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  1. 0KAZ0 New Player

    Hi all
    My friends and me tried around 200+time to get the alloy astral hands and the bandana from the Avatars in Gotham. They nether drop at all. We did all the 3 and always all the stuff but nether nether got them.
    We play EUPS4.. someone got them recently from here? Any other way to get ?
    Its like the Snake head style i killed lots of bestiamorphes in metropolis where it should drop and its the same i never got that head too :/
  2. 0KAZ0 New Player

    So.... did someone recently drop these items recently ?
  3. TritonD3 Well-Known Player

    The devs made a change semi-recently with the loot drops. Adds no longer drop things like style and base items and those have been moved to boss loot tables. I'm not sure how that affected the sub-avatars. One would think that they are still considered bosses.
  4. recoil2 Dedicated Player

    do you own the "Battle for earth" DLC or are otherwise a member? if not that might explain it. if not it's possible it's just RNG and recurrent bad luck, i experienced the same thing with the chest and only got it so quickly cause someone was nice enough to give away a spare. some things just drop that rarely, including base items/styles.
  5. myandria Item Storage

    The Astral Alloy is even more annoying to get now that the drop is attached to the bosses. I have noticed, though, that it the drop has a better chance of happening when you actually do the Sub Avatar mission and defeat the Sub Avatar that way.
  6. 0KAZ0 New Player

    Yes i saw drop rates moved from adds and was pretty sure its because of that i cant drop these items but where got them idk now lol

    I am member yes so maybe my friend and me are the most unlucky players of all the game... my league boss play since the 1st start of the game and he run everyday PZ and PZe To get the OP head... he never got it... but he sawn new players who got it and is a bit disappointed about that too.

    Drop rate look incredible that sucks...

    For my Astral style and bandana, can it drop from PBG or other raid?