Alright, so what's everyone's plan with EOG now? (especially healers)

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  1. VIRALITY Dedicated Player


    Now that EOG has essentially been nerfed by 75%, what's the play? I have 3 EOGs on 3 of my healer toons.

    Right now, I only see a few options:

    1) Keep EOG strictly as a swap healing artifact (can use it on the DPS side as a swap as well), since supercharges will be few and far between, and still try and provide a little bit of supercharge regen to the group as a healer.

    2) During this double XP time, feed it fully into a different healing artifact - such as The Clarion or The Demon's Fang, and use that as a 3rd healing artifact.

    3) Use The Transformation Card as my 3rd healing artifact (alongside with Purple Healing Ray and Page of Destiny) and just feed EOG into some other useful artifact, like Dead King's Scepter or Philosopher's Stone.

    Any other ideas?
  2. Skille Well-Known Player

    Can't go wrong with a DKS or Stone.
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  3. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    Never healed with EoG. You could go with Clarion but that is likely next on the list. You can't go wrong with Transformation/Purple.
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  4. TheEnquirer Active Player

    The Might ones especially shine with powers that don't need Solar Amplifier.

    Might (Dead King's Scepter, Philosopher's Stone, or Ebon's Shadow for pure might, Transformation Card)

    Precision (Venom Wrist Dispenser, Transformation Card)

    Tank (Everyman Prototype/Manacles for the most safety, Clarion for fun, Ebon's Shadow for Finisher 30% damage reduction (combos nicely with Rage, but I believe in channeled mods for tanks anyway).

    Healer (Purple Healing Ray, Page of Destiny, Transformation Card, Demon's Fang / Clarion for weapon healing)

    Controller (Claw of Aelkhund / Tetra / Amulet of Rao for debuffing.., I don't anymore about this role tbh.)
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  5. fm0987 Committed Player

    I use it on my earth tank with pheromone bloom, I might just keep it idk. My other two arts are mystic and manacles. I feel like whatever I replace it with won't really make a huge difference. Lasso maybe, if anything
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  6. The_fair_1 Committed Player

    If I decide to come back I honestly don’t know I’ve got most of the arts done. Honestly you’ll be best off with page, purple, and scrap for like all healing situations. EoG was the only healing that brought any challenge to the role so without it everything will be so boring healing you can fall asleep during lol
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  7. TheEnquirer Active Player

    Might as well, pick something fun and fresh. Artifacts really are one of the main ways to shake up your gameplay.
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  8. ArtemisWonderWoman7 Well-Known Player

    I am mainly doing clarion and cloak and trying isis but for me it how much its gonna cost me for breakthroughs. I was at 12 characters swapped out but still have more 2 go before ps server went down. As of now I will need 40 seals of completions at least. Was hoping it would be a flat trade off with eog. It will take time for my account to recover
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  9. Jcal Dedicated Player

    Are y'all keeping your Soul Cloak (if you have it)? That's another doozy.

    I'm essentially trying to be "done" with artifacts after this weekend. I've got the resources to burn, and this will very much be my final push for a long time. My healer's Soul Cloak is at 160 and I'm either, a, feeding it to another artifact or, b, leveling it up to 200. I really don't know. Seems like a waste to feed it. It's an alright artifact, but I don't really use it, and deep down I don't want to commit to it. I'll use it even less now with the EoG changes.

    But I might regret getting rid of it later.... back and forth, lol.
  10. Jcal Dedicated Player

    I totally feel you. EoG was such a perfect fit for Earth. Now I have to pick between Lazarus Pit Water or Everyman as my 3rd. Both are extremely passive artifacts that won't activate in the vast majority of content. At least Lazarus is good for a laugh (dying on purpose; coming back).

    I don't think I want the Clarion. So yeah... Lasso. I know I shouldn't, lol.
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  11. fm0987 Committed Player

    I ended up feeding EoG into solar amp for the dps side of things for my range loadout, was using grim / trans / strat. Will probably still use grim for melee dps for the power regen. And put any remaining xp I had into Everyman (got it to 139 but ran out of seals). Kind of a boring art but whatever. I'll probably use hl shield or epicenter instead of bloom sc I guess. I kinda prefer dps anyhow but I feel like tanking just got a bit more boring without EoG (I just play reg, don't f with elite, not that it matters).
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  12. Essential Exobyte Committed Player

    Ummm, nothing. I use omega, page, and purple. I also use actual healing abilities within my power set and I have about unlimited power so I have no need for a controller in the group.

    To be honest about healing stuff, the only thing that needs changed is that the shield needs to encompass all 8 players and not just 4 players. Then if you really want a super shield with cc immunity or healing effects or detaunts, then use a sc shield.
  13. Cyclonic Dedicated Player

    The obvious answer is to wait for the super nerds to figure out the new meta and follow suit. Don't get stressed... it's gonna get figured out. Deep conversations at the waffle house.

    I'll probably be rocking Trans, Strat, Clarion for easy stuff... and Purp, Page, Clarion when required if that helps.
  14. Vella Well-Known Player

    Trans/ray/clar for healing

    Trans/Strat/clar for Battle Healing, swap Strat for Cog if running with prec users.
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  15. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    well seing how EOG is fixed now im more that likly try using it some now thats its not broken
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  16. Cyclonic Dedicated Player

    Neat. I like to start using stuff when it hits its absolute worst too. If you're too useful then everyone will start expecting that from you all the time. Let's go be butt together. We'll probably get kicked a lot but at least we'll have eachother.
  17. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    Peoples idea that anything that's not meta is butt, sadly show how little people actually test things. ive heard so many people say specific artifacts are garbage and not worth using. but in all actuality they put out dang near the same results as the metas if not better in some cases. just like EOG is still useful and works and just isn't broken any longer. I tend not to use broken mechanics because people who chase some flavor of the month build proves there not as good as they think they are and have to have all the help they can get to do well.
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  18. VIRALITY Dedicated Player

    So I ended up just deciding to keep EOG as a swap for now. With Black Adam + Head Mod + Scrap of the Soul Cloak + Chest mod (Extended supercharge - if you don't have a 200 scrap) + Supercharge generator in loadout + 10,000 supercharge = Still usable to replenish the groups supercharge by 18% every 1-2 mins.

  19. spikeat Well-Known Player

    I didn't understand the purpose of the video you posted. There were 2 healers interchanging eog. In what instance are there 2 healers in a group?
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  20. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    Elite raids.
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