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Discussion in 'League Recruitment Center' started by Hemmy, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. Hemmy Committed Player


    Hello DCUO community, I'm Hemmy.

    Three years ago I started a league of my own, wanting a place for my friends and I to keep in touch. However, we began bringing other players into our little group and became a league in full! Just recently, we rebranded a little and are going under the name Allusion.

    As a group we have always been smaller. Our main goal isn’t to have all the best stat boosts and to always have a raid group ready, instead we’re just friends. If you’re looking for a league with high average combat rating and lots of skill points, this is not the best fit. We aim to help everyone and make friends along the way, though if you happen to get some great gear and SP at the same time, that’s awesome!

    We’ve always been friendly people and are looking for those of a similar mindset. Players who have joined us we like to be fun, friendly, and most of all mature. The standard recruitment rules for most leagues don’t usually apply to us, as we aren’t looking for pro players, just good people. We don’t care about your combat rating, how many skill points you have, etc. We just want to make sure you enjoy the game, and are willing to give back to the community that helps you.

    So if you want to join here’s what you should have:
    • A healthy mindset. Being mature is a huge part of the league, as we are all trying to avoiding needless conflict within the group. If you can write a reasonably eloquent and well thought out application below, we’d love to have you join. This is also why we don’t have an age restriction as it would mean nothing if the adults act like children. No discriminatory language, and be respectful. That’s it.
    • A level 30 character. This is not to limit our pool of members, but rather to prove that you are invested in the game and know that the game really only starts at level 30.
    • Either a keyboard or a microphone. It’s not required but it helps us if you can communicate in a quick and efficient manner. It’s no secret that typing on the PlayStation is slow and laboursome, so it helps us if you have either method to interact with us.
    • The ability to be active within the league. Real life happens to the best of us, and we want to keep our friends around, but sometimes people lose interest. We tend to remove those from the league who haven’t been active within a month or so. However, if you let us know either in game or in discord that you will be back, we’ll leave you right where you are, or we’ll invite you back once you’ve returned.
    • A desire to enjoy the game with others. This means that no matter where you are in the game, we want to help you with progressing further. The catch is, we’d hope you’d be willing to do the same for others. We also ask that you treat your fellow players with the respect and courtesy that you’d like to be treated with. It is also preferred you keep politics, religion, or anything inflammatory out of both the discord server and the league chat. We’re here to have fun!
    Speaking of, we do indeed have a discord server. You can join by following this link if you want to talk, even if you aren’t in the league yet. It follows the same rules and systems of the league itself. Though please keep in mind, that's not a substitute for leaving a post here. The reason we have this in place is so players can leave a post describing themselves and their interests. Hopping on discord and saying "I like league! Can I joinz?" Is not exactly a great glimpse into what kind of person you are. We’d prefer to get to know you in a better setting than a chat channel.

    If you’d like to join us, we’d love for you to either send in-game mail to "Hemmy" or leave a post here on the forums with your in-game name and anything we should know about you! This can range from fun facts, to why you want to join the league, to how you found us. Though a combination of all of those is nice. When you want to get a hold of one of us please keep in mind we can sometimes be busy with other things. Please do not try to ninja invite us to groups or chat channels. Simply ask us first, we'll be more than happy to talk, but it's annoying to suddenly be a part of a group and not know why.
    If someone didn't respond to you after a few minutes of sending them a tell, please just send it again. Chat goes by quickly and we often miss things. Please also keep in mind that some of us have more than 3 or 4 conversations going at almost all times, so sometimes tells get sent to the wrong people or we’ll accidentally respond in a chat they can’t see. These things happen, even though we like to think we’re perfect.

    For more information, contact Hemmy in game or Gizholm (Kid), Galahad, and Hemmy on our Discord. We can’t wait to see who we meet from the community and we’ll be speaking with you soon!

    Allusion is a US league and if you'd like to apply then please feel free! There isn't some form to fill out, and it's not a test. Thanks for reading!
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  2. MichealOkane Committed Player

    Hello, I am Gizholm! I've been apart of this guild in the past, and now that I'm coming back to DCUO, I am so excited to be helping Hemmy with forming this league. It was a good crop of people in the past, and we hope to meet some more good ones in our future.

