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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Cardboard, Aug 16, 2022.

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  1. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    From the Shadows
    [Passive Ability]
    [Upon entering combat], gives a percentage increase of Might and Precision for the first 6 instances of damage dealt.

    Replace [ ] with [Upon applying a power interaction based on your powerset] (Burns, Frostbitten, Crushed, etc..)

    Then list a set of powers like Empowered Channelling. Except any damage or DOT set up by these powers don't count toward the six instances.

    Example: Use Inferno -> FTS activated and on standby -> Mass Detonation -> Get extra damage -> FIreburst -> Get extra damage

    This will make burst powers more playable.
  2. Sword- New Player

    This one doesn't seem worth it for the combat passive, but has a nice utility perk at least. There's been a lot of legendary allies coming into the game a bit too frequently and a lack of epic or rare allies (aside from Krypto) so it doesn't feel like that tier system is being used much, allies like this that don't pack the same punch as other legendaries but are more utility focused shouldn't cost the same amount of resources as a legendary in my opinion but could benefit from being more accessible to newer players.
  3. Telnano Active Player

    Now we have 4 Batmen, no Green Lantern... we dont need another Bats :/
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  4. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    Batman has a bad habit of beating and blowing up dead bodies:
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  5. GermanM Committed Player

    Why? Why you guys hate Might players so much?

    Besides i have a question, if i swap allies from Batman to... let´s say. Oracle, then switch back to batman i get the bonus again?
  6. GermanM Committed Player

    The more the better... Just kidding, agree, guys, let the dark knight rest and use another character´s, please.
  7. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Dmg buff for "X" hits.

    Please dont continue this trend unless its a massive buff or higher number of hits. Even with death metal batman - who has a very similar effect - its not worth adapting your playstyle around it.

    If it were something like 20% dmg increase for 6 hits, we could start setting up strategies for supercharges etc, but a low buff and low number of hits wont cut it. On this ally its even worse as it can only be triggered once per encounter. This may be better for hallway adds when the tank is a bit nervous and just pulls one add group at a time but nobody would invest into that for this reason.
  8. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    "You die! You die and go to hell!"
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  9. Cardboard Developer

    Hey players! Thanks for the feedback. The following changes have made it to the test server.

    Batman Ally “From the Shadows”
    • Now refreshes upon reaching a combo count of 250 and resets the counter.
    • Added an FX when buff is active.
    • Swapped and buffed Precision and Might bonus
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  10. BumblingB I got better.

    Is there any plans to change his second passive?
  11. Forum Junkie Committed Player

    Has anyone tested if they can pick up a downed ally faster with his second passive?
  12. Forum Junkie Committed Player

    So the only thing one needs to do to refresh the buff is have their counter reset? If so, Gem of Horus players will be at a decent advantage. What truly refreshes it, going in and out of combat or the combat counter resetting? Will it only refresh upon reaching 250 hit combos after the initial 6 instances of damage, if so there may be areas in which the ally will be mostly inactive, as hallway adds usually don't last long with a strong group.

    It sounds like this buff will theoretically give a boost for a few seconds on the initial damage phase of the start of an instance and then likely not again until a boss encounter.

    Sorry to inquire on so much, but ally descriptions have not always been as thorough and concise as they need to be accurate. Some that have had updates still provide different information between the fortify screen (where most people go to see what their ally does) and the ally selection screen, where for instance, Nubia's shorthand description of her 2nd passive is vastly different.

    For as many resources (both in game and real world resources- time, effort, money) as these allies take to level, they truly have to be spot on. Not sure how well they sell in the marketplace, but if purchasing allies with real world money came with the ally fully upgraded, they would generate more revenue. The ally system at times seems lackluster, short of being truly creative, and simply too many versions of one ally (Batman).

    Please look at the thread on the forum someone started about building your own ally. That thread has some pure gold ideas to bring this ally system up to speed with what players truly desire.

    Thanks, and keep up the good work!
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  13. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I appreciate the tweak, however.... (i know, i must be annoying)

    ...if its based on the combo counter, it will be almost useless as a might player, because it takes 10 seconds for 22 hits on average. 10 sec for 29hits with flurry shot and Brawling shuriken storm sits at 42 hits on average (with clipping) in 10 seconds. (combo counter values - not damage summary hits!!!)

    The effect will be triggered roughly every 2 minutes with might rotations and every 1,5min with prec flurry shot. With brawling shuriken storm it only takes 1 min.

