All these people running support role in a seasonal event

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  1. loupblanc Dedicated Player

    All these people running support role in a seasonal event, getting really triggered by them

    Healer(s) throwing minimal heals. Grabbing the device to chase off the ghosts in the Halloween seasonal event, which means zero heals.
    Controller(s) throwing minimal to zero power dumps and irregular defense debuffs. Grabbing the device to chase off the ghosts in the Halloween seasonal event, which means zero power incoming.
    Tank(s) not doing enough CC, especially at the last part to move the ghosts away from Klarion and/or create a path so the person getting the crystal at the last part has a wide open berth to throw the crystal at the wall without any obstacles in the way.

    I know some people are doing it on purpose and I should be a better person and not get triggered cos its exactly the reaction they want.

    But frell man. Just frell.

    Support role trying to do damage ie damage tank. In a seasonal?!?!?!?!?!?!

    After finishing a recent seasonal event run, I typed some choice words cos there were 2 tanks and a controller. 1 of the tanks said he/she did nearly the same damage, to which I answered his/her boss damage sucked a** and I was focusing on Klarion using single target damage (Heat Vision and Absorb Heat on my fire character) and ignoring the adds totally. Did 3 times the boss damage.











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  2. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    Try having Klarion borrowing Raven's powers and getting blocked from moving into position for the "three shadow Klarions" portion of his attacks by a player who won't move.

    Until he goes into that part of the combat script he can't be damaged. At all. So even after saying, "Move back a bit" twice in chat everyone else bailed on the instance because he was "bugged."

    Funny thing, though, he had no problems taking me down all by my lonesome after everyone else left and he was able to follow his script. o_O
  3. LadyLightning Issue Tracker Volunteer

    It is a seasonal. If you don't like to play with everyone, don't pug.

    Additionally, it is so easy that a wipe is nearly impossible.
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  4. Crimson Mayhem Loyal Player

    Would you rather have people run pure support roles in a seasonal? Not that low level DPS in seasonals were known for their amazing top tier performance either. If you blind queue for a scaled event that's available to everyone from level 10 up then you need to be prepared to do most of it by yourself, which also shouldn't be a problem for you as an endgame player with an endgame level build.

    Events are not a competition. This is some of the lowest stakes content in the game. Be thankful if you get teammates that do anything at all and let the noobs play however they like it.

    No tolerance for freeloaders who go afk and don't participate though.
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  5. Schimaera Devoted Player


    I run as a tank with one of my seasonal farmers since he's does not have the sp and gear to increase something like power regeneration a bit. Works just fine.
    Sure, controllers not giving power while the roleless-trol-buff is removed due to their presence are annoying. So are players just standing around.
    Then again, proper specced as a dps, you can almost solo this instance... Two players contributing is more than enough. It just takes a few minutes more.
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  6. loupblanc Dedicated Player

    I am running quite a few characters through the seasonal. That's why I get triggered because all these support role trying to be pseudo dps, or running a dps loadout while in support role.
    Or not bothering to get the crystal even once.
    Its not about competition. Its about efficiency. All that extra time per run adds up to a lot for people running multiple characters through the seasonal content.
    I don't care about who gets top dps. I care about time wastage, unnecessary time wastage.
    Its not an issue if I get queued in with people who are new (under level 30). But I have seen CR240+, still in support role, in seasonal content where support role is unnecessary.
    That reasoning does not fly. I have inventory characters (sub-level 30) running the seasonal content.
    The moment a character reaches enough of a level to get a proper loadout, that character can run seasonal content just like another other character, even end-game level. Whole seasonal content is clamped anyway.
    That unnecessary time wastage adds up to a lot when running multiple characters.
  7. AnonymousEUPS Dedicated Player

    Seasonals are for level 10+, deal with it.