    Just to expand on Hemmy's points above, there's a few more things potential league mates might want to know:

    We are a league, and that means people will want to invite other players into our midst. Whenever one of the more senior league members isn't online and you'd like to invite another player to the league, you are vouching for that person. Anything they do which might be inappropriate we will also view as a reflection of your decision making. It sounds harsh, but that's how we stay a good group of friends. Otherwise we might as well invite every new player flying around Gotham.
    Also, if you want to join us with a group of friends or even just one other person, please know we'd apply the same rules as if you were all applying as individuals. We fully encourage camaraderie amongst players, but we don't want to take just one person's word that all those within a group are of savoury character. Please have all those you'd want to join with leave an application post here in addition to yourself.
  3. Soke_Remy_Gambit Well-Known Player

    So do you folks actually do help with raids alerts duos exc. I'm curious cause your league sounds interesting I've been bouncing around haven't found a great league. It's either full of kids yelling into the mix. Or people that are rude or just ignore you and want the person there just to have them there for the prestige. I need a great league to have fun help build my Cr up and Sp up. I would love a league that chills, chats, has fun and still raids and what not.
  4. MangoMan New Player

    OK, I'll try this again! ;)
    Interested in joining. Toon's name is Mardi Graw. Got her to 30 without really know what I was doing, now trying to fix some things to make her better. The game is mainly a passtime for me, so your group sounds perfect. I'm US East Coast time zone, if that matters.

  5. Soke_Remy_Gambit Well-Known Player

    Hey bud I too am interested lol but you can add me on the friends and I can help you bud my in game name is Mizore Shiray
  6. Hemmy Committed Player

    Thank you for the quick responses guys, I wasn't expecting anything this early on :D

    Yes, we do indeed still run all kinds of content, including raids (Even survival mode if possible!). But try to keep in mind, this may come in several different forms. Since we do not have a fixed CR requirement, we will inevitably get many different and sometimes lower tiered players joining. We'd like to help them just as much as we help everyone else, and so we may run a raid that's t5 instead of giving priority to someone wanting to run the latest content. We definitely want good people, especially those looking for the social aspect of the game, so your mentality should fit in well.
    We usually hang out in league chat and laugh about nothing in particular and have been known to do so for hours on end, while also playing the game and working towards whatever goal we've set for ourselves that day. Recently the main focus has been on obtaining feats, seeing as how SP are now more important than previously.

    That sounds perfect! I think I saw you already on the discord server, which is great! We are a US server with time zones throughout, so east coast won't be a problem. Hopefully we'll see you in game and/or get to talk soon!
  7. Erikcuhhs New Player

    Was good im erik and I've been looking for some people to game with and become friends with the game is really fun and im looking forward to helping you guys achieve great things in the league.
  8. Banana_05 New Player

    Frost nanners, 159sp 195cr. Looking for some friends to playwith and enjoy a good night away from the stress of real life. Im on as of now. Dont know how long tho
  9. Hemmy Committed Player

    Thanks for the interest and we've already spoken in game. Glad you got into the league!

    It's a little short notice and we'll definitely get talking soon. Someone from the league might be able to add you as I'm away at the moment, just join the discord and someone there will definitely be able to help you out.
  10. Elementra New Player

    Hey guys! This sounds like an ideal league for me. A little about me:

    I've played this game since the PS3 beta through about the T4 era regularly and then fell off due to schooling and work. I used to play (and run) a league very similar to this, but unfortunately, we all fell off the wagon. I tried to play every now and again but it was hard to find a crew that I enjoyed playing with and helped each other out like them. From what you described, it sounds exactly like how we would do things. I'm a CR 100 fire tank. Might not be the strongest at the moment, but I have experience with my role (and I think I do it pretty well) and I'll do whatever I can to help out others and level up!
    Excited to hear from y'all!
  11. Hemmy Committed Player

    That sounds great elementa! If you have discord at all, I heartily invite you to join us there, a link for which can be found above. Otherwise, what is a character name I can find you by?
  12. Wayde Sol New Player

    Hello all! I would be interesting in joining the league if you are still recruiting.

