An Extra Special Cyber Monday For Members!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Nov 28, 2014.

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  1. Sin Cattvo New Player

    Its a 15% sale not 25%..we get 10% as or normal legendary discount..there adding 15% to what we all ready get...if it was a true 25% sale we get 35% off
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  2. Alekimsior New Player

    That is a good point, sometimes sales are to gift loyal customers or entice new customer. Historically, these type of sales (Black Friday related) are to attract customers into spending money into a company's product, because it is the period where Christmas shopping starts. You see clearance sales when they have an excess stock of old product, and want to rotate new merchandize, what the companies want to do is minimize their losses, build awareness of their product and increase their profit margin. That is their main goal, increase their current or future profit. The better the sale, the more effective will be the sales promotion in achieving whatever is the intention: create a newer customer base, or make more money.

    The problem with sales like the one we are having here right now, is that there is a disparity and poor communication. On one end, PC players are getting double the sales: up to 50% off in market place items, along with double the cash return for every SC purchase. While PS players aren't getting the same deal, or an explanation of why we can't get the deal or some sort of compensatory deal. PS Legendary members already have a regular MP discount, and Loyalty Points to try and compare with what is offered to PC owners (membership to all SOE games, an whatever you guys have). I don't see why it is hard to see why we could be disappointed in what looks like the low-end of the bargain.
  3. Zeref New Player

    25% of DLC too?
  4. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    I, um, do play on the PC. Only thing I've ever played DCUO on :).
  5. Nexus Dragoon New Player

    members cant buy DLC
  6. Senshirou Committed Player

    Guess I'm not wasting my time on buying anything from this sale. From base items, and armories to a 25% sale..... Awesome lol
  7. JustSome_Chick New Player

    i wonder if there will be some miracle christmas sale this year too :oops:o_O *speculates fruitlessly*
  8. JustSome_Chick New Player

    Must have been during the time I was off paying extra medical bills for my sons surgeries. I didn't know. My bad. Well, here's to hoping there's another at Christmas still :)
  9. Venus Void Dedicated Player

    Sorry, but 25% doesn't entice me in the slightest, if I support sales under 50% then I feel I'm condoning their bad decision at getting sales.

    I'd think they'd make less money on a 25% sale than a 50% sale just because of all the extra people the 50% off sale brings.
    Some people (like me) don't even consider 25% off deals, but if it were a 50% off deal we'd definitely spend some money.

    I understand they could just "not give us anything" but they aren't GIVING us anything, just an insulting deal that I hope flops so they give us deals worth getting excited about in the future.

    -End Rant-
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  10. JustSome_Chick New Player

    Thank you for your understanding and condolences :p refreshing hehe :)
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  11. JustSome_Chick New Player

    Well, I know this - I won't be buying MP in order to buy things at 25 % off. It means risking no Christmas 50% off sale, but if I did spend now, and then that came, I'd be pretty miffed. I'd rather miss out on this sale than leap and miss out on a better one later. Logical? Maybe not - but I've already bought so much from the MP, there is so little left I want (and pretty much all consumable), that the drive isn't there.

    Maybe... if they'd come out with new styles... I'd be more motivated to take any sale when it came. That's not the case, so the urge to throw money at them can wait and see.
  12. tukuan Devoted Player

    Not exactly, you can't just add the percentages together. If i buy something that was a 1000 it costs me 750. If that 750 was bought using double sc then it cost me $3.75 which of $10 (the normal price let's forget the normal 10%) is really 62.5% off.
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  13. Will Power Loyal Player

    Personally its not the discount its supporting DCUO and SOE. So I'm going to drop maybe about 50 in DCUO. I still really think we should get the ability to buy LP though.
  14. Sbel Devoted Player

    If it's a lair theme, base item sale: 1000-500 = 500. Monday membership discount: 500 - (500 * .25) = 375. Then take double SC into account: 375/2 = 187.5. $1.88 for a lair theme. So most base items are 81.2% off. Right?
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  15. tukuan Devoted Player

    I had thought only the 25% discount was in effect on monday not both. I could be wrong though.
  16. Alekimsior New Player

    URGENT: Anyone know if the savings will stack? Base Builder says it'll last till Tuesday reset. Overlaps with Cyber Monday.. it is only logical for discounts to stack?
  17. Sbel Devoted Player

    Assuming the announcements have the correct end date the two sales should both be running on Monday. Normally I'd take it as a given that the dates are correct, but 1 or 2 sales ago DCUO had a sale go away a full day before the announced end. SOE's reaction? "Oh, the announcement was wrong. Sucks to be you."
  18. Veritech Loyal Player

    Harden up you bunch of sooks.
    I'd love to see DCUO offer you nothing next year and watch your heads explode with greed.
  19. adelen New Player

    his game have no league chat and group chat at moment nice of u take meainteance and now game up again full of new error are u devs so noobs that u not have a test server, dont u not understand this is a game many people pay for play and u act like a complet amateur, i work before in a big multimedia house and we always test before u set it online, if we do like u do we would not have many customer back, so its not strange many people leave this game and find new game top play. also 1 more thing i have 3 toons cr 111 and 2 of them is better gear then some other i seen have cr 112 support say it would be frixed but its still done nothing with this., here we pay repaly for try get best cr and u see its not possible so why is point work so many hour for get higest cr ??
  20. DawnOfKhaos Well-Known Player

    The thing that gets me is this. It's not like they are giving us anything tangible, it's all digital so to them it's 100% profit.
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