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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Cardboard, Mar 29, 2024.

  1. TheMikeB Active Player

    I main HL and have zero issues with power and only have maxed cyborg. 760 sp
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  2. CGEMINI Well-Known Player

    That would be fun. Maybe they should do 25% faster combos + 35% power reduction instead of might for 20 seconds. Cooldown 30 seconds.
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  3. Ingrando Well-Known Player

    So does the “combo” work with any powers? For example I am quantum using Einstein Ray combo uppercut. I don’t think it’s worth replacing Shazam
  4. Multiverse Creator League

    Yes.... it works.

    It also works with the White Mods combos.
  5. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    So just saw the new post by ender it’s going to reduce power cost of combos … can’t wait to see by how much
  6. CGEMINI Well-Known Player

    I hope the duration is increased as well. 10 seconds to 20 seconds would be perfect. I truly hope it’s a good amount.
  7. CGEMINI Well-Known Player

    6% might + 15% or 20% power reduction per combo for 15 seconds would be ideal. This will give all combo powers a fair share of benefit from this. Celestial for the most part due to the slower combos. It’s currently supposed to be 6% might + 10% power reduction per combo for 10 seconds.
  8. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    I'd say 12s, mostly because most effect durations in this game in that ballpark are 12s and it helps to be able to line things up. Plus, that would make its buff 20% (per second) stronger than Shazam and Zod before you even factor in the benefit of the reduced power cost (Zod's buff is packaged with the opposite). TBH, if not for the fact that combo powers are behind and need some serious help, I'd say 12s would make JS a tad overpowered though not nearly to the degree of the botanical ginger who shall not be named.
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  9. CGEMINI Well-Known Player

    Well idk. Celestial won’t get much use out of it like it would for other combo powers and celestial is the worst of it. If it stays at 10%. Plague takes 3.15 seconds to combo. Consume Soul takes 2.1 seconds isn’t that 2 stacks which would take 5.25 seconds to even get. I mean this really won’t help it fr that’s 20% power cost reduction but by that time HL or the other combo powers that are faster would already have over 40% or more. Or they should just up the power reduction and 12 seconds like you said so it’s not too strong but helping out celestial due to its abilities only have 1 combo in it and not very fast or they can make an exception to celestial but that’s overly complicating it because this a lantern ally to begin with.
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  10. Siramez Well-Known Player

    unfortunately this ally is still not worth the investment after the added effect. You're only getting 6% might buff and 10% power cost reduction for 10seconds and the cooldown is 30seconds. It is just way too inconsistent. May i suggest an increase in duration or lower the cooldown?

    the build i was testing with is trans - quislet - ebon atomic might dps, using this ally and BMWL and its a lot worse than my cyborg + BMWL combo which keeps my power up all the time.
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  11. Braniac Killer New Player

    Hi here are my suggestions for the ally. The secondary passive with the buffed troll super is great. I think similar to poison ivy he should be focused on hardlight. Change the passive so it is if you use a construct combo and buff the might buff to 20percent. The ivy ally was a great way to make nature good again. This will make light usable in endgame content.
  12. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    This last part is the part I don’t like .. so sell us an ally to fix our powers that is bs honestly .. fix the powers
  13. BathroomPapi Level 30

    I’m more interested in leveling up old allies than Stewart. Not worth the money, marks, or effort.
  14. ObsidianChill Creator League, Community "Trusted"

    One or all 3 of the following need to happen:
    1. The Combo powersets Light, Atomic, Rage, Celestial need to be the sole powers that proc Corps Combo. Other powersets like Earth, Quantum, Munitions, Water only have 1-2 abilities that are actual combos. Also the foot equipment mods need to be removed from the combo list. If you need to make it like Superman Passive or Empowered Channeling where you list off the combo abilities from those 4 powersets to count that is fine. Every single powerset shouldn't proc this ability as then how can you try to justify Points 2 and 3
    2. The might buff duration needs to be increased to 15-30 seconds range, if it is going to be kept at 6%. The duration is too short for combos such as Light and Celestial, especially on single target. Even Rage combos still take a few seconds to complete the actual combo before you can take advantage of the next ability in the rotation
    3. The might buff needs to be increased to 15-20% *if 10 second window is being kept. The current buff with the current duration has a marginal increase in damage and in some cases was a decrease in damage as shown in the comparisons in the video below for Light, Earth and Rage examples.

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  15. CGEMINI Well-Known Player

    This ally seems to be focused on buffing combo based powersets that have more than 4 abilities that are combos. The other exceptions shouldn’t apply and celestial still cannot make use out of the passive the combos are too slow to help it and it’s the most power hungry combo powerset. If this ally is meant to help them then they need to make an exception for the slower combo powers. Light, Celestial, Rage, and Atomic should be able to benefit well with this ally yet the marginal increase does little to nothing and it really does nothing for celestial. Celestial requires longer buff duration to even see a difference due to the combos being slower. Even the other combo powers are slow but they are not as slow as celestial.
  16. TCoil New Player

    I think adding this as a stacking buff up to 4-5 stack would make this ally more worth it. That way its a 24-30% might increase and a 40-50% decrease in power cost at max stacks. The numbers can be adjusted but combo powers are quite power hungry to begin with and suffer from not being able to utilize the buff enough due to the power cost and and the length of animation to apply a combo. Making it so you continue to receive the buff as long as you keep a combo occurring every 6 seconds (similar to how ebons and amulet work but with combo powers) then just have the stacks reset once a combo isn't made within the time limit.
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  17. CGEMINI Well-Known Player

    Ya, I think this would work better if there was a maximum stacks so each of them have enough time to benefit but the power cost reduction needs to be even more than 50%. 75-100% should fix power cost issues of combo powers. So 15%-20% power reduction per stack instead of 10%. The effects should be like how you said it is so it incentivizes you to keep using combos in order to keep the benefits from the ally. Now idk if it should be 24-30% might that high. Gain 4% might per stack max 5 to keep it balanced. Reduce if needed. But this ally really shouldn’t have a cooldown if it wants you to combo it should work on how many times you perform successful combos to maintain benefits.
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  18. KhariXD New Player

    I definitely agree on the buffs ramping up to a certain number of stacks per combo POWER specifically. 6%might is criminal and 10% power reduction isn’t even close to what’s needed to actually sustain dps with hl and celestial especially. Having around 4-5 stacks with 5% might and 7-10% power cost reduction would be perfect imo. The might buff doesn’t need to be on par with ivy but it definitely needs to be higher than 10% and the power cost reduction needs to be high enough so that ebons is actually a viable artifact to use.
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  19. CGEMINI Well-Known Player

    That’s the thing even without Ebon both are still power hungry, Ebon makes it worse that’s why it needs to go over 50% because all that’s gonna do is negate Ebon. But now you have normal powercost which is still gonna drain you as much as it is normally so it needs to be more power reduction because to even get the full effect you have to combo which is gonna drain your power during that ramp up. You only gonna really feel it once you reach max stacks but not if it’s 50%. You’ll feel it if it’s 75-100%. I really want 100% because that’s gonna reduce combo powers stuff by half which will fix power issues and Ebon will take it down by 50% which you still have 50% power reduction to cling on but this is balanced because you have to ramp it up in the first place to achieve benefits and now you can actually do more rotations without issues.
  20. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    I like this approach much better.