Am I missing something?

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  1. ShadowTheHunter Well-Known Player

    I've been doing some more 1v1s in the arena, and one of my sessions has left me flabbergasted. I have half level 100, half level 99 PVP gear, and I am a Rage DPS. I was fighting against an Electricity DPS. In all honesty, the guy had skill, you could definitely tell he had PVP experience. Based on the damage I took, I thought I was fighting someone in full level 100 gear. I inspected his gear and found that he was wearing no PVP gear, but rather PVE gear, and if I remember correctly one of his pieces of gear was at item level 32. I know for sure that it was low level.

    Again the guy had skill, but the damage truly was scary. At one point, at full health, he blocked countered me, and then used some of his powers while I was still getting up, and when I looked up at my health, half was gone in an instant (my PVP HP is 26,141).

    In the end, I won the match because I was able to adapt to his moves, but what scares me is the thought of repeating that fight with him in the same gear I fought him in. This guy isn't the only guy to give me a hard time without any PVP gear, but this time was definitely the most eye-opening. I realize there is a buff to those without PVP gear, and in the past I have mostly been able to handle guys with no PVP gear with ease, but every once in a while there are some who seem to dominate. Am I missing something? Could it be skill points? I am aware that my skill points are low (78), but would that give someone in all low PVE gear the ability to evenly match a near T4 fighter? There must be something I am missing, or don't understand, so please share your thoughts.

    I play on PlayStation 3 (USPS).
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  2. Red Jenni Loyal Player

    I was fully prepared to answer the title with "probably" but in fact I have had similar experiences. And while I only have a couple of 100 pieces, I have 170 sp. I also play on ps3 but I fail to see why that would affect damage.
  3. Itazuki New Player

    Well, to both of you. In Arenas your stats are evened out to try and level the playing field. So even if someone comes into an Arena with no gear, or PvE gear on, their stats are switched to mirror that of the average PvP gear. Your stats may be SLIGHTLY higher because you have 100 gear, but it won't be so much higher that you'll win purely on that alone.

    This is done to make Arenas more about skill, and less about who has the better gear. Clearly it works, seeing as his skill made you beating him a challenge. I hope this clears some stuff up...
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  4. Iced New Player

    Ok, so it raises the question, what the gear is for then? Only for feat? Cuz for me getting better gear should put me at advantage and ok i don`t say huge one against 97-99 pvp gear (when i got 100) but in pve gear? That`s just silly. Not complaining but one can see why Arenas are hated that much.
  5. ShadowTheHunter Well-Known Player

    This is exactly my concern. In the past, unless they've changed something, I've always been able to tell whether or not the person I was fighting had PVP gear on without inspecting them. But, the situation I mentioned made me question the point of even using PVP gear, if without a single piece of it that much damage could be delt. I am at a loss here. His skill was there for sure, but it did not explain the amount of damage he was doing.
  6. The Enquirer Steadfast Player

    It doesn't buff you up to the average PvP gear. It buffs you up to someone wearing entry level PvP gear plus a few other things.

    There's upwards of a 35% stat difference between someone who took the time to mod and get the best gear versus someone who's just relying on the buff.

    Odds are he had several DoT's going on you and may have been clipping several powers together. It could have also been that he used a weapon mastery combo. Keep in mind he also could have had an abundance of skill points as well.
  7. ShadowTheHunter Well-Known Player

    Could be. I don't know much about Electricity, but is it top tier in DoT? And the part in my post that I mentioned he took half of my health, it looked like he had clipped two at that time. Maybe I'm wrong, but for instance, would having 200 SP vs having 78 skill points allow you to mitigate almost 4 tiers of armor?
  8. The Enquirer Steadfast Player

    Not really. But in a 1v1 it doesn't do too bad. The reason is mostly because it has a lot of DoT's as opposed to burst damage and that causes it to suffer a bit in matches with a healer. But in a 1v1 if he set up several DoT's on you then countered you and executed a weapon mastery combo that could do what you're describing.
  9. Itazuki New Player

    Well gear DOES give an advantage.... The endgame mods boost you enough to notice it. Plus in Open World PvP gear does matter more. And yes, styles are a reason as well. Honestly though, it's there to add some type of progression to PvP, since some people don't like to do it just for fun, some like to earn things from it.
  10. Itazuki New Player

    Are you sure it's entry level? Entry level gear only gives my newer character 25k HP, while in Arenas it is put to 26k. Always thought it was being boosted to one tier higher than entry. And didn't mean average idk why I said that, meant erm... the middle? Maybe it's my base buffs or something.
  11. The Enquirer Steadfast Player

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  12. Talve Dedicated Player

    I cant understand about all the crying when it comes to pvp stat boosting on pve geared people.

    Only difference between old times and now is that someone can be lazy enough not to not take 1 minute to buy cash gear.
    While at the same time people who are low on inventory and dont care for pvp can avoid the need for space for another full set.
    And from pvp point of view, situation what happened each season is gone. Im talking about the PvE gear overtooking pvp gear on some slots with pvp gear being outdated and pve gear having superior stats.
    There were points when about ~70% of my pvp setup had pve gear over pvp gear as pvp 5v5 healer. Thank god that this is gone with his new stat boost tech.

    Only real change is the hidden skill point boosting which only affects really new players.
    Do people are teally that sad that they cant faceroll ungeared new people anymore?
  13. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    Uhm, there's like fifteen of these threads a week, or...

    Yes, yes they are. The ******** Is Real Yo. I'd call it a struggle but that would be a lie...
  14. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    Aside from Championship Belt and 'There's like 6 SP worth of Feats associated with PVP Gear Styles Alone'...

    Open World PVP is the point, to be frank.

    It has no Stat Capping, no Stat Boosting, and absolutely no Role-based Restriction : i.e. Tanks are full function Tanks, Healers heal their actual amounts and with no Crit capping, DPS will crit more often for a noticeably higher amount of damage. PVP Gear allows you to live past the opening exchange in this environment.

    Although your damage dealing stats (Precision and Might) and Support Stats (Restoration, Vitalization and Dominance) can all potentially be higher in a Role-specific set of PVE Gear, *NO* set of PVE Gear has the same Health and Toughness, and ANY set of PVP Gear gives you a better standing combination of these Stats than any potential Role-Specific PVE Gear can.