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    I've thought about this for a while, as Im sure many have


    would you be happy for mostly cut n paste role lift from one power to another to facilitate some additional play elements?


    copy the tank mechanics (attributes, power funtions etc) from Ice and and paste into Nature as a nature tank?

    Thorn shield on nature in tank role functions exactly like Reflect
    Swarm is a localised shield, like Bitter Winds
    Vine lash is Inescapable Storm
    etc + other examples
    Electric Troll - ionic drain = group stun

    In its basic form there are a lot of existing non role powers which could be adapted into new roles and the back-end mechanics can be 'borrowed' from other existing power roles.

    I for one would love to be a Quantum Tank, Fire Healer or Hard Light armored Tank :p

    I would like to think this wouldnt be a HUGE investment for the DBG guys and would be more than willing to forgo a month or 2 of split DLC to facilitate this.oh yeah, and respecs tokens would fly off the shelf PLUS the balancing would be inherited amongst the copy/paste styles. no more work than existing reallly....

    Is there any community love for this?

    Just trying to think of possibly simple things to make things a little more interesting and diverse - even if it is via a simple c/p concept - i really couldnt care less, i just want more options =]
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    This isn't the first thread with this idea.

    I'm hot and cold to it. I like powers staying the way they are. I get that some might want to multi-role outside of their given two. Just not and idea I'd like.
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    I have preached this many times on the forums. In various incarnations, I have stated flatly all powersets should be able to access all roles. Nature tanking, mental healing, etc. I have also stated new roles should be added. All power regen should be given to the healer or a new "Inspiritor" class needs to be made, whereby that role gives energy to the group and casts group buffs. Trollers need to be solid crowd-controllers and debuffers. I also think a skirmisher role should be added, so that players can melee with better odds of survival, while having less defense and damage if they range. Play yo--ur---way, right? Skirmisher would be a highly defended melee dps, and would do more damage than the tank, and with less aggro. DPS could then happily be renamed Crosshairs or Ranged -Distance Combatants. Something like that.
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    This would be a very interesting as it would add so many dimensions to the game but DC comics and WB will never ever go for it.
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    The transition from a God of War character or substantial equivalent to anything that can't solo an entire game is a lot to chew on for console gamers.... and this game includes console gamers. Bridging the gap of gamers.... /meh.

    I think locking a power into a role is a limiting factor that is economical for the animation team and the balance team. Yet the balance team has more than they can chew with PvP mode and roles/powers. To foresee a plan over many years into the future with regard to gear and content was/is no easy task. Too many games saw WoW get money and thought, sure, we can do that. We want that money. If only we had a great existing IP to accelerate the interest.... *thus began Jim Lee talks with Sony... after God of War and WoW.... before PS4, and was expected to launch earlier than it did in 2011. Shirley, not from DC shooting down prior builds that were shown at demos before open beta that can be googled. 0o. I think they (SOE) did extraordinarily well for the task with their partners. In hind sight, i hoped they kept more staff available to push out content in better condition after launch and at a faster pace since it sold well. Maybe they still went with the F2P model at the time they did, and with more content and possibly less buggs, it'd have been a more enjoyable game that was more difficult to stop playing.*

    I think since then, the prerelease shenanigans have hurt the industry and it may or i think it started around the time of DCUO release. When F2P was a dirty word for developers who didn't see its potential yet and/or wanted to take one more stab at game unit cost +subscription cost... that hurt DCUO launch in 2011. Especially when the game had less PvE content to do than many other mmo games at launch. Leading some to begin to think, game companies hold back content to offer as DLCs later.... which is done often these days. I think turning many away from interest in the entertainment medium entirely. A portion of the industry had been showing their colors for years (Madden; new roster, no game changes; it could have been offered as a patch or less expensive DLC than a whole new game purchase). Evolve angered many potential users. Who have lost any interest in using the game. Having subscriptions to unreleased content is a Major F Up. imho. I'm more likely to stop gaming than subscribe to unavailable content that may or may not arrive. Companies are bought and sold. If you have something of interest and value on the shelf I can use, I might buy it. if its incomplete, F U I'm not buying. MMO genre has to have a good reason to be called MMO, and too many are not MMOs inmo. MAG? really??? (another sony game) With added references to point to, it would be a good time to change a company name because the accumulating references point to a more clear opinion. :oops: (its being mismanaged? *John Smedley* its production values and willingness to take risk on new ideas is at an all time low? *zombie knock off* etc?)

    edit+ here is a short list of old titled i think are worth revisiting:
    • Interstate '76.... ok, GTA covers that.
    • Strider.... does Warframe cover it? meh. maybe.
    • Tron arcade with mutiple modes.... nope. nothing there.
    • T-Mek.... well, may have been the arcade booths you could sit in and they were networked together for mutiplay, but it had a good, fun (tank) multiplayer aspect like Crimson Skies (planes). Whereas a campaign is not necessary, its was all about the multiplayer mode. If you want VR to take off quick, remake these games for VR ASAP.
    • Smash TV.... i think there is a modern equivalent... can't think of it.
    (random oldies I liked and just mentioning without need for a remake. TecmoBowl; Contra; RCProAm; Ghosts and Goblins; Gauntlet; Popeye; Donkey Kong; Ninja Gaiden; Rush'n'Attack; Gyruss; Time Killers ("Excalibur!").)
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    Some Powers really don't suit certain roles. An Earth Healer? An Electric Tank?

    Also there will be a major coding overload! :confused: