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  1. CGEMINI Committed Player

    I would love if you guys made the damage that you take from this art less and make it so that amulet can no longer kill you and leaves you at 1 Health.
  2. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    I'm sure you would love that.
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  3. Dene Devoted Player

    Risk vs reward is the whole point of it.. Amulet seems balanced for risk vs reward. so both would need to be lowered.
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  4. GrumpySnorlax Level 30

    Hehehehe hehehehe oh this is too good heehee.
  5. CGEMINI Committed Player

    Ebon does the same and can use it past 10 stacks without dying. It’s already proven Ebon is better than Amulet because of that nature and the nature that there’s so many sources that gives power back rather than the healer being the main source of you even remotely being able to survive and still won’t help you past 10 stacks. It’s a 1 shot for certain powers abilities. What I said still has the risk / reward factor. There’s mechanics in the game that will damage you and still kill you. As long as it’s not your artifact that people paid money to use all for Ebon to outclass it then I’ll be happy with this being the new risk / reward bases of that artifact.
  6. Plowed In Loyal Player

    If your power is 0, you don’t get knocked out.

    If your health is 0, you’re knocked out.

  7. FluffyCloud99 Committed Player

    All artifacts are not made to be used on every power/role/playstyle.
    Lerneae's artifact works really well on powers that can heal themselves I.E Rage, Battle healer powers (when specced with might)

    Ebons doesn't damage you. It increases the power cost of your powers. Pair it with amulet means you take heavy damage but also gain like double your current might, just be wary of your health.

    If it couldn't kill you, it would be a PHR + PoD Healers wet dream. Everyone would use the amulet and ebons, insane damage and the healing from the healers would be free and huge due to their artifacts too.

    Nerfing one that can interact with others is not an easy task.
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  8. CGEMINI Committed Player

    Why would that be the case if it damn near don’t work on any power unless you are not even gonna go past 10 stacks. It also says recommended for dps role in John Constantine store so it’s heavily implied that the devs want you to use it in dps role of any power. Isn’t that the whole point of these artifacts to be able to use past 10 stacks? Ebon sure does this well. The mechanics in the game will literally do what the artifact is doing now. The only thing changing is you can finally hold more stacks like Ebon. The artifact will still take you down to 1 health. The healer’s heals will do nothing if you’re holding past 10 stacks of it so that’s the risk / reward that y’all think is being removed in the idea I just imposed. Y’all forget prec has a weapon buff + venom wrist dispenser + augments giving it additional 59% precision and might is just 66% possibility with amulet, ebon, and augments given you’re able to maintain current amulet which is usually not the case so that’s -30% so 33% for most powersets that can handle Ebon which is pretty much all of them and that’s where the imbalance comes in. But anyway…Is the risk / reward removed? Nope. But it’ll sure make it worth running with Ebon. Still has the risk factor so it’s not like you’ll be able to use the stacks forever because you’ll eventually die from mechanics if you don’t use a finisher. Which is the whole reason this artifact is a thing in the first place to make finishers better but to also make full use out of all 10 stacks. It sure seems like the only reason to ever use a finisher is for amulet. Ebon don’t even need to use a finisher and damn near don’t have a huge downside but a 50% increase power cost. That’s not even that bad vs dying before even reaching 10 stacks with amulet.
  9. FluffyCloud99 Committed Player

    Might and prec scale completely differently. Just because prec gets more % from artifacts, you have to think "Hmm, why is that?"
    Prec is calculated by 50% weapon dps * 50% Prec
    Might damage is base power damage * 100% might
    This is why might has more % buffs from allies like shazam. At level 10 its like 7% might and 3.5% prec when using an ally.
    Again, its a balancing act which i dont think you understand. Prec dont use venom wrist (if you dont art swap) They use other meta artifacts which, coincidentally, might ALSO use. (Trans/strat card + quizlet).

    Ebon has nothing to do with health, meaning its balance is all to do with how you use powers. Whereas Amulet is more of a Huge Risk/Reward as you are gambling your life for more damage. Just because you have no power, doesnt mean you are at risk of dying, it just means "Use a finisher, drink a soda, get a supply drop". There is no risk in ebons, infact, you are getting Damage reduction because of it and thats a good thing.

    Artifacts like Amulet are not intended for every power. Sure it sucks to hear that but it doesnt stop you trying. I used it on my battle healer for a little bit in lower end duos for more damage without a finisher, i was fine because by the time i am at 10 stacks, the boss is dead and i am still healed due to arc lightning and electrostatic healing me.