    Oh, and random queue is random.
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  8. Crimson Mayhem Loyal Player

    lol if you want efficiency then run with a premade endgame team and not with a blind queue. No one gives a crap about how many toons you farm the seasonal with and how many seconds of your precious time are wasted because a level 10 player didn't stomp the seasonal with a min-maxed endgame build. If you queue into a level 10+ instance you have zero grounds to complain about getting matched with low level players who don't know or don't care about your conception of optimized roles.
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  9. recoil2 Dedicated Player

    as a player who runs the seasonal as a healer i can see the op's point. if you come in as a support role then you should SUPPORT. my last masquerade run i both had to round up the ghosts (using the briar/harvest combo as a nature healer) AND keep the tank alive who happened to be taking damage THROUGH my shields somehow -_-? while it is bad that there are some pretty dumb support players of all varieties running through just about anything, that doesn't mean everybody running through with support is awful at it, just the numb skulls.
  10. WesPypes3679 Committed Player

    My opinion, it's a seasonal and it's open to everyone level 10 and up. That pretty much sums it up right there. You can't be mad and triggered but people who don't understand what they're doing. The seasonals are on a 3rd grade level. Fairly simple, and very easy. I have played some of my older low-level characters and I've watched trolls who didn't give power healers using DPS abilities, I've even watch tanks try to draw a grow without a pull and using hand blasters. Level 10 and up. If these things upset you. Then run with friends or a league or put a group together other than that just go in handle your business you can pretty much so low it anyway.
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  11. ALB Dedicated Player

    I'm just happy they are participating. It's been minimal players just not doing anything and I'm satisfied with that. Quick question, do the event work like alerts with support buffs? I could understand your frustration if it does
  12. TybeeTahiri Devoted Player

    I alsways go Healer if there isn’t already one. Otherwise idiots will get knocked out.

    And many times I have to also grab the crystals.

    Sorry if that triggers you lol
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  13. Caesar's Lion Dedicated Player

    Running 10 characters through this, afk seems much more of a problem than in previous years. In 10 runs a day I usually have 1 or 2 afk. Ironically enough a lot of the afk players seem to be wearing phoenix materials or other high end materials, etc so I definitely don't see the lower level/support players being the problem.

    It does seem to me the seasonal has been nerfed this year though & I wonder if that's exacerbated the afk issue. With very little likeliehood of a wipe (I've had 1 total, partly due to an afk & partly due to me being stupid & not taking a cola in time), they feel like they can get away with it because without wiping you can't kick them.
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  14. ThePhilosophy Loyal Player typed all that and used hella gifs for an easy seasonal?

    I've been running 6 alts and haven't seen that many.

    You'll live dude.
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  15. 139 Masks Dedicated Player

    I see nothing about a team wipe and needing to re-run the mission.

    As long as you team doesn't wipe - who cares?
    You with the rage apparently.

    Honestly, at this point, I'm trying to kill as many of the ghosts as I can in the Masquerade as possible in hopes of more candy drops.

    On your side in this, I only run one character in roll - a controller - which I always run in role.

    In past years, it was very important for the Healer or Controller not to carry the ghost-buster, but this year after the difficulty-nerfing ... seriously, it makes little difference at all unless you are working with players that have no idea what they are doing or your only interest is doing the event as quickly as possible.

    There is something called over-kill. Your charcter can do 100,000K (fictitious number) damage to something which will show as you generating 100,000K damage while you are only generating 25,000K actual damage to an opponent while another character does 25,000K damage and the target takes 25,000k damage.
    And, yes, this does go on. In this case, it is especially so on targets with only 25,000 hit points.
    I do believe there is clipping on bosses that causes this sort of situation as well.

    So just do your part, and carry the gems if you want to finish it faster.
    If you don't want the [satire] role-player [/satire] to carry the ghost-buster, grab it yourself.
    And, if you don't want to play with randoms, join a league and run with your league mates.

    It's the PUG life for me and the chaos is part of the fun.
  16. ThePhilosophy Loyal Player

    And is "trigger" a real thing now? People can be triggered from seasonals now? I thought that was for people with actual trauma lol
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  17. Eve YouTuber

    Can't really take your thread seriously with those gifs.
    I don't see any issue to run it with tank\healer just like any other alert in the game.
    just makes it easier and faster to finish it.
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  18. StillDeathern Dedicated Player

    They should do away with the role less buff for your account, then we could see how triggered you would be...
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  19. WesPypes3679 Committed Player

    I guess I should've proof read that before I posted it. Looks as if my grammar is terrible. I was using talk to text. My mistake. Lol. Hope people can decipher my coded text. Lol. That is all. Carry on.
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  20. WesPypes3679 Committed Player

    I laughed out loud at this response. Good stuff. Triggered...that's rich.
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