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  1. Qwantum Abyss Dedicated Player

    Whats the harm in making all SP shared on alts?
    Seriously asking. Artifacts and allys are a cool component of the game and are discouraging for alts. Not alt friendly at all. Im tryin to think of any way that could make alts more useable and doable.
    For me, SP is the killer.
    Im simply not wasting replays on an alt and im darn sure not re-grinding feats.
    I dont mind spending on artifacts if/when but why do it for an alt w/130 SP?
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  2. Mentaldope40 Committed Player

    That's a good idea, I would even pay to have this done to my other alts, but I'm afraid this is unlikely since badges are pretty much the goal to profit off of regarding alts and their skill points.
  3. DeitySupreme Loyal Player

    A while ago I would’ve been against this but now I’ll be honest and say idk if I see a problem with it. Before artifacts I maintained 3 toons at end game all capable of doing both roles in all content comfortably. After artifacts were introduced my alts took a back step. Then when open world bounties came out they dropped off completely. I started using alts again during flashpoint but not to the same extent as my main. I only do elite on 2 toons now. But my 2nd isn’t at full set like my main is.

    Even if sp became accessible across multiple toons I don’t know if I’d even go back to full set up like I used too. It’s felt like every update since artifacts have push more towards one toon then multi toon. If anything was allowed to be counted towards multiple toons I’d say it would be counter feats. By counter I mean any feat that involves doing x action y amount of times. Or list feats like the random boss feat in FV.

    On the other side it would mean players could use baby toons with 600+ sp while getting through the leveling system. But an easy fix would be to have this be unlocked at 30. It could even be taken a step further and feats would be unlocked when you get to the cr of a dlc to make sure toons don’t have 600+ sp at cr 50 or so on. But as you reach a new dlc the feats you already did get unlocked.

    Basically I’m neither for or against this idea but I can see the reasoning behind it
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  4. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

    alts are easily swappable to when necessary to fill a role for group content.... was considering the change power marketplace item. nevermind.

    what else are alts for? grinding moar? use of specific powers? fashionableness? name and outfit?
  5. Lady Mystyk Level 30

    No harm to us, but there is to DCUO. They would lose money spent for replay badges to then purchase the feat.

    This was the method in which the devs decided to make this work. I really do not think they are going to allow us to have shared skill points.

    Would be nice.
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  6. Dominic Blue Well-Known Player

    Maybe not to get to game breaking levels but maybe a percentage of your SP could be transferred to your other alts? Like for every 150 Skill Points from your mainest toon you get a pool of 30 SP to add to newer toons at least? That way it'd help better with grinding up other alts at least but feel like you're getting progression overall with your account
  7. Steamboat2302 Well-Known Player

    Personally for me its both for grinding, and for changing pace trying a different powerset for a while.
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  8. Qwantum Abyss Dedicated Player

    Didnt think people wasted that much $ that way……..
    To each his own i suppose. My alt will sit with its 130 sp an still be a better healer than most.
    Makes no sense but hey, if ppl are a tually wasting $ on replays just to unlock feats, what can we do haha
  9. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    *Coughcoughcough* *raises hand*

    I don't mind bringing an alt up via paid, but the devs think otherwise. I am not going to bring up the incident that got me to stop playing for a bit froma few years ago. I have 3 characters I'm focusing on. Troll/dps main, healer villain, tank hero.
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  10. Lady Mystyk Level 30

    I do not know if anyone is wasting money on this. I am just saying this is the way the devs decided to make feat account bound. I would be surprised if they gave up the revenue form this. No matter how big or small.
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  11. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    For me, it's a matter of not using Replay Badges to replay content all that much, so between Booster Bundle purchases and the allotment from subscribing I've got a pretty good reserve of badges most of the time.

    When it comes to feats from things like TCs or seasonal events, I choose one character to get the particular item needed for the feat and concentrate my play efforts on that character. It helps if the item (especially costume pieces) fits in with the character's concept/look, of course. LOL Once the character has the feat, I unlock it on the rest of my characters. That way I get the item and feat without running the risk of getting burnt out on running that content.

    Vendor gear and content feats are treated differently. Since I'll be running the character through the content to progress them, I don't bother with unlocking vendor gear feats unless it's a feat to open up the chance for collection pieces. And once I figure out what's needed to get a feat from content, it gets easier to get via gameplay as I keep taking my characters through the content.

    So it works for me. I keep my characters all around the same level and manage to avoid serious burnout in the process. Win-win. :D
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