All current loot from vendors scales to CR?

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  1. Genji New Player

    Hey all, I am a returning player from several years ago. Besides missing the chime of WM combos, I am finding that all the set pieces I find on vendors are scaling to my current CR. It used to be that the current top tier was static, and made it easier to catch my CR up to current.

    Am I missing something? It will take me a while to climb from 180 to 240 if I can't find any static 220+ gear.

    Is there a different mechanic now to get gear at the appropriate CR for the current episode?
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  2. Sleepy Healer Steadfast Player

    Go to typhons that gear is static
  3. (EU PC) WyckedGamesTTV Level 30

    from CR 170 up, you have a sequence of Episodes...

    Amazon Fury III
    Age of Justice
    Riddled With Crime/Earth 3
    Titans: Judas Contract

    These episodes have static vendors, and unique currencies.

    You can also do event content to get gear boxes that reward scalable gear based on your current CR
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  4. Genji New Player

    Thank you for the reply, but Typhons is 165, and it's what I last played. Is there nothing higher than 165 that is static?
  5. Sleepy Healer Steadfast Player

    Typhoon is good till 186.then its age of justice
  6. (EU PC) WyckedGamesTTV Level 30

    AM sure there is, but am drawing a mental blank on it. My advice, do the Atlantis content Event version, 3 dailies, 1 solo, 1 Alert, 2 Raids, 3 weeklies (resetting tonight)... Each gives rewards that will push you through to 170 and the AF III content.
  7. myandria Item Storage


    Wait.. Atlantis is resetting tonight? I thought this event is running until Episode 34 is released and there is no hard date for that yet.

    The Bonus Currency starts after resets, though.

    Unless I have misunderstood. :D
  8. (EU PC) WyckedGamesTTV Level 30

    As in weekly resets are tonight, at least on EU... so do weeklies today and can do them again tomorrow.
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  9. myandria Item Storage

    Ahh ok so I misunderstood... sorry..:oops:
  10. Caesar's Lion Dedicated Player

    AF3 is the episode which is relevant to your CR. Once you reach 186 CR, it'll be Age of Justice.

    You may know this, & if so I apologise but adding 165 item level gear will increase a CR of 180. If you're full 165 gear it should get you to the high 180's in CR (I think). Someone may be able to link a CR calculator which might explain this better.

    This is a good weekend for you to be playing, I believe there'll be bonus currency for content you run in AF3, Age of Justice, up to & including Deluge.

    Some of the latest vendors have both gold & purple gear. If you only see purple gear, you're not a high enough CR to purchase the gold gear. The gold gear is static, the purple gear scales.
  11. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    There is fixed vendor gear in Atlantis, but you won't see it until you reach 241. If you are looking in the Atlantis vendor you will only see the adjustable (max 212 CR) gear until then. I wouldn't purchase any of that until you can max it, because it will only open as high as any other purple drop gear from any of episodes you are currently able to access.

    Just a tip too. You should sit on any adjustable CR gear until you are replacing your worst piece. If you open a head piece for example...just because it dropped...and your head is already on the high end of your gear, the head piece you open will likely be lower than what you are wearing currently and basically wasted. Also, the purple drops are always the best, but drop infrequently. You might want to hold onto them until you know they will open to their max CR (164 for AF3 purple).

    You might already know all that...just figured I'd add it in.

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  12. Zamara Dedicated Player

    Just to add to the previous comments don't buy the purple gear. I believe it started with earth 3 or on the riddler dlc, they had golden vendor gear that was a vendor only style and purple gear that has the exact same styles that drop from instances but capped at lower level since it was meant for those doing the event versions of the content.
    Take atlantis as an example, the purple gear you can buy as part of the event that scales up to 212 is the same style that you'll get from the purple drops once you get high enough to do the regular content except those will scale up to 223 i think?. Also once you are high enough you'll see the fixed gear which is only available from the vendor and that's the one you want to use your marks on.
    Once you're done with that style you can go back to the purple gear if you need to complete the style or maybe buy some of the additional reward they've been adding if you're done with both styles.
  13. Genji New Player

    Thank you for the replies and for illustrating that gold gear only becomes visible once you reach a CR threshold. I guess I was never far enough behind in CR before to ever witness that mechanic. Cheers.
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