An idea for an easy fix to an annoying problem (LPVE)

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    We've all been there... after waiting 20 minutes for an LPVE instance to pop, it pops right as the bounty you and 10 other people have been fighting for the past 10 minutes is about to go down. In order to avoid waiting another 20 minutes for another instance pop, you accept the instance and teleport in.

    You're ready to unleash chaos as the Joker. You look around and there's Superman... Black Adam... Killowo.... wait! Where did Superman go?

    Oh... wait... this particular instance has a Feat for Superman teaming up for Wonder Woman... and there's no Wonder Woman here. The other player must have left to try again.

    Seriously... that happens 9/10 for me. Sometimes I think people quit if they see nothing but Robins/Harleys/Batman.

    So here's my idea: would it be possible for the next GU update to add hero icons to LPVE instance prompts? So in the case above, the Superman player would have seen face shots of Black Adam, Killowog and Joker above the "Your instance is ready" notification. Heck, even emblems would do if we can't do character shots.

    The player trying to get the team up feat with Wonder Woman would have seen she was not part of this group, passed, and the rest of us wouldn't have stopped what we were doing only to have a player quit 15 seconds into the level? Easier on him, easier on us.

    A win/win :)
  2. Catastrophic Repercussion Well-Known Player

    1. You can still change your avatar between OK-ing an instance and entering it, which renders your proposal useless.
    2. Expecting to complete a team-up with pugs is silly. Use LFG if you want to control your group's formation.
    3. It's still possible to complete LPvE with 1 people gone. You can stay or leave if there are more changes.
    4. There is not a single team-up feat involving both Superman & Wonder Woman.
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  3. ChowlinShicken Active Player

    Thanks for the response!

    1. Really? Hunh. Never tried that myself... but doesn't that kinda defeats the purpose of pre-selecting your Avatar?
    2. Agree x10,000. But that's the only reason I can see so many people quitting within the first 10-15 seconds of the level :(
    3. For Sciencells - absolutely. We were halfway done with 3 people before someone else came in. But for something like Nexus (I think that's the one... with the annoying super healing paradox... thing)... you kinda need all 4. And while you can leave, it's still better not to have stopped what you were doing in the open world to begin with (which is part of what I'd like to avoid).
    4. *shrugs* I don't chase these particular feats, so I just picked iconics out at random. To be exact, the situation that got me to write this yesterday was Oan Sciencells with 2 Kyle Raynors, 1 Jon Stewart and I was Bane. It was a Kyle Raynor that left, so I'm assuming there's a feat there. But since I wasn't trying to pick on anyone in particular, I just made a random example :)
  4. Catastrophic Repercussion Well-Known Player

    1. The only point of having an Avatar is you need one to play LPvE.
      As long as the player isn't in the instance yet, you can change it how many times you want.
     (Of course if you have a last minute change of heart it's better to do so before pressing OK)

    3. It's still doable with 3, for Paradox Ravager you can a)dish out cones/AoEs to eliminate fountains or b)kite it away from those healing pods. The simultaneous bosses in NoR is the hardest for 3 but still doable as long as the side soloing doesn't die. Even the death trap in LoAS can be passed with 1 (or sometimes 2!) missing, bosses aren't nigh impossible to be dealt with under the same circumstances.
     Another tip: if you have an important OW mission going on it's best to skip those not-that-important queues. They are not *that* rare to come by.

    2,4. Here's a biggie: Kyle+John IS the match. There is no one to pair with Bane in OS.
      I think you mean well but like saying SuperWonder is a feat, I don't think you're right on the money.
      While trying to do team-ups through random queues is a thing, there are also other factors that cause people to quit prematurely:
       a) They don't need the team-up feat but just to help others, they grouped with someone who needs it. As long as the team-up happened at some point before the alert is over, those who stayed can get the feat even if only one part of the duo is present during closing.
       b) They don't want to do an opposite faction version since certain feats are faction locked.
       c) They might think it's better to start the run rather then letting the rest of the group wait for another full group.
       d) They just suddenly don't want to.
      There just isn't a single reason you can point to why people behave the way they do, and if you're interested in examining the reason, it's important to do research and consider other points of view. Making the best out of a situation that is out of your control is another way to go. I hope this helps!

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