    I started playing at launch (still have collector's edition statue around here somewhere) but have taken many breaks in between. I have been back a few weeks and enjoying it (really like the Revamp).

    While I have several characters I switch around with, my main is named Sol Fate. His CR is 136 and SP 139 at the moment (I know, missed out on a lot in past two years). I have few others toons in the 95 to 105 range and some new ones to play with post revamp. My son has his own characters that he is leveling as well (he does not play my toons, and sometimes plays PS).

    I do play on the PC, but with Discord and how servers are now I would not think that is any difficulty. I do have a job weekdays and travel every other week (sometimes play on laptop at hotel if have time). I typically play very early morning and of course evenings when there are not kid actiivities.

    Avid DC fan and laid back person. Let me know if any other information needed.

    In game toon - Sol Fate

  13. Red Ringlight Dedicated Player

    I like your league's philosophy and mindset.

    All too often, IMHO, people forget what should be the main reason for playing a game in the first place -- to have fun and relax.

    When folks lose sight of that and begin to get stressed out in a rat-race to be the absolute highest tier / SP / scoreboard, etc. I think that they only hurt themselves in the long run. Making friends and having a nice time are much more important than some pixel prize or stat increase. Of course, if we can get neat stuff while also having a pleasant time, then it is icing on the cake. But in a cooperative game folks should always treat other players in a friendly and respectful way.

    I hope to see y'all ingame. You've got the right priorities.
  14. Hemmy Committed Player

    Thank you for posting, and I'm glad you were able to get a hold of us on discord. I'm perfectly happy to invite you, now we just have to be online at the same time.

    Sincerely, thank you. I like to think we embody some good ideas but it's great to hear that from an external source. If you'd like I can send you an invite whenever you're on next or you can get a hold of us on discord and we can figure when would work best :)
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  15. MerKat New Player

    Hi this league sounds great and one I would like to join my characters name is Merkat, well the main is
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  16. MangoMan New Player

    So, I return, hat in hand, a little embarassed, asking if you would let me join after all. This sounds like a group that's a group, and not just a list of names.

    My hero toon is Mardi Graw. Thanks.
  17. Hemmy Committed Player

    I understand. Mistakes are made, and it's nothing to get long faced over. I'd be happy to invite you whenever we're both on next. Alternatively you can hop on discord and see whenever someone's online if they can send you an invite.
  18. Hemmy Committed Player

    Welcome Hood and Jordan to the league! They've joined up by just coming straight to discord and introducing themselves. In light of that, I thought it would be a good idea to give them a record of being welcomed in.

    Also huge thanks to Kid (Gizholm) for being my personal art slave. Much appreciated!

    Finally I wanted to address anyone who might have read this thread and sent tells to myself or someone else within the league. We really appreciate the interest some of you have shown in joining, and have sent us tells in-game. Even though we might not have gotten back to you, it's not intentional. Since starting this a few of our characters are overwhelmed with tells sometimes and we just can't type as fast as we'd like. I'm sure a few tells slipped through the cracks, so for those that didn't hear back, please just leave a post somewhere, join our discord, or send us some in game mail. We're more than happy to hear from you all and hopefully get back to each ASAP.
  19. Red Ringlight Dedicated Player

    It was fun chatting and playing with you, Hemmy. After you signed out I had a hilarious episode with an alt I made -- SupermanOf Earth22. I wanted to test how well a toon could do using mostly Iconic powers post-revamp.

    I had just gotten him to level 30, so I queued into a Tier 1 Alert. At the start, I saw a group message with another player grumbling: "OMG he is using Iconic powers. Noob" Well, the devs really were telling the truth when they said that they would make the Iconic powers playable in endgame -- at the end of the Alert I was at the top of the scoreboard, ROTFLOL. I probably shouldn't have, but I could not resist posting: "Check the scoreboard, L2P Noob. ;) This Alert clearly was a job... for Superman!"

    So will min/maxxers start making YouTube videos stating that "good" players using "efficient" builds use Iconics in their loadout? ;)
  20. Hemmy Committed Player

    Im happy to welcome Splashy into our midst and hopefully we'll get some more people to join us in our crazy adventures soon enough.

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