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  1. Beat Active Player

    I was thinking of a way to stop this "Bring the OG items back" debate, so I thought of a way that pleases both sides.

    Instead of bringing them back, why not just Update them so that they're not exactly the same.

    for example you could/could've put the Black thunderstorm aura in a Booster Bundle. It looks just like the black smoke BUT has lightning AND is faster-Boom. The Black smoke keeps its rarity and newer players have an even better version of it. Same with the other items.

    Make a Nimbus aura but speed the animation up a bit and make it bigger.-Boom a better version of the old. It's a Win-Win.

    A great example would be the Cosmic Chroma. If you put the Cosmic Chroma on a hoodie style its a Cosmic, but you can still see a Color/Hue difference. you basically brung the Cosmic back but not as an exact copy of the old, so the old Cosmic keeps its rarity and new players have a great alternative.

    You could do this with any older style people want.
    You could Reintroduce the OG plasmic but change the hue a bit more and add swirls or something lol.
    Don't bring the old auras/Materials back, just improve and upate them to be even better.
  2. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Please don't use large fonts followed by double-spacing, ever.
    And your idea is something the dev team have already been utilizing. Whenever they come out with something new and rare, they'll introduce variant versions in later events.

    For example they introduced the exclusive Plasmic Aura in the 2013 Booster Bundle, after that: Blue, Red, Green, Orange and Yellow Plasmic Auras in 2014 Booster Bundles. Light Green Plasmic in a 2016 Booster Bundle. Dark Blue and Dark Yellow Plasmic Auras in a 2020 Booster Bundle.

    They introduced a White Smoke Aura in a 2016 Booster Bundle, then in 2019 introduced a similar battle-reactive Thunderstorm Aura in the Dark Multiverse Time Capsule.

    However this obviously hasn't resolved the issue of players wanting limited time items to return.
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  3. Beat Active Player

    Exactly. People want the "real deal".
    I'm personally against the idea of bringing old items back, but if they bring them back but in a new way I'd be happy. We all would.

    If people could just get the black thunderstorm most people wouldn't even want the black smoke back, because its the black smoke but better. ofcourse if people get a RED smoke they still will want the black its not the same or even similar besides its animation.
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  4. nawanda Dedicated Player

    More than half the appeal of these original items is the ‘status’ of having the original items. In my personal opinion, some of the coloured Plasmic auras are better looking than the original plasmic, just for example. People don’t want access to these things just because of their cosmetic utility.

    I don’t own any of the three original rare auras because they were before my time. I’d like to own them I guess. But they were before my time. That’s life.
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  5. Beat Active Player

    My point exactly.
    Its a win-win.
    The original original items would be even MORE valueable and rare and others will stop asking for them because they'd have better alternatives.
    I'm only missing the og plasmic and solar. But if they had a Black thunderstorm i'd maybe wear it more than the smoke lol. and the smoke would be even rarer then.

    Pssst: I don't want them to bring back the plasmic or solar even though I don't have them. I'd rather them bring them back but different somehow, so the old ones value isn't ruined.
  6. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Like OG Plasmic Lite, OG Solar Lite?
  7. Rainnifer Committed Player

    You're correct there. There was a game I played that had a trading system but has slowly been dying out lately, just recently they've made it possible to just buy all the old items that came from 2008/2009 directly from the in-game shop (with in-game currencies.) These were rare items everyone wanted to get a hold of, and now everybody can but they've basically lost any kind of value they once had. This makes them "average" clothing now and no longer special, of course they still look nice though and people can enjoy them. Many people bought all they could regardless of actually liking them or not just because they knew they were highly valued before.
  8. Proxystar #Perception

    Pretty sure Mepps just said on the forums the other day, they're NEVER bringing back the OG items but that everything else in the boxes is up for being re-used.
  9. Proxystar #Perception

  10. nawanda Dedicated Player

    I think they nailed it with the cosmic chroma. It’s 80-90% the same as the cosmic material, when applied to a cape, and as someone who paid through the nose for a cosmic material only a year or so ago, I don’t resent other people being able to have a similar item. I would have an issue if it were indistinguishable, that would seem unfair on the people who had the original and spent money chasing one through RNG or on the secondary market.

    Another case in point is the metallic chroma reward box. Unless you picked orange or yellow, very quickly a glut of metal materials and chromas followed that on to the market which are very similar. The red and blue metallic materials came in the next BB, followed by green in the most recent one. Then we had the liquid metal on a DLC vendor, and the red, blue, purple, green, bronze and dark metal chromas in a time capsule.

    So there are now two precedents for releasing something similar to an ultra rare, not just colour variants, actually similar and the same sort of colour. Again the key for me is that they shouldn’t be indistinguishable. If that rule is followed, no problem here.
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  11. Beat Active Player

    This This This.

    and don't forget the void/bio material. The bio looks exactly like the void but you can't color it exactly like the void.
    this gave people an alternative way of getting the void but not in the exact same way, and in the process it made the void almost double in value.
    Killing two birds with one stone. They give new players a more accurate alternative, and the people who had it fairly first keep the exclusive tag.