Am I the only one who thinks episode 40 is meh

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Oceanly, Apr 4, 2021.

  1. Oceanly Well-Known Player

    I mean The Raids and open world seem kinda boring i mean its just Gotham we couldve got New Themyscira or The UK and even new bosses we havent battle against *Cough Yo-Yo* im not saaying its a bad episode it just seems underwhelming
  2. golddragon71 Committed Player

    For me, the best part about this episode is the base items. After that, I really couldn't care less!
    Now Understand I AM a HUGE fan of the Flash!
    That said however, my Flash will always be Wally West! Barry Allen is cool and I have no problem with him or the fact that they finally brought him back after so many years...BUT!
    When I became a Flash fan, it was in the early 90s when Wally was the only Flash running around.
    (Barry was Dead and Jay was in Ragnarok with the JSA)
    What's worse was that when they did bring Barry Back, His origin got Batmanned and then Flashpoint happened. Now largely Flashpoint in and of itself is a decent story and I really don't have a problem with it on it's own (Told as an elseworlds the entire Barry Tragic origin/Flashpoint would have been a great two part standalone story) However, Since Flashpoint was used as a trigger to start the abysmal Ne52, It's"tainted" by association.
    Flashpoint and the mini series surrounding it
    The Flashpoint Paradox Animated feature.
    Flashpoint theThird Season Premier to the Flash TV series
    Flashpoint Time Capsules
    Flashpoint DLC and some day.......
    Flashpoint the Movie Starring Multiple Batmen... (with a guest appearance by the Flash)

    So I'm kind of done with Flashpoint!
    (Ironicaaly enough my first local comic shop..The place where I first started picking up new issues of the Flash? That comic shop was called...
    FLASHPOINT! Which makes the more commonly known iteration of the term that much worse as it used to be a name that brought back happy memories!
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  3. KneelBeforeZodd Committed Player

    The raids are the most underwhelming in my opnion, there are only 3 bosses in both raids combined and no new raid maps or bosses, but the new difficulty system kind of makes up for it.

    I don't really care about reusing open world, in my opnion it's much better to have a alternative gotham for the 30rd time than low quality instanced content like in the Legion episode because they spent a lot of time in a area we will stay in for 20 minutes each day.

    I don't think this will be a bad episode like Legion, but it's probably not getting into the top 10 either.
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  4. Aesthete Well-Known Player

    The first impression I got from this episode is that it gave them an excellent excuse to re-use many things from past content. Nothing is wrong with that either; it's just that I was expecting a bit more considering the 6 month(?) break we've had since Legion. I'll chalk it up to having fewer resources due to the pandemic. Now I'm going to play the new episode, and I'm sure I'll enjoy it, but that's something I've noticed from what's shown.

    But hey, there's always the next episode to look forward to.
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  5. Imaginos Dedicated Player

    Totally agree with you. Not a big fan of Berry Allen. Always was an old school Wally West fan myself.

    Not a huge fan of raids. Liked open world bosses a bit better in that regard. Raids, as I pug mostly, are really hit and miss and as time goes on they're done less and less. I paid for the Bombshell dlc and have never been able to get into the raid to enjoy the content because no one ever queues up for it and even shouting for people to do it in HoD has proven futile.
  6. Random Mind Committed Player

    I watched the DCUO Flashpoint livestream preview and I was pretty interested, not so much because of the bosses or enemies involved but because of the settings, new features that will added and especially because of the Doomsday armour style. It just hurts me that I probably won't be able to get the enhanced Doomsday style, because even I know that I'm not an elite player. But Doomsday's bones don't usually glow, so I'm ok with the regular version of the Doomsday style.
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  7. Random Mind Committed Player

    Just to add to my previous post, I also was a huge fan of the Kid Flash NPC look.
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  8. zNot Dedicated Player

    If they adjust the difficulty on Elite properly this episode is for sure in the top 10 imo the alert is good too compare this to BOP this episode 40 is a significant improvment. But the Elite raids need some major tweaks to be considered difficult especially for the support rolls,mechanic wise its fine imo.
  9. ArtemisWonderWoman7 Well-Known Player

    I find it weird that people can't get into content. Are you only a dps? Cause on my healers and tanks I get into everything when I q as my role especially tank. When I level new alts I run every raid along the way and I am at 22 characters now all at max.
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  10. Caroline Dedicated Player

    I personally like the upcoming content, especially open world and I'd take anything over 31st Century.
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  11. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    The doomsday style was certainly highly requested , 5 years ago.. i dont understand the delay for things that are so popularly requested like a legion dlc and now doomsday.. these things woulda had people jumping for joy about the time they were making us rub through flash museum’s and the league of assassins caves for the 2nd time
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  12. Imaginos Dedicated Player

    Pretty much. My internet connection is dodgy and that makes it stressful for trying any other role where a group is solely relying on me to do something besides damage.
  13. ObsceneBoy Committed Player

  14. Great Architect Dedicated Player

    Isn't Flashpoint Central City a multi-boss Raid at the end with the option to take on as many of the bosses as you like á la Dox?
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  15. Yass Queen Hyppolyta Committed Player

    I'm just glad to see more instanced content and elite options of all instances.
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  16. zNot Dedicated Player

    And adjustable difficulty for elite raids.. thanks to Charon.
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  17. TheRealDemon Dedicated Player

    I like episode 40 It looks great.
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