Am I doing Electricity Healing right? Feel free to revise my loadout!

Discussion in 'Powers, Weapons, and Movement' started by Amayes, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. Amayes New Player

    Okay so I roll on up to the raids with...

    -Bioelectric Surge
    -Ionic Drain

    Usually I'll go up and use Electrogensis to Galvanize -> weapon combo -> Galvanize -> Bio-capacitor ->repeat (and sometimes throw in a Bioelectric Surge if I have low power or an Ionic Drain)

    I'm kind of new to this so if I'm way off track, please help me out.
  2. petvpets New Player

    Its fine, just takes a lot of practise to be godlike and build up trust with that loadout.

    Some will come in here and say ionic drain is not needed, well to them I say sorry, its the best raid heal and is spammable, heals everyone out of los for obscene amounts, and if its not fast enough heal for you, learn to block and use sodas. It also stuns so its useful to stun whats killing your tank or dps for a moment and catch them and heal.

    Also, try not getting into the habit of spamming galvanise you will run out of power quickly if you spam that with bio cap or surge. I personally would take out surge for wired - team buffs means things die faster which means less healing.
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  3. Meta Flare New Player

    I use arc instead of bio cap. This way I know the tank is getting healed.

    Also, do not spam galvanize.
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  4. Sumeric New Player

    Your load-out is fine. It's identical to what the majority of electric healers use in pre-T5 content, plus or minus a move here or there based on personal preferences.

    As far as rotations go, electric healing isn't really based on a specific rotation. It's all about using the right heal in the right situation. And as stated by others, learn to use galvanize more sparingly. It's a pretty power expensive move and if you and the group aren't positioned right and enough people haven't taken a decent amount of damage, it's more or less just wasting power.

    During the fighting, keep electrogenesis on cooldown (It's not the best Hot in the world, but its something,) its good for keeping up with small to moderate amounts of damage, and if you position yourself right, anyone in range of both auras will receive double ticks from them except those who have the aura placed on them, they only get set of healing ticks, each.

    The rest of the healing powers just depend on the situation at hand. My reasoning behind a given choice is:

    At least 4 people taking a sharp spike in damage and not too far apart from me? Galvanize.

    One or two people need a heal but the rest of the group is ok? Either back to back bio-elec or bio-elec clipped with bio-cap if the need is urgent.

    I use bio-cap also to keep safety nets on high risk members of the group (i.e. the tank or the occasional reckless dps).

    Ionic drain is all about either predicting and compensating for heavy damage, or getting heals to the group when they are too spread out.

    Invigorate is obvious. Either an oh **** moment, or my trolls are out of power and I want to give them something back (also an oh ****


    None of this is set in stone, and it isn't the only way to do things. Stuff happens and you may very well have to just use whatever's off cooldown at the time and logic be damned. The point is to use the analyze the fight and use the heal that you feel best fits the situation and not get stuck in any set rotations. I also didn't mention weapon combos because anytime I'm not healing, I'm hitting something.
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  5. Amayes New Player

    Thank you guys! All of your responses helped out a lot! I'll keep it all in mind, and I have decided to switch surge out for wired and see how those buffs do for me. :)
  6. MARK2099 New Player

    Your loadout is fine, as long you are not one of those noobs who use galvanize as main heal spamming over and over empty your power bar in less than 5 seconds lol, if you use as emergency heal your loadout is good.
  7. YodaDog New Player

    My advice is to not ask for advice in this manner. You are going to get TONS of advice, which is swell. Problem is it will necessarily be contradictory, after awhile. You'll get plenty of advice from folks who have no business giving any, and you'll have no idea whose to follow and whom to ignore.. At least this is my experience. I would highly recommend you find a elec healer in-game. One you trust and know does well in t5 content. DPS an Op or any instance for him and let him talk about what he's doing, when and why.. Or just talk about it with him in general. I think you'd be much better off, personally... Good luck!
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  8. Remander 10000 Post Club

    Best advice on here, other than YodaDog's. ;) Seriously, don't worry about rotations. Worry about what situations call for which heal(s). If you're doing rotational healing, you'll be woefully inefficient. Sometimes only single targets need heals, sometimes multiple, sometimes everyone, and sometimes no one. Learn when to heal and with what. Biggest mistake healers in this game make is overhealing. You drain the team of power that could be put to better use (like DPS). There are many Electricity powers that are viable for healing, and each is optimal for certain situations. We all have our preferences, and you'll develop yours. You have a good starter loadout. Work with it, learn about it. Then, you may want to try other approaches when more comfortable with Electricity healing in general. It's a fun powerset!

