn't matter much.
  17. Remander Steadfast Player

    Combo damage (white, precision) is treated like weapon damage, so any weapon crit buff affects it.
  18. vowel New Player

    Interesting that it doesn't differentiate combo and weapon damage. Thanks for the info guys, surprised the question isn't asked more, couldn't find a definitive answer anywhere.
  19. HymnOfMercy Dedicated Player

    Interesting find.
    Like smite having a unique might cast before actually going into a combination, Wrath of the Presence can do the same.

    Like this

    Say you were fitting in an extra might cast of Smite before the combo.
    The same happens with Wrath of the Presence. It makes it a little more apealling since it's AoE and hits decent with DP Anoint and the AM buff.
    It actually was closing the gap between CScWotP and WotPcCS a bit, which is comparable to Blight's heavy might D.o.T.
  20. darkscarletx Loyal Player

    Often happen to me, ennemies interrupt me everytime before I do PcDL, grrrr. lol