    My advice to you. Stop using Amulet if you cannot facilitate the damage it gives you. Rage is fine with it. Use it in alerts because you are in and out of combat often so you lose all stacks. If you do not have a healer who is equipped to deal with someone using Amulet then obviously you are going to suffer. I would assume you use it in omnibus often and/or open world groupless. As a healer myself, i know how hard it can be to heal someone who pushes amulet hard to the point of 10 stacks. I usually switch on orb of arion to do that for me as a powerful heal over time for the group if thats the case
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  10. CGEMINI Committed Player

    Amulet should work on all powers tho. It’s not about working on few powers. Damn near only 1 power is it working on. Ebon works on all.
  11. CGEMINI Committed Player

    So, why prec always ends up on top when you play actual good endgame players? Like I said the idea I imposed never got rid of the risk / reward is the point I’m trying to make to you. You’re at 1 health holding stacks that’s the risk right there. How can I make that any more clear to you?
  12. FluffyCloud99 Committed Player

    As someone who has 160-200 prec artifacts, i am beaten quite often by might players in the latest elite raids. at end game it doesnt care about your artifacts (if you are all the same level artifacts) it cares about your knowledge of the encounter, surviving, etc.

    Being at 1hp, casting op abilities with a what? 30% might buff is not "Risk reward". You could find yourself a spot where its hard for enemies to hit you and just sit there for the encounter. Its happened before in some encounters.

    Amulet has another ability you are not seeing. Its healing factor. You heal for 100% of the damage you deal from a finisher. In a solo/duo (especially the new elite solo) that is something to not look over. You can just finsher and be basically fully healed in seconds.

    What happens if you have no healer and you have a group of amulet users? 1 tank taking all the hits. You see a red skull > Use finisher, max health > Back to dpsing with free damage. Again, sure, highly unlikely, but is the higher stacks of amulet really that needed over your own survivability? Would you be willing to sit at one HP in an omnibus raid/alert for an encounter when you have a healer who is new to the game and doesnt heal? If you die thats on you. You probably wouldnt even reach 10 stacks effectively even with a healer because you take so much damage from other sources nowadays in raids, you will be over working your healer and then complain about the healer when you die for not healing you.

    If amulet was changed to how you wish to fix it, good for amulet users, but i am sure as hell not healing an amulet user if they dont have a finisher and rely on me to keep them above 1 hp for an entire encounter.

    What you say maybe great on paper, but in practice, its going to be ****. Amulet itself is a balancing act of "Do i wanna die" or "Do i wanna do more damage". If you remove the fear of death, you get rid of a whole playstyle and the fear of dying when using it all for a small bit of damage that 9/10 will be surpassed by quizlet or any other artifact you use.
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  13. Plowed In Loyal Player

    It ‘can’ work on all powers. It ‘excels’ on some rather than others…just like other artifacts…
  14. FluffyCloud99 Committed Player

    Again. 2 different artifact, 2 different effects

    1 increases power costs in return for survivability
    1 damages you in return of damage (Risk reward). Remove the "You can die" from the artifact wont make a single difference because raids will kill you quicker than amulet if you have it equipped

    Also read what i said: It works well on rage, battle healers. It doesnt need to work well on every power, much like la mort, ebon on prec, Mercy/source shard on non pet classes. Just because it CAN work, doesnt mean it should. You are meant to play into an artifact, not let an artifact play into your build if its just a standard "all round" artifact like amulet. E.G: Mercy/source. Sorc + Trinket pets + quizlet/grim + Henchmen.
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  15. Plowed In Loyal Player

    Because changing the risk involved would probably lead them to changing the reward aspect too…since KO-ing yourself was always the trade off. You’re just asking to reduce the risk associated with running full stacks…
  16. CGEMINI Committed Player

    That’s the thing it won’t be on healers fault because it’s all up to the dps now. That’s how you alleviate this artifact so it’s viable for all powers while still retaining its self-damage effect. Healers can’t even maintain them past 6-10 stacks so it’s literally their fault if they don’t use a finisher so that’s all up to them at that point. That’s the risk factor I’m talking about. Also there’s a lot of content that gets that one mechanic where it’ll damage and get you kill if you don’t have enough health to take it. I think this would be a good idea. The only thing this idea imposes is make it be able to use on all powers while still retaining that risk factor.
  17. CGEMINI Committed Player

    Not on every power. Most powers have high powercost and instant kills at like 6 stacks.
  18. Plowed In Loyal Player

    All powers have a range of power cost abilities (low to high).
  19. FluffyCloud99 Committed Player

    It was ALWAYS on the dps to begin with. They have to balance their will to live and their will to damage.
    All powers CAN benefit from amulet, Sure. But just because you maybe a water might dps where you will probably HAVE to use amulet because the damage is *** anyways, doesnt mean they want to be 1hp for the entire battle. Much like how ivy is essential for nature dps now, amulet will be the same for all other powers to make them good and compete with classes that already do immense damage. The only thing now is the bad powers now have to rely on amulet AND be very scared of being tickled by a feather because if they do, they are dead.

    Personally i think you are just so self absorbed in doing damage that you are not thinking about anything else but doing damage. Just because you live on 1hp, doesnt mean its a good enough excuse to do more damage. The game is about surviving and winning, not leaderboard chasing for the most DPS
  20. CGEMINI Committed Player

    Okay, then that’s a personal preference choice.