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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Cardboard, Aug 16, 2022.

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  1. Cardboard Developer

    What's up players!

    A new ally has arrived!


    Call in the dark knight himself, Batman.

    Caped Crusade
    [Combat Ability]
    Throws a cone of batarangs before attacking a single target with a flurry of blows.
    At Max Affinity Level:
    • (10) +381% damage
    From the Shadows
    [Passive Ability]
    Upon entering combat, gives a percentage increase of Might and Precision for the first 6 instances of damage dealt.
    At Max Affinity Level:
    • (10) +4% Might, +8% Precision
    World’s Greatest
    [Passive Ability]
    Reveals Investigation, Briefing, and Collection nodes on your minimap and increases their collection speed.
    At Max Affinity Level:
    • (10) +100% collection speed
    Let us know any feedback you have!
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  2. BumblingB I got better.

    I'll have to test this later today when I'm home, but I have a few questions about this.

    Active ability - Does this strictly do damage?
    Passive 1 - Is this just for the first 6 hits of damage and that's it? Like this seems kind of a very pricey buff for something that will be useless for the rest of the battle. Like I would rather have BWL's passive instead, since, even if it is random, persists throughout the battle.
    Passive 2 - OMG, please don't give this to a legendary ally. PLEASE PLEASE DON'T! Especially Batman. This should go onto an ally like Krypto or Skeets or something. This is NOT worth such a rank 10 legendary ally. PLEASE RECONSIDER!
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  3. Sleepy Healer Steadfast Player

    I really like his 2nd passive especially because this will launch before next dlc. So I'll be able to farm easier
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  4. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    I need that second passive explained better .
    World’s Greatest
    [Passive Ability]
    Reveals Investigation, Briefing, and Collection nodes on your minimap and increases their collection speed.
    At Max Affinity Level:
    • (10) +100% collection speed
    so what we get two collection drops instead of 1 trying to wrap my head around how this is boosted
    and i second this not being a legendary ally
    have it be Ace or something
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  5. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    A couple questions.

    1. Just to confirm, this passive only affects the player, and isn't a passive for the group?

    2. Does it proc after the first 6 instances of damage dealt? If you are in a long boss fight would it proc again after the start of the fight?
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  6. mxkekxng1 New Player

    I think a passive involving Improve stealth makes more sense the same way rmpowered channeling made sense for superman ally
  7. BumblingB I got better.

    This is an interesting idea, but the difference is that only 2 power sets have access to a Stealth/Invisibility while every power set has access to a channel ability.

    Though, maybe Batman could be the first Ally that grants ALL powers the ability to have Stealth when passive is equipped. Like how we get new tray powers for Artifacts, Passive 2 can be stealth for everyone. Just a thought...
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  8. Multiverse Creator League

    1- With this... I can already see Ally swapping becoming a thing like Artifact Swaping.
    Equip Batman to enter battle..... then after 6 hits switch to another Ally.

    2-. Yes.... Absolutely.... yes.
    It is a fun ability.... for a Ace the Bathound tier 1 Ally.
    NOT for a tier 3 Ally that cost a LOT of resources to rank up.

    Legendary Allies cost a LOT of resources to bring up to rank 10.
    With the amount of resources required.... the abilities they get has to be worth all the resources required to rank them up to rank 10. :confused: o_O
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  9. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    could totaly get behind this idea the main problem with it being with out PVP phase being a thing anymore its useless

    man I miss the days of handcuffing heroes in the park
  10. Magnificent Loyal Player

    -- I like it, it sounds very Batman.

    --I get where you're going with this but for a 10-rank Ally I don't see this as a worthwhile draw. For such an ally I would rather it be something like it starts off at 6 hits but then drops down, then scales back up with your combo meter (1% Might and 2% Precision for every 10 points on the combo meter, and those numbers are just example placeholders). After your meter restarts your buff drops and you have to build it up through combos again.

    --I LOVE the idea for this but with Passive 1's current iteration this would be the draw and it would be only for those rare occasions where the player was new to specific content. I would rather see this on Krypto or Question.

    If you move this to another ally, maybe replace it with something like a passive that puts the player at the bottom of the Hate list every n seconds? You could even call it "Into the Shadows".

    If you keep it, then Into the Shadows will need... more (a LOT more)... to make Batman worthwhile in anything other than at very niche times.

    (or add it as a 3rd passive, if possible)
  11. Rejchadar Inquisitor

    Active Skill: At the end, Batman makes a gesture like he is using a smoke bomb (the sound is also like he is using a smoke bomb), but there are no visual effects ...

