An Idea to Possibly Fix the Escalating Power Usage Costs

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Lyndi, Jan 10, 2014.

  1. Lyndi Well-Known Player

    With the advent of T4 and T5 gear, we have seen power costs for everyone go steadily upwards lending to the already overwhelming trend that controllers are just batteries. It has gotten so bad that even two top CR Controllers that are applejack players can't keep up with the demand for power even if the DPS are being reasonable.

    While reading a test forum thread, I had an idea on how to "possibly" fix this.

    It started when I read this post by Crafty_Crafter Here.

    My response to his post is Here.

    Then Penryn posted about the general problem with the power use scaling formulas and how as a Controller gears up he becomes even less efficient Here.

    This all got me to thinking.

    As it stands now when a Tank is in Tank Role, he or she gains benefits for that Tank Role with penalties. Namely a damage penalty. The same can be said for Healers in Healer Role.

    My proposal is this: When a Controller is in Controller role, give them the same or even a higher (negotiable) damage penalty as Tanks and Healers but allow them to cast powers at half the cost (negotiable percentage). This will make Controllers more efficient in that they can throw out more bursts before they are dry, and or allow them to also use their actual Controlling abilities (as our name is supposed to imply).

    Granted the Controller can get back up to no penalty with the Core Strength tactical mod, but so can Tanks and Healers.

    No I'm not "trolling" the forums. I expect strong reactions to this Idea/Proposal both positive and negative, but instead of just sitting on the forums and complaining about the problem, I decided to try and at least come up with an alternative that "may" or "may not" work or be viable.

    Thank you for your time.
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  2. WhiteW0lf Devoted Player

    This is an interesting idea and I would not dismiss it. However, I read the same thread that you did and I would really just prefer that they STOP doing that lol. How does it make sense at all for a troller to become LESS efficient as their gear gets MORE ADVANCED?

    Also, increased power costs for using powers makes sense as the dps become more powerful, but the trollers of the equal or greater CR range should AT LEAST be given the stats necessary to keep up with the difference. I'm a gadgets dps, and I'm also a troller. As a dps I will drain my power bar in one rotation. It is unfortunate, but it is the best dps loadout available. ESPECIALLY when we are talking about ranged combat (which pretty much all high level content requires).

    I think the increased power costs to dps and the lowered power output from controllers is completely assanine and it simply makes no sense.
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  3. Titans1373 Dedicated Player

    Honestly anything that helps trolls out. I applaud the fact that this a suggestion , and not a "I hate DPS" rant. Control would be nice to put back into controller, instead of "troll".
  4. Myrdin69 New Player

    you mean all our power would cost half what they cost now thats it ?

    so with your idea that would result in:

    now that is the problem it would make:

    two troller going in nexus, lets say one has 1986 vitalization (pot 209), the other one has 2000 vitalization (pot 210), the second start poting, so his power decrease by 150 but is tick is 210, now the second troll overright his pot, for a similar result he restore arround 60 (209 pot minus power cost arround 150)

    see the problem ? two troller that just overight eachother pot clipped with instant power = almost infinite power for everyone in the group, unless i missunderstood what you meant maybe
  5. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    I was the one who advocated for larger power costs because of how easy it was to give power, but they took it to an extreme...a 75% increase of power costs is insane.
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  6. ncgreenlantern Loyal Player

    It's hard enough to get people in this game to want ro do anything other then dps and this doesn't help .

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