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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Cardboard, Mar 29, 2024.

  1. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    Agreed. I would also add that perhaps the devs realized they bit off more than they can chew when starting the "ally that helps one specific power" trend. There are fifteen powers and at the current rate of ally releases, a lot of players would be waiting a VERY LONG time for their turn to come around. Of course, if the devs actually increased the rate of ally releases to remedy this, it would be heavily criticized as "shameful cash grabbing". So either way, it's a lose-lose. This ally being designed to be a little more inclusive than Ivy or Static while still helping incentivize play with specific powers seems to be a way to straddle this line.
  2. Siramez Well-Known Player

    i like this approach since it can also work for atomic which is very power heavy so cyborg is required but if this ally gives me a might buff and philo effect, then cyborg gets kicked out.
  3. CGEMINI Committed Player

    I think it should be 6% might + 25% power reduction only when using combos permanently. Stats linger for 2.5 or 5 seconds after you stop using a combo ability.
  4. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    I hate to think as an atomic character I will have some
    Hard light animation in me while this buff is active (hard light is one of my least favorite power sets visually) but if it works like this yes I’ll be happy yo get rid of cyborg.
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  5. WhiteKnightCub New Player

    All powers can use the John Stewart Combo Ability Might Buff
  6. WhiteKnightCub New Player

    Every power can proc John Stewart combo ability
  7. WhiteKnightCub New Player

    It's not exclusive to a specific power.
    All powers can proc JS buff might
  8. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    Technically you're correct. But nobody is gonna run the dashing combos mod or Brand of Hecate art just to get the same buff Shazam and Zod give. Even if JS is slightly buffed, it's still very impractical.
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  9. Ryll Committed Player

    Currently it procs off any combo. Tumbling master included.
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  10. Ala Rebeldex Loyal Player

    My first impression with John is that he lacks that "oomph" factor. His combat ability is not top tier on ST or AoE, is just meh, and the first passive need that energy/power efficiency factor to be a better tool for HL (8% Might would be lovely, considering that we currently have better or similar options on other allies).
    SC regen for the Shield Passive sounds an interesting plus to make the passive more desirable.

    As he stands right now is not worth the investment other than for flavor on a GL character.
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  11. CGEMINI Committed Player

    It needs to last permanently because that’s not enough time for combo powers to do anything nor is this ally fixing power cost issues that people are complaining about. This powerset ally failed because we already have better allies doing the same thing but better and works on all powers. Also this ally isn’t giving Light anything unique to itself but giving its visuals and effects to other powersets. How does that work?
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  12. gamma 9 Active Player

    Mann if it works with tumbling master id power john up to level 10 for a (definite)12% totall might buff per min compared to bwl (by chance) 10%might buff per minute if lucky. 15% might buff if (extremely lucky )
    I like john....((but))..the roll itself will take away precious time from hittin the power tray button:(

    Dps buff allies: John/shazam for me (i think)

    Im still having trouble totalling ZOD's (definite) 2% might buff in terms of 1 minute ..how do we totall/compare that?

    GAMMA 9 YouTube SHAWTY
  13. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    Zod, Shazam and the current version of John Stewart give the exact same buff per second. 6% buff at 33.3% uptime (0.06 x 0.333) is the same as 2% with 100% uptime (0.02 x 1.00) (not factoring buff stacking)
  14. Rejchadar Inquisitor

    The visually, active part of the ally's skills is very good... the problem is that, as with other allies, the gap in damage compared to top allies is too large and the usefulness of the additional effect does not even come close to covering this difference... in the end, all these delights of the visual order look like a complete waste of resources, since except for cosplay it is unsuitable for a more serious game... I honestly don’t understand why you are creating allies with beautiful visual effects... and at the same time making them so much weaker than the top allies - that no one will use them, in an active slot for a more or less serious game... perhaps in terms of lore this is justified (although at the moment Krypto in the comics is not even close to the level of power that is available to John...) but with from a balance point of view, this is absolutely not adequate, and it’s not just about this ally, we’re talking about many allies before that...
  15. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    And there's still no reason to arbitrarily tumble every 30s just to get the same buff Shazam already gives and essentially the same buff over time that Zod gives, especially when Zatanna and BMwL provide a stronger damage increases overall anyway.
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  16. Wanning Comet Committed Player

    The visual never proc'd for me on tumbling master, it does on dashing combos and any other combo power but I never got the green glowy hands with tumbling master. I didn't try to see if the stats increased after using the combo but I'm not sure why the visual would be glitched on tumbling master and nothing else. Maybe I'm just doing the combo wrong but I thought you basically just roll twice and the combo is the sort of forward flip kick at the end of the second roll.

    Edit: Nvm, I went back into test and tried it again and it proc'd off tumbling master fine. Seems to actually proc off the first roll when you have it equipped, as well. I must have been trying to proc the passive during a cd or something without realizing it, or something.
  17. Ryll Committed Player

    I only mentioned it because it procs on both foot mods and you mentioned just the one. Some players may not use dashing combos, but they do still have the option with tumbling master.
  18. Ryll Committed Player

    It is on test do maybe the visuals were bugging out too. Never know.
  19. Mr.W Committed Player

    If the buff will remain at 6% can an effect be added where it either makes it so combos can no longer be vulnerable to interruption or speed up the combos themselves by reducing the animation times?
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  20. gamma9 Level 30

    Wow!! Niceness!! See i could never figure it out thanks!!!