    The effect should last for much more than 6 hits or even a set amount of seconds. The problem is that might abilities dont trigger one buff each power activation. A single dot can drain the whole buff and that is usually the lowest damage.
    Its also very possible to fail the 250 hit counter due to mechanics or other interruptions. Thats why i would also suggest to lower the hit counter.
    No matter how much the buff gets adjusted, it wont be worth using as a might dps (just like the passive of Death Metal Batman). As prec its decent but also only if used with brawling shuriken storm mastery.

    If the effect stays as is, i would recommend removing the might buff to not confuse players and making them think its actually worth leveling it up as a might dps.
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  14. Cardboard Developer

    To clarify, the ability refreshes when the player reaches a combo count of 250. Once 250 is reached, the ability is refreshed and the combo count is reset. The combo count resetting is not a trigger for the refresh, it's an effect of the refresh.
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  15. Forum Junkie Committed Player

    I appreciate the response, sincerely. So how long is the buff active? Five to ten seconds of buff, do about ten rotations and then buff again for x amount of time? Not trying to be a pain, yet again descriptive details are key. A buff on six hits is minuscule. Most dps need a solid two rotations to get anything out of a buff trinket. An ally should have an up timer to be effective.

    Thanks, Cardboard, truly appreciate your interaction with the forums.
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  16. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    Maybe instead of the hits being all together do something like Spontaneous Combustion. Have it hit somewhat randomly within a framework of 250 non-consecutive hits. This way players who have to dodge or get a pickup wouldn't be totally screwed.

    To balance this out a bit...Have each of the six hits get slowly larger. So the sixth is the biggest. This way it's to the player/groups benefit if everyone keeps the damage going and avoid any distractions from getting that last big hit.
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  17. Magnificent Loyal Player

    Upvote for the clarification.

    Due to the level of the Ally, I think the counter reset should be far lower. Being at 250 is counter to the mechanics of most content (needing to roll, block, move, etc). Only in tank-n-spank encounters where the boss has ridiculously high health and is stationary would this come into play, and even then it might cycle only once.

    Even at 100 this would be of questionable benefit.
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  18. Forum Junkie Committed Player

    Give us more epic allies.
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  19. Light Bender92 Well-Known Player

    So as far as the first passive goes, for a legendary ally they are both pretty lackluster and I'm almost 100% sure Batman in his current form won't be leveled by anyone. Having a small buff on 6 hits out of 250 is simply laughable. For starters getting to 250 every encounter isn't even plausible. Also the short duration doesn't help either when I could simply run BWL and get a much more "consistent" buff. My bias is leaning me towards it resetting every 50 hits at max level, however I'm aware this could be too strong. 250 hits tho is way too much.

    As far as the second passive goes, this passives is more in line with that of crypto and thus should be on a rare ally... an epic at MOST. In no way shape or form is this even acceptable for a legendary ally. The amount of favor and catalyst needed for this passive is definitely not justified; it definitely should be changed.

    This last point isn't necessarily about Batman, but can we please get more rarities? Not every ally that comes out has to be a legendary. It is way too difficult to level 1 legendary, let alone trying to get multiple. Not every ally that comes out has to have OP passives and be a legendary, just give us a few epics or rates with some decent passives and save the legendaries for extra exclusive characters. I mean honestly, this is problem the only game I've played where there's more "legendaries" than there are other rarities for a specific system.
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  20. KlarkKent Creator League

    I say completely revamp this passive and make Batman like how Superman is. Superman is heavy on P2W side for tanks. Also his characteristic fits the tank role.

    I suggest keep the new passive that Im about to explain in this P2W aspect. Batman and Superman sounds more pleaseable in this pw2 genre compared to a random ally character.

    When you think about Batman he is highly related to controller role. Turn this passive to apply defense debuff whenever another type of debuff applied(attack or heal). Give it 30 seconds cooldown at initial unlocking rank. Then gradually reduce to 12 seconds at max rank. This will create a free slot in controller ability tray and player can place something usable in this slot. It wont be any kind of gamebreaking passive in my opinion. Its more like a QoL addition for controllers.

    "Why defense debuff?" 1) To create an incentive to level up this ally to the max and 2) because its the most important and common used debuff. Also this passive debuff should work with Amulet of Rao's multiple debuff effect.

    New passive can be something like this;

    Master Strategist

    [Passive Ability]
    Using heal or damage output debuff on enemies also applies defense debuff on target.
    At Max Affinity Level:
    • (10) 12 seconds cooldown
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