Am I Bad DPS? Hell No!

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Kaizer2626, Jul 18, 2015.

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  1. Alienz New Player

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  2. CaptainColdilocks Dedicated Player

    A dps doing crowd control is like a broken condom; it's just not gonna work.
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  3. CaptainColdilocks Dedicated Player

    So funny! Lol. For realz.
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  4. Schimaera Devoted Player

    As much as I agree with how bad the scoreboard affects groups the problem still stands: Doing 20% of the DPS of others who are equally equippef isn't great. One could have done better with WM, not to mention AM.

    However, if a player decides to test something else, the Test Server is a good place for that. BUT it might have been better to not try something weird in a random group..

    If I see someone underperforming I usually talk to him/her how to improve the performance. If they don't want to, it is ok too. But I will point out that there are instances where it matters and where they are likely to be left behind. The end game is competitive when it comes to group play and a single player is responsible for 7 others in a raid group. If he f**ks something up because he's rather using Heat Vision /Jackhammer with Staff Combos, the whole group suffers from this.
    And this is something many people who complain about the scoreboard don't seem to understand. As long as there are DPS mechanics (Granny's drone, Enrage timers, too many adds) , people need to get their act together and learn their roles better. And as soon as these mechanics vanish entirely we're knee deep in a dead game.

    Still, there is a difference between competitiveness and fun for some people. But some instances require more of the first.
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  5. xxOMNIPOTENTxx Committed Player


    I stopped laughing when I realized that the OP was being serious about crowd control while in DPS stance. The damage out is certainly subpar for any power set, but numbers don't lie.

    Even bad DPS' will get out damaged by double the numbers the top person puts up, but this is just ludicrous. Your job is to burn, and no matter how much you tell your biased story, you barely beat the Healer in damage out.
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  6. CrazyArtBrown Dedicated Player

    The OP said they were running earth DPS but without taking advantage of the AM. That's enough to explain the difference. This is a case study in why people can't just ignore the scorecard if they're serious about self-improvement. It's fine to say you're just interested in having fun and kind of suck at playing...people should own that instead of making excuses though.
  7. BRITTENY Dedicated Player

    Here's the thing. I like that you're all about teamwork and doing things other dps' wouldn't normally do. But wouldn't you think you'd be better suited to Troll? Or maybe even tank? CC'ing isn't something a DPS is concerned about. DPS'ing is about doing damage. Myself, Eddy and Kronus were cc'ing everything. You CC'ing really didn't do much to really help. The pickups, yes, helped a lot and is something everyone that can do, and should do.

    Putting out not even 10% of the dps' damage is concerning. I get you're having fun, but are you really contributing in your role? I just think you'd be better suited doing something else to where you're fully contributing in your role.

    And for those losing their minds about skipping adds, there were two small sets of adds you can pretty much bypass due to the size of the room you're in. If you want to fight them, fight them, if not, then don't. I'm sure they will be looked at and maybe made so that you have to fight them. It would nice if there was some sort of purpose to fight them. As of now it's just trash and faster to really just bypass them. But to each their own.
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  8. Veritech Loyal Player

    A noob caught up with a bunch of elitists. Never going to end well.

    Testing at it's finest.
  9. DivineSire Dedicated Player

    If the clown that said this........

    Had of done this.......

    This thread wouldn't exist!!
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  10. megamanexe Committed Player

    if it doesnt matter then dont make fun of others.
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  11. Controller Devoted Player

    I still agree with the OP.

    There are only so many HPs to whittle away from the bosses.

    Gotta have that one (or 2) DPS that are willing to do the SMALL things that will matter BIG during the course of a raid.

    Still can't believe that just a few weeks ago the Dps's were asking ME (Solo Troller) to do the SWITCHES for the 2nd boss NGN.

    FIVE of them.

    It is getting a bit ridiculous.

    Over time I've learned to come out of my own role and do other things, like LUNGE on the 1st boss of NGN. I'll even change up my loadout if someone asks me to debuff a certain skill from a boss.

    I'll try to position myself to get "A" switch if I can. I can compromise.

    It is good to recognize that even though a score may look low, there are other things that just didn't make it to the box score that were done by the lower Dps's.
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  12. Supergirly Dedicated Player

    Um, you do know that skipping anything in a TEST is not a good way to test anything? I was in a BETA for SWTOR, and we tested everything to make sure it worked. If you are really caring about DPS and score cards, stop wasting time on a TEST server. You are not helping anyone by skipping adds, no one.
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  13. Controller Devoted Player

    I've seen it mentioned in the forums before, and maybe it's time for the Devs somehow engineer some way to record revives, lunges, switch-activation - ANYTHING that may not show up in a Box Score.

    These players that can do the little things AND deal out some damage need to be recognized somehow.

    I simply refuse to believe that the OP was totally useless just because his damage was low.
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  14. xoHLxDPSox Steadfast Player

    I'd like to direct you to the post below. . .

    @Chungweishan, I agree some ppl think ppl can pull dmg / #s out of thin air :confused:
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  15. Chungweishan New Player

    I can understand the logic of skipping on test if it was to demonstrate to the Devs that NPCs can and will be skipped if they serve no purpose to the Instance. Of course, this goal must be communicated to the Devs... and obviously to the Team testing the instance.

    That's why I asked about the skipping. Was there a purpose? Apparently there was. If the other goal was only to test tactics against the Boss, then it's best to save time by skipping.

    It just seems to me that this Testing Team had different goals. The responses so far is an example of how certain players are defining roles within a team and the intolerance of not following the expected norms.

    I have always noticed as the game progresses, end-content teams are placing more and more restrictions on how people should play instead of promoting creative solutions.
    • Five DPSes should only be hard-hitting WM/AM players, and they better not be using powers that aren't FOTM.
    • If a DPS isn't doing enough damage, then downgrade to Support Role (and good luck finding a team, because everyone wants 5-1-1-1 anyways).
    • The one Controller should only give power, debuff (maybe), CC (maybe if the Tank doesn't complain), and do everything else the DPSes don't want to do.
    • The Tank is the only one that can pull, CC, and aggro.
    • To the only Healer, you better keep everyone alive because everyone else no longer concentrates on their own survival.
    But hey, what should've been done is Kicking the OP from the team. That would've really reflected how things operate on the Live Server.

    Other than that... I appreciate you all testing.
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  16. MentosTroll Loyal Player

    these are the people on wonder
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  17. kravonik New Player

    Surprised anyone is on test after gu50 testing debacle.
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  18. CheneysCurse Well-Known Player

    This thread is both sad and amusing the perfect cocktail of emotions.
  19. Supergirly Dedicated Player

    Sadly, you are completely right. The end gamers seem to only want FOTM and AM/WM and do not care at all about players that just want to have fun. It has to be done in 20 mins, or they lose interest. Is this what our society is? Can no one stand to be in an instance for 30 mins anymore?

    Why can't we see other groups than 5-1-1-1? I would love to see people just play and have fun. DPS should be able to survive, cause they are smart. When I DPS, since I play a tank, I really do live. I know how to block and I do it often. I do it so much that I have outlasted many, many, tanks even. If I can do it, anyone can. But I still see people yelling "Healer sucks! We need a new healer!" When they didn't block and took full damage.

    So maybe this is what we are left with. Maybe this is how all MMOs are now? If we do not win in 20 mins, we are BAD and should feel bad. If we do not know content on day one, we are bad. If we do not skip every mob and get to boss, we are BAD. When did we get this BAD?
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  20. Backseid Devoted Player



    The scoreboard tells you nothing aside from DPS damage which isn't even all that accurate to begin with. You don't use it for Healers, Tanks, or Trolls. So I don't see your issue with removing it.

    Since there are always more DPS than anything, a bad DPS or two will not make much difference.
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