    P.S. - Don't spam Galvanze! :D
  9. Blinx New Player

    A long time ago, I thought that it came out that Galvanize canceled out Electrogenesis. Don't remember if it was a bug or not. Is that true?
  10. Jafin Devoted Player

    I haven't played my Electric Healer in about 2 months but last time I checked you could get the small ticks from Galvanize and the big ticks from ELectrogenesis at the same time. If Galvanize wiped out the ticks that Electrogenesis gave then it would make Electrogenesis totally useless in healer stance.
  11. Jafin Devoted Player

    Personally I use the same loadout as the OP except for Bioelectric Surge, I use Arc Lightning instead as it gives out a pretty decent heal and is totally awesome if a lot of allies are grouped close together around an enemy. (My favourite is using it on an enemy that a Fire Tank is focusing on, I just love seeing those 4-5k heals what with the way Fire Tanks work.)
  12. Blinx New Player

    Ah..thanks for the info. I'm tweaking my toons so this is good to know.
  13. Jafin Devoted Player

    It could have been changed for all I know, like I said it's a while since I played on my healer, but I honestly don't see why they would make one cancel out the other, doesn't make sense.
  14. Sumeric New Player

    At one point, the hot's from galvanize and electrogenesis used to cancel out. It has been fixed for quite a while now, though. I'll comb through the update notes (courtesy of Sore's guide) and post the link.
  15. Sumeric New Player

    Found It!

    Edit: I forgot the

    That archive is pretty handy.
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  16. Tule New Player

    Boo everyone else. You shouldn't "spam" galvanize, but don't be afraid to use it. Same people who complain about savage+metabolism yet when I do it and save the hell out of everyone they always act like they've never seen such healing before. Just gotta know when to explode and when to pace yourself. Thread like these are the reason why parties wipe, the healer thinks he needs to be overly conservative and Im sitting at 40% hp for a minute and then die.
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  17. Woodler New Player

    I agree with this
    my basic rule of thumb is -
    if one player has lost 25% of their health - spot heal
    if two or more players have lost 25% or more of their health - don't be afraid to use galvanize

    pretty simple :)
  18. BrotherMutant New Player

    True dat. Worry about your team's health more than how much power you have. A full blue bar is useless to dead people (although most teams I pug with don't catch on to that concept).

    Galvanize is only really good when bunched up AND the big heal payout it gives is upfront followed by a bunch of lame ticks of healing afterwards for like 2 minutes IIRC. I like to use it when we are just getting into a fight and everyone is nearby just to add that lame HoT for the beginning of the battle. Add on Electrogenesis and you can pretty much sit back and wait to use Surge and Capacitor as teammates need. Make sure to keep the "safety net" of capacitor on most if not all of your team (I use capacitor to clip a heavy hitting weapon attack). Surge is your "go to" heal if you or ONE person on the team is hurt as its decent and cheap. But my leaguemates almost insist I switch to using Capacitor instead during Raids as the net falls off and you don't realize it.
  19. mikeycorleone New Player

    Start out with electrogenesis, weapon combo weapon combo weapon combo....and when electrogenesis is at the " 9 o clock position" u get in range with everyone and pop galvanize, to keep them HOTs up, a little tip i picked up from an in-game elec healer who's been one since elec came out. If no one is taking any major dmg, I pretty much do this over and over again, u just need P o t for this and ur power bar will still be full. I use bio-cap as my #1 single target heal, to keep refreshing the 2 minute safety net. One think to take note for elec healing is very power conservative u need as much power when things get a bit rough so ya.. dont spam galvanize unless needed ;)
    Happy healing :)
  20. Justice Jett New Player

    I was just gonna post a thread like this. I'm glad if found it.

    I've been an electric healer since the power came out. I've changed my loadout so many times, but it seems to come out almost the same every time, plus or minus one move. I actually just switched out Ionic Drain for another burst heal move, because it seemed like I always hit it too late, and it didn't have enough time to heal everyone vs. the amount of damage being taken. I've thought about putting arc lightning, but decided against it. Maybe I'll have to change that. Most electric healers seems to like it.

    My loadout is pretty much the same as yours, minus ionic drain. Like most people say, it's all about using the right heal at the right time. Just keep at it. You'll be fine.

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