Am I more powerful or did the Reapers get a temporary boost?

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    Back in Late April, Early May I suddenly was having trouble getting through my Central City daily missions. It used to be each duty took me about ten minutes or so to complete. (My guy SPEED AVATAR was boosted to 100CR) The Paradox reapers however were suddenly super-powered way above my ability to fight. I was having trouble taking on one at a time even with a max load of soders and Servo backing me up! eventually, I was spending most of my money bulking up my armor and I was starting to get back a measure of my enjoyment.
    After about a month or so, I developed a much more difficult problem with my PS3 and a series of game update downloading problems that led to me realizing that, in order to play DCUO ever agin, I would have to upgrade to a PS4. (my 3 still plays all my other games for it with no problems)
    I just got a PS4 on my birthday last Monday (September 18th). At first i concentrated on boosting my water character (Tsunamisan) but the apparent death of Wally West in TITANS caused me to shift my focus. So I re-costumed SPEED AVATAR and started running his content again. Alluvasudden I'm wiping the floor with the paradox reapers in every task! now I was building up SA's toughness from Early May to Late June. and while he was having an better time with the reapers even then, it still was no-one's idea of easy. Now, It's back to ten minutes of this, ten minutes of that, de-speed some civilians and onto the next character!
    My question is, am I really that much tougher now? Did the stats change and the addition of the stats category in the Skill-points menu restore my ability to take on the reapers? Or, were the reapers boosted for a time, and if so, will it happen again?
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    i like the name "tsunamisan" tho.
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    They just recently did a pass on a lot of older content in terms of difficulty so it may have been possible the reapers were hitting to hard and have now been scaled back.

    If they still hit too hard you should let the devs know in the development feedback sub forum
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    My guess would be that like most "Speedster" players you are probably using a bunch of movement based powers? I know I have a league mate who does this, and even though I told him he would be destroyed if he tried to hit Darkseid with that he insisted on trying. Back in April or May we were in a different "era" of the game and using those movement powers would have made you a bit of a joke. They were probably super weak as well. However, there was an update released that "revamped" the combat system. So that regardless of what "strategy" you use it will likely be somewhat viable for most of the content. I have only seen 1 "Speedster" in an end-game raid. Just so happens it was DWF. He had over 20 deaths and was doing the least damage on the whole team (Yes, even out damaged by support roles). But I can't remember if that was before or after the revamp to be honest.

    That is all based off an educated guess that you are using movement powers to match the character's theme. In a nutshell your character would be a bit stronger since the revamp hit if you were using those powers or even if you were using weapon powers. Even if you were using regular powers it could be the case as well. I know my friend picked Electricity for his "speedster" and that would definitely be stronger after the revamp as well. Either way. A lot of factors could explain this. Power type, how you play, etc.