Allusion (US Heroes) Recruiting!

Discussion in 'League Recruitment Center' started by Hemmy, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. Whitewolf583 New Player

    Would like to join. Tired of being in Leagues that do nothing. Primary Toon Name: Margaretha McCleod-CR103
  2. Hemmy Committed Player

    While I appreciate the annoyance of being a part of an inactive league, we aren't focused on constant activity. Rather we're focused on having a good time while we play the game and helping each other out. Does that sound good to you?
  3. Whitewolf583 New Player

    Will have to pass. Your reply says volumes about your league. Good luck and God bless.
  4. Hemmy Committed Player

    Just wanted to say thank you for everyone who's gotten in touch with us over the last week or so. It's been great talking to all of you and I couldn't be happier with the way this has all turned out.
    Btw we got Hood (happy birthday as of this post btw) up by 70 CR in only a week! One of the faster journeys through CR I've seen.

    Happy Hero-ing everyone and I'll leave you with this:

  5. Black Mass Well-Known Player

    Do you have anyone on around 9pm Pacific?
  6. Hemmy Committed Player

    There's usually about 3-4 of us on around that time. Usually it's myself, Neos, Hood, and splashy. Possibly a few friends of ours as well if we're lucky.
  7. Hemmy Committed Player

    We found some guy named Ammo who has joined our federation of friendship. He's great!

    What else has happened over the last little while? We've gotten a few of us up to t8 when they started at just over CR 100 so we're making pretty damn good progress!

    Me whenever Galahad changes his name... again:
  8. Black Mass Well-Known Player

    My character is currently 195 CR, 248 SP, 96 PvP and my power is Electricity. If you'll be online tonight I'd like to join
  9. Hemmy Committed Player

    Well as impressive as some stats are, we really don't care about people's CR or SP. We'd prefer to just have good company in our group. I heavily encourage you to join our discord and have a chat if you really want to figure out when we're online and such.

  10. Hemmy Committed Player

    A hearty welcome to everyone who's joined us over the last week or so! It's good to have you around. I especially like how we traded to get Wilkins, considering Flewt got... Nothing.

    Anyways, we're still accepting good people to join us, but we still ask that you give us a chance to talk or chat with you first. Our goal is to have a group of people who all get along, not just a list of random character names. :)

    Happy league hunting everyone!

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