    The first passive skill...for a legendary ally, it looks rather weak, almost useless for main fights against bosses, and no one wants to spend so many resources for daily tasks...except to change it during the battle...
    suggestion: add an additional weak but constant (during the battle and decreasing after the battle) bonus of 1% might and 2% prec...

    If you change an ally during combat, the bonus is restored every time the ally is equipped in a passive slot.

    The second passive... thematically very suitable for Batman... but frankly weak for a legendary ally... I don't even know, maybe add the ability to detect exobits as well?
  12. Ala Rebeldex Loyal Player

    The First passive has an internal cooldown? i was testing and it seems like 15 seconds, but there was nothing showing on my current effects, i had to go to my inventory and see the stats.

    Would love to have clarification on that aspect of the passive.
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  13. Damon Clau New Player

    "World's Greatest" should be like a Bat Hound, or maybe Bitewing, passive buff as a tier 1 ally. Those later allies are expensive and this would be invaluable to a new player looking to level up and grind out the easy SP via collections and whatnot... kind of like what I've been doing since I came back... except I'm using my phone and an edited game map... I'd much rather us ingame systems.
  14. Multiverse Creator League

    The animation when Batman disappears needs more work.

    For those who may not have access to test... ;)

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  15. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    I’ll test out the damage on Batman when I have time. I did try out the worlds best passive. It does as advertised. However is there any way this could include exo material too? Don’t think it would make him OP just a nice bonus ally to have ready. It would also give him synergy with krypto. It would also help with those who wanted krypto to give bonus counter for the feat since this would allow it to have a scanner up for farming.
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  16. Proxystar #Perception

  17. NeoSelkie Active Player

    At least for me these abilities seem kinda subpar for a legendary ally.
    I would suggest you could maybe put at least the World's Greatest ability onto something like Ace the Bat-Hound or some future rare/epic ally. Would work well as a pair with Krypto's passive too.
  18. sebfm Well-Known Player

    I personally love this ally's abilities. I find it real cool. Maybe for the first passive we may get a swarming bat effect on attack effects if posssible, for it to complete the Death Metal Batman 2nd passive effects :) And I love the briefing/collection boost. It'll help quite a lot of new players and even not so new players :)
  19. Deus Ex Machina Committed Player


    Cloak of Erasure
    [Passive Ability]
    Performing a roll detaunts enemies and gives 6 stacks of a percentage-based Might, Precision, and damage mitigation buffs, with a short cooldown. Each hit dealt by you or to you removes a stack.
    At Max Affinity Level:

    (10) 40% damage mitigation, +10% Might, +5% Precision, 30 sec cooldown

    Already on Deathmetal Batman.
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  20. BumblingB I got better.

    Some quick testing of Batman active ally. It's pretty good for multi target. It's also interesting that it does the same amount of damage vs Single Target and Multi Target.

    MT: 545,386
    ST: 544,157

    MT: 536,065
    ST: 360,680

    ST: 397,505

    ST: 402,390

    Batman at rank 10, edges out Cyborg, which is how it should be considering how costly it is to get to rank 10. (Legendary alliances alone, eesh...) I also am not sure if Batman is bouncing off the wall to get double damage at ST, considering all the test dummies that are by themselves are next to a wall. Which made it hard to get Cyborg's damage just right. (He really can double his damage sometimes, which is kinda crazy. He can also miss half his damage, if his cone is in a weird spot when he spawns.)

    Combat wise, Batman is in a good spot. Unfortunately, his passives leave much to be desired. Passive 1 needs to have some sort of cooldown with auto refresh for longer battles. As it is, he's not worth it, if it's strictly just for hallway adds. IE, in and out of combat.

    Passive 2 is cool... but definitely does NOT belong on a legendary ally. I was talking with leaguemates about this and they are all, like, that's a great feature for new or returning players and my response is the same, it's a costly feature that would NOT help new players. They would probably be better off buying scanners at that point. This would be beneficial if it was on a tier 1 rare ally. Like how Oracle Bot repairs your gear or Krypto gives you extra exo material. Something that just needs to cost you a little amount of favor to help you in the long run.

    REQUEST: Can we have all the time capsule allies placed in the Allies box so we can test and compare them too? Lex, Harley, etc. Especially Harley, I would love to compare her damage.
  21. Forum Junkie Committed Player

    This ally should be an epic like Flash or Cyborg. Then the problem is solved. Also if anyone can try it out, perhaps the second passive also improves pick up speed on downed allies. If it doesn't, it needs to do this. Definitely not a legendary. Flash and Cyborg got the epic treatment. Give this ally the epic treatment too.
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