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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Cardboard, Jun 3, 2022.

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  1. August Moon Well-Known Player

    As a dps in swe if youre being damaged by anything its an aoe that cant be shielded or loss adds or environmental damage that the troll shield is going to block anyways. By the time the troll shield expires off of you youre out of the way of whatever was hitting you anyways. It really doesnt matter if batman shield lasts long or not you really dont need it nor would it make or break a group if they all had it. Same thing with superman , theres nothing in this entire game as we speak that superman will fix or make easier that you couldn't already get through without him. And if you do miraculously need him you can just get an atomic tank with eog and a troll sitting in eogs to cycle shields for literally no extra cost at all
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  2. August Moon Well-Known Player

    By that same logic you can do this already without superman with a water healer for just the low cost of a power token , so why make a $200 investment on day 1 what i can already get away with for cheap ?
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  3. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Im getting tired of arguing. Just watch the amount of players finishing Swe+ before and after this ally launched. :)
  4. Forum Junkie Well-Known Player

    Thank you to the people still behind this game still working to add new stuff and keep the game alive. But as we are all chiming in, sadly, this ally ain't gonna be so super. Videos are already online and it is not impressive. Besides that, immolation sucks so bad, mitigation shields are completely useless. This shield effect is completely USELESS. See my comment above for a rework, it would be way more creative and useful. I will wait to see if Krypto is worth wasting favor on, RIP Superman.
  5. Forum Junkie Well-Known Player

    To add, with the new attacks that go right through shields, shields have become somewhat useless. Block for the win.
  6. L T Devoted Player

    Inspiring Breakout is really strong. It is a much stronger effect than Atomic's Unleash Antimatter (which activates it) -- even solo. In a group it would be enormously strong.

    Is there a total damage cap?

    Finally, the cool down is not working correctly. It can currently trigger every 18 seconds-- the cooldown of Unleash Antimatter.
  7. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Want to make sure I’m getting all this straight:

    Thanks OC for the vid, haven’t had time to get on test recently.

    Freeze breath attack is meh on ST and OP on AoE (correct?)
    He is Superman so him being weak isn’t an option. Maybe lower the AoE to still be the best but not crazy (and maybe be the “ceiling” of the amount of damage an ally can do?) and raise ST to also be best but not by a large margin? Applying freeze seems cool for ice players and like no one else, can it root enemies?

    Empowered passive. Not everyone runs solar amp. Yeah, a ton do but not everyone so has some viability to it. Maybe make it stack? I don’t know, just seems like it would be more “sellable” that way. Or maybe a power reduction cost for channeled powers only? Something along the lines of “it’s sunny out so I’m super-ed up”. It’s not like we need more ways to use less power but just trying to think of something that might entice anyone that’s already using solar amp. Most players want the hand mod to be max damage so for builds not using solar amp or that, granted that’s possibly only pet builds, it’s a useful passive as is but small target audience.

    Shield passive. My clarion using ice tank will love this. But if I switch him back to rage, I don’t see myself wanting this. Tied to a pull, maybe not a terrible idea but then very obvious that every tank needs to be running it (and that only tank powers can benefit) vs it has possibilities but requires some thought on how to incorporate. Personal opinion, if it gets tied to a pull, it’s OP. As is, ice will like it but at the same time, it’s usually the 1st shield you drop if you need/ want to run resonanting gale and are using clarion or EoG and need that loadout spot also. Random question, could it be tied to breakout trinket instead? Thinking then any power can use it by giving up a belt spot so it’s not just tank powers that get to use it and it’s tied to that cd in case fixing how it’s working now is an issue. Plus honestly, breakout trinkets have become pretty useless lately. Helps with proma is about the only real use I can think of lately but I do actually use shatter restraints so maybe I’m unaware that it’s become useful again.
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  8. Drewbolt Greatest Healer of this Generation

    Perhaps this is only a "me" problem, but I don't see any warranted need to get this ally, other than the token of fighting alongside Superman for ~6 seconds at a time. His attack appears to be a copy/paste of the Freezing Breath iconic move and applies a PI that is seemingly unhelpful for most powers.

    His first passive is intriguing, but I'm not dropping out a shield, pull, heal, or SC for the group breakout power. Honestly, attaching this ally's best passive to the group breakout power is egregiously disappointing, but then getting a mitigation shield that will break almost immediately for any tank (6 ticks of damage) may not be enough for me to spend 299,000 favor and 2500 (estimate?) source marks on catalysts. I like the idea of this passive, but attach it to a more useful tank power, like a pull. If this passive was tied to a pull, it might be salvageable.

    Finally, the second passive is going to help who exactly? I assume that people who use channeling powers have Heat Vision and/or the Finisher in their loadouts. If they use Heat Vision 99% of the time, they already have Solar Amplifier and don't need this passive because they don't stack. If they are like me, who uses the Finisher and not Heat Vision, what's the justification for spending a few thousand source marks and, and I can't stress enough this cost, 299,000 ally favor? To protect the DPS during the Finisher? Not worth it, in my opinion. Sure, someone could tell me that a Fire tank is using Absorb Heat or a Sorcery healer is using Invocation of Renewal, but why wouldn't those roles just use the FREE equipment mod for the hands? It's not like the other hand mods (max damage or regenerative shielding) are needed to tank or heal because those which would have benefited the role are currently useless because they don't scale.

