Am I a Villain????

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Evil Leaper, Sep 5, 2013.

  1. Evil Leaper New Player

    Well I play on the villain side but from all the challenges, alerts, and raids I do I think I'm a hero. It's because I keep helping heros defeat other villains. Why aren't we freeing Trigon or Krona. Why am I killing Ra's al Ghul????? The police station duo seems like the only villain mission in the whole game.

    Disgruntled Villain. (Sigh)
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  2. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    Well you do have missions where you fight Hawkman and Hawkgirl. Green Lantern Alan Scott. Both Flashes Barry Allen and Jay Garrick.

    But I get what you mean... a lot of Villain missions are pretty much hero missions.
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  3. Evil Leaper New Player

    Yeah leveling up you feel like a villain but once you hit level 30 that feeling goes away.
  4. Maxx_Watt Loyal Player

    I was once again left scratching my head after beating up the sons of trigon who I thought were considered villains

    Why am I beating up bane in the lighthouse?

    I like Ras I dont want to stop whatever diabolical plan he has

    I want the batcave to be trashed

    How come I'm buying gear from Mr Freeze after I just broke that thing his wife is in

    If you care about the plot of this game don't be a villian, lucky for me I stopped listening to the game sound 2yrs ago
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  5. Evil Leaper New Player

    Thank you my feeling exactly.
  6. Galadorn New Player

    You dont need to be good to annoy baddies

    But on the other side, is funnier to mess with the good ones!
  7. DivineSage New Player

    It's easier to just re-use assets then it is to design unique content for the two sides.

    What you are talking about is one of the more glaring examples of the design laziness in this game.

    Granted, there is some unique villain/hero stuff. But not enough IMO

    I have actually never seen so much re-used/repeated level design and other content in all my gaming life..... and I'v spent more time gaming then I have sleeping.
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  8. LV~ New Player

    I know you've been picking away at this for a while, I've been picking away at this for a while.

    Most villains pick away at the plot for our side at some point. The villains I've met who don't have this problem with the plot aren't really villains. Just Mercs.

    At this point though, you could make a good argument that we SHOULD just all be mercs. (Guess what, everyone is Deathstroke mentor now!)

    One of the bigger problems I have is one pointed out by Yahtzee when he reviewed DCUO way back when, where essentially with our created characters and back stories and "unique" (Why quotes? See fear gas.) abilities, we've always been pre-destined to always and forever play second fiddle to the real McCoy first stringer characters. Always building up for someone or something or some event else instead of ourselves. It's not about us. It's about the things that already exist, why care about us?

    This is one of the main reasons I loved home turf, one of the first real semblances of Identity. What theme did you go with and why? Gotham and Metropolis and why? Address location and why? Lair Emblem and why?

    In any game I'm big on story and immersion and I've always understood that for an MMO I should expect less but sometimes it still bothers me just like villain content still bothers some of you guys. (And me)

    Surely you can't get everything you want out of the once-in-every-twenty-years project like this but sometimes its still depressing. I'm sure most of you have done similar to me, but I've found other reasons to stay with the game over the two years and some odd months.
  9. LV~ New Player

    Come for the evil laugh stay for the parties I guess.
  10. Captain Spire New Player

    .....and remember! A villain is only a hero, who's trying to kill you. :)
  11. Maxx_Watt Loyal Player

    We have parties? Guess my invitation got lost in the mail as usual *Sad Face*
  12. LV~ New Player

    Funny thing about it is that the parties aren't as fun as they sound. Sadface is appropriate.

    It's more of a token Calculator line than anything.

    Pick your favorite raid night moment with your league and nostalgia all over it for a few minutes, then you're good to go for the week.
  13. Cloud_9 New Player

    What people need to understand is that villains don't want other villains to take over the world. They want to take over the world. So of course they'll help heroes stop them from taking over the world/galaxy/universe/dimension/multiverse.
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  14. Evil Leaper New Player

    I want to help Ra's kill Batman.
  15. Maxx_Watt Loyal Player


    We help the other villain take over 1st to get the hero out of the way, then we kill who ever it is we helped. This also is a good strategy just in case the 1st plan fails so we can sneak off into the shadows while the main guy takes the heat. Sheesh what villain school did you go to?
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  16. LV~ New Player

    Invalid Generalization. Sure, some probably agree with that, but a lot don't.

    We're not cookie cutters, we're snowflakes.

    How much easier is it to take over the world if I know an idiot is going to be in charge? Even easier if you work with the person to find out their strengths and weaknesses and security policies.

    If I looked at the lexcorp handbook in-game I bet I'd see some of our names in the acknowledgments.
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  17. Vodka Committed Player

    I'm a villain trapped in a hero's body.

    Check your privilege, JLA scum.
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  18. LV~ New Player

    It's not just that the sons of trigon aren't good guys.

    Someone we supposedly are aligned with (Shaky definition(Circe)) wants us to beat these guys up because she wants trigons power.

    We, being the brainwashed slaves we obviously are, go risk our lives without question into a fiery nightmare world.

    In return they feed our addiction of new shiny gear, which without that gear, we're pretty worthless. No glory, no agenda-fufilling, no reshaping social norms, for us anyway. DC Character #5 gets hailed as a new god-like person with "Untold Amounts of power!"

    So just to check, there's multiple systems in place with the capability to de-power us and if we don't do exactly as we're told we're basically shunned from our respective communities without alternative options.


    The weird part about it is that the hero side has similar, if not the same, systems. As if being saved on the Brainiac ship required us to sign our lives away.
  19. BumblingB I got better.

    Villains fight other villains.
    Villains save people in their own best interests.
    Villains backstab friends.
    The game's original common enemy was Brainiac.

    I don't understand this topic. I read a lot of comics and this game stays true to the Lore.

    A couple of good titles to check out related to hero and villain relationships:
    DC Comics Presents: Batman The Demon Laughs
    -Joker is commissioned to work for Ra's and ends up backstabbing him.
    Batman: Son of the Demon
    -Batman marries into the Ra's Al Ghul family.

    If you want to maim, steal, murder, raize in this game, I doubt you would. There is PR related stuff that can't be crossed. It can only go so far.
  20. LV~ New Player

    The villains you're familiar with get to make their own choices; it doesn't mean we have to do the things you've listed all the time. The funny thing about it is that there are cases of Heroes filling those roles you've listed as well.

    The problem is that we're doing things we (used loosely) don't believe are in our best interests.

    MY point is that this is a problem with the game in general. We put all this time and effort into these characters we've made, original or not, and we do nothing but ape the characters from DC.

    Aside from body language we have no personality, no voice, no specific beliefs (we have the vaguest most general beliefs possible), and no goals of our own. Person #3 tells us to do something, we go do it, because we were told to, No more no less.