    If getting a tactical mod added to an ally is on the table, try adding Extended Supercharge and attributing this passive to Superman's ability to inspire good.

    It's more like a separate conversation, but since I already have allies that do stuff for my main and alts (don't get me started on the affordability of ally favor on alts, regardless of shared favor across toons), why would I spend the favor/money to get another ally that is either comparable to my current setup or questionable in usefulness? You know what would happen if I got this ally? I would add another ally to my "Ally Graveyard" which is full of allies I won't be using because they aren't good enough. The only difference between this and artifacts is that I can trade my old artifacts for new ones. I can't even buy a magical potion that returns used favor. But hey, if people want to add to their own "Ally Graveyard", please, do not let me stop you from spending 299,000 favor and a few thousand source marks.
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  9. Mr.W Well-Known Player

    I really like the idea for the 1st passive to be attached to a pulled instead. That would make it become fully passive as a result without widely altering our l/o or playstyle as this seems to be meant for tanks only. I'd find it much more accessible this way even if it just becomes a personal shield as one person mentioned. Plus I'm sure I can find some fun interactions with the lasso artifact if it's changed to react from a pull :p
  10. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    Neutrino Blast*
    From what I could see without going into a raid ther was no damage cap its just the damage reduction calculation until the hits duration are met
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  11. Sprangtastic New Player

    Great points all around. I really like the idea of extended supercharge instead of empowered channel, sure scrap of soul cloak gives this benefits but I don’t think as many people run that artifact compared to solar amp.
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  12. L T Devoted Player

    My bad! I had the near-useless-doesn't-damage-doesn't-heal breakout confused with the near-useless-range-too-short supercharge generator.

    On a more serious note, I couldn't see a cap either. I know it's only a partial shield, but it seems like a pretty good effect applied to the whole group.
  13. The Cat-Lady Well-Known Player

    It would be nice if Superman could be reskinned as a Streaky Ally!

    *purrs* ;)
  14. Balistical Ice Loyal Player

    I would just like to say that if you devs leave the second passive as is, I will have no hope for any future allies you bring to have worthy passives for such an investment. It's a TACTICAL MOD. Like seriously come on...
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  15. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    Solar Amplifier actually took one of Heat Visions abilities away.

    Heat Vision lets you set a target on fire and then switch enemies to do the same to them while the power is active.
    Solar Amplifier only sets enemies on fire at the end of the cast.

    Give us this HV ability back and make it an independent DOT on each target.
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  16. jolaksi Well-Known Player

    I think your memory a little bit off but you are right about wanting that perk back.

    Yes, back then regular Heat Vision was able to put DOTs on individual targets by switching between them but when Solar amplifier released they tweak regular heat vision so it only puts DOT on initial target and not to other ones. They carried that "perk" to Amplified Heat vision so artifact can be more "valuable".

    Currently you can switch between targets with Amplified Heat Vision and put DOT on each target without waiting for final explosion.
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  17. Forum Junkie Well-Known Player

    Liked can be more "valuable," emphasis on the quote/unquote.
  18. Lt Skymaster Dedicated Player

    Bug report.

    It's not working as intended with immolation, I noticed that after 6 hits through immolation it just disappears, making it completely usesless for fire tanks.

    In this one you can see just one hit got through after immolation was done and that's when it procced a single absorb from inspiring breakout.

    You can see it on these other 2 examples as well:

    The only way that could be used was using immolation first, then the breakout but really still doesn't make it usable at all, just in very few situations, I understand that it's also for the group and that's where it gets the most benefit but not in this case for fire tanks.

    Then we can compare it to how it can be used with ice which makes it much better, even then I'm not sure it's doing much to be honest. It does make shatter restraints a little bit better considering it's ice's weakest shield.

    I can see that in situations where there is big damage being useful so instead of getting a 100% hit of a big hit you do get the damage reduction which is proably where it shines nevertheless not great for ads or anything that hits you constantly.

    In this video you can also see how the cooldown is not working as intended, as reported by Penryn as well
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  19. Rejchadar Inquisitor

    Perhaps the problem is in my bad English ... and I just didn’t understand you.... but I’ll clarify one point, immolation as a tank is not a full shield ... as a tank, it absorbs only 35% of damage ... this means that the damage passes on both shields and consumes having charges ...
  20. Lt Skymaster Dedicated Player

    I know immolation is a 35% damage absorption that's what I mean they just don't stack.

    So 6 hits through immolation means that the shield is gone.
    It doesn't ad 35% damage mitigation so regardless if you have immolation it won't absorb more damage.

    To clarify then:

    With imolation an attack will do 15000 damage for instance

    with immolation and inspiring breakout the attack will do 15000 damage